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Published on February 27, 2009

Author: caibabe

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Slide 1: Prepared by: PRODUCT Aurora S. Antonio Mariquita M. Labrado KNOWLEDGE PRESENTATION Slide 2: Soccer is a game. The children are involved in an activity that pits them against an opponent. It is, in most cases, about winning and losing, competition and cooperation. It is also a leisure activity. To play a game of soccer you first need a ball. Then an opponent. Add a field, a couple of goals across from each other, mix in a few soccer rules and you have a game. But this is hard work and you can't play it for very long. So you get some teammates, and to keep it fair, a few more opponents. With these elements you can play soccer all day. These are the elements of soccer. They make the game what it is. If you remove a key element such as the ball or opponent it can't be soccer. Likewise, to change an element too much you can move too far from the game. BLUE The color of the sky, blue has been associated with mental expansion, thought power, the search for peace, faith, and heavenly aspirations. Blue should normally be an uplifting color. It may be that when we are troubled by conflicting thoughts and confusing choices in life, and cannot seem to make the higher decisions that are necessary, then the shadow side of this color manifests and brings about depression instead of elation, enthusiasm, and exaltation. Because clear and unpolluted seas, rivers, and oceanic currents reflect the sky like a mirror, blue is also linked to water and the experience of baptism or psychic cleansing. Blue is the color of the throat chakra, so this color also has a strong rapport with language, words, and verbal and literary expression. Slide 3: "Martial arts" is a general term for various types of fighting arts that originated in the Orient. They are bodies of codified practices or traditions of unarmed and armed combat, usually without the use of guns and other modern weapons. What differentiates the martial arts from mere unarmed brawling are the organization of their techniques into a coherent system and the codification of effective teaching methods. One common training technique is to have a series of routines called forms which can serve as a dictionary of essential techniques to be memorized and drawn from at need. ORANGEStimulating and exciting, orange has an intoxicating and provocative influence on our consciousness and being. It is the color associated with the sacral chakra influencing sexuality. If you are having problems in this area of life, the color orange may give your femininity or masculinity a boost. On the other hand, if you are trying to tone down this area of expression, keep your distance from this color. Orange and indigo share an important link, because people on the path of meditation and spiritual discipleship are often trying to transmute or shift energy from the sexual center to the brow or third eye, located at the center of the forehead and associated with the attainment of inner wisdom. Martial arts are also characterized by the controlled, mindful application of force in ways selected for empirical effectiveness. In this sense, boxing, fencing, archery, and wrestling can also be considered martial arts. Slide 4: What is skateboarding? To skateboard you ride along on a board with wheels performing tricks. GREENGreen is the color we associate with the heart chakra, and is linked with Libra, the traditional sign of love, romance, and marriage. Green attempts to harmonize, mediate, balance, and bring equilibrium in life. As a primary color of nature and the plant kingdom, this color is soothing and calming. However, when our heart centers are off kilter, we can experience jealousy and negative emotions. Green has a dynamic quality that we associate with moving forward, confirming that a project, plan, or activity is approved. Slide 5: Mountain biking usually refers to the sport of riding bicycles possessing particular design characteristics (mountain bikes) off-road, although sometimes the term simply refers to riding a mountain bike, which can be done almost anywhere - bike trails and street riding are examples of mountain biking typically based in more urban locations. The sport requires endurance, bike handling skills and self-reliance. It is an individual sport which can be performed almost anywhere. There are aspects of mountain biking that are more similar to trail running than regular bicycling. Because riders are often far from civilization, there is a strong ethic of self-reliance in the sport. Riders must learn to repair their broken bikes or flat tires to avoid being stranded miles from help. This reliance on survival skills accounts for the group dynamics of the sport. Club rides and other forms of group rides are common, especially on longer treks. VIOLETViolet has a strong relation to mysticism, spiritual insights, intuitive flashes, and ingenious ideas. Violet is the color of the crown chakra, located at the top of the head, and may help in stimulating the imagination, remembering dreams, and strengthening ESP. Violet can be used to steady the focus in meditation and help one’s higher mental concentration. there is also a sense of power, authority, and majesty associated with violet because it has the shortest wavelength and fastest frequency. Slide 6: • Comprehensive Teacher's Edition makes lesson planning simple • Strong oral skills development boosts learners' basic interpersonal communication skills • Classroom posters • Web resources • Motivating content engages students and encourages them to use English immediately • Cognitively appropriate level is ideal for young learners • Fun topics keep students on task, making classroom management easier • Systematic recycling of important structures and vocabulary supports language acquisition • Strategy Workout pages offer a study skills approach to vocabulary building & other techniques which enhance learner independence FEATURES OF GO FOR IT • Reading element is more extensive and includes a serial story designed to motivate learners and build anticipation from unit to unit Slide 7: GO FOR IT 1, 2 & 3 http://goforit.heinle.com GO FOR IT 4 http://elt.thomson.com/goforit FOR MORE INFORMATION/DETAILS Slide 8: The End! Thank You

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