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Published on March 6, 2014

Author: SaraMichelazzo

Source: slideshare.net

Designing for a Better User Experience: goCatch booking process UXDi Student Project Team: Deepa Dhupelia, Michael Shai-Hee, Sara Michelezzo, Suhasini Vempati

Agenda •Background •Our process •User stories •Our vision •Documents and structure •Next steps •Q&A

Background The brief: • • • • • End to end review of the booking process Both passenger and driver side goCatch mobile 3.8.6. Identify opportunities and pain points Provide design recommendations The stats: • • • • 4 students 76 hours 8 passenger interviews 6 driver interviews

For goCatch to take away: Description Useful  to Driver Followup A  customer Mark  specific  issues Driver  was  promoting  Uber  during  a  goCatch  ride.  He  recruits  drivers  and  passengers  as question  or  issue - Code for  a  customer part  of  his  job  for  Uber. that  requires  an service  response. contextual inquiry results interview questions raw interview results competitor feature comparison screen by screen in depth analysis document recommendations and ideas document risk register Key  quote Pain  point Passenger answer. The  customer's Use  a  quote  to  “You  did  not  do  well  taking  another  cab.  I  was  just  5  minutes  away.  You  wasted  my  time” “You  were  miles  away,  you  shouldnt  be  accepting  jobs  that  you  cant  get  to  quickly” words. emphasize  a  point (Driver  text  to  a  passenger) (Passenger  text  to  a  Driver) Uber  driver:  Very  happy  with  über,  "had  a  friend  who  tried  go  catch,  didn't  like  it,  then “Both  gocatch  and  uber  service  are  just  as  good” to  stakeholders. went  back  to  uber" “I  bought  an  iPhone  just  to  use  goCatch” Something  the Examine  these Safety  Issue:  Driver  can  only  click  in  one  area  to  accept  the  job  in  GoCatch.  It  can  be Passenger  tries  to  select  the  closest  taxi  on  the  home  page  before  he  clicks  goCatch participant  doesn't issues  to  find dangerous  as  you  have  to  try  to  click  until  you  get  through  (lots  of  competition). green  button like  about  the improvement  ideas. GoCatch  sends  a  job  to  every  driver  within  a  radius,  whereas  Uber  sends  to  job  to  the Passenger  trouble  with  inserting  destination.  Should  he  wait  till  location  is  found  in nearest  driver  only. search?  Or  press  enter  -­  there  is  no  enter  button. Job  goes  out  to  all  drivers  within  a  radius.  Therefore  job  could  go  to  a  taxi  far  away  from Passengers  take  a  while  to  realise  its  the  “back”  that  confirms  the  destination. software. the  customer.  (eg.  Driver  accepted  a  job  in  Walsh  bay,  but  Driver  was  in  Bligh  Street,  city. Passenger  then  rejected  the  driver  as  he  was  too  far  away). Passenger  is  confused  by  the  now  and  later  pages.  Now  looks  like  a  button. Driver  worries  that  the  passenger  may  take  another  cab  in  the  meantime. Passenger  cancels  if  driver  is  taking  too  long  to  get  to  him/her.  Driver  time  is  wasted  in Passenger  can’t  find  the  submit  button  in  the  booking  process trying  to  get  to  the  job. Sometimes  when  a  customer  makes  a  booking  in  the  app,  the  pick  up  location  is  too Passengers  click  on  taxi  nearest  them  in  the  home  page  -­  however  when  driver  accepts, vague  (street  number  may  be  incorrect,  or  driver  cant  tell  what  side  of  the  street  they  are passenger  sees  its  a  driver  further  away.  Causes  confusion  (and  disappointment). waiting).  The  driver  has  to  call  the  customer  to  see  where  they  are. The  pickup  address  entered  by  customer  can  be  different  to  where  the  GPS  reports  they are.    Driver  follows  pickup  address  instruction  but  passenger  was  in  a  different  place. If  a  job  is  cancelled  by  the  customer  after  2  minutes,  they  are  fined  $10. Uber:  pays  a  minimum  of  $15  for  a  job  even  if  it  the  fare  is  less.  For  example,  if  the  job paid  $12,  the  driver  will  be  paid  an  extra  $3  by  Uber  to  make  up  the  difference. Uber  :If  a  job  is  cancelled  by  the  customer  after  2  minutes,  the  driver  is  paid  $5. goCatch  App  crashes  occasionally. Passengers    get  the  wrong  taxi  (dont  look  at  taxi  number).

Kick-off Meeting • goCatch requirements • Booking process focus • Agreed deliverables Planning • Created project plan • Design process

Analysis - Current Flow • Mapped out booking process • Passenger/driver interactions

Contextual Inquiries • Interview scripts • Role Plays • 6 drivers & 2 passengers • Analysed results

Activity Flow Empathy Map

What is the ideal path for users?


Sketching design ideas

User testing- goCatch Passengers • • • • Tasks involving the booking process Slider vs Wheel Tip vs Booking Fee Testing our new design ideas

User stories.. I use goCatch every week I taxi home from parties I love the service.. but: Why does the driver call me? I would use goCatch, but I dont own an iphone I leave the cab to pray a few times a day. Every time I leave, I have to take all of my phones and gadgets with me. Occasional user Booked for an early meeting Leaves while everyone else sleeps

User stories.. Regular user Knows the ins and outs Uses an app because its an app Concerned about privacy

User stories.. Gold goCatch driver Aware of competition Concerned about passenger experience

User stories.. John - business man Catches taxi 5 times a day Service must be fast and reliable

User stories.. Platinum goCatch driver Multitasking Concerned about safety

The Vision: One Click

The Vision: One Click

Recommended next steps • More user interviews - how to get in touch with key personas. Hangout/Skype? • Keep refining our initial design ideas, to come up with the best solution for goCatch • UX testing of these ideas

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