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Published on February 3, 2012

Author: arorajitin93


PowerPoint Presentation: GNU Project In Linux Jitin Arora Overview…: Overview… Introduction History What is linux ? open source software What is GNU? Logo Copyleft Licence Goal Freedom 4 the software Distributor Introduction : Introduction The GNU Project is a free software , announced on September 27, 1983, by Richard Stallman at MIT. The GNU Project began working on an operating system called GNU. A Quick History….: A Quick History…. Richard Stallman. Other:rms Born:16 march 1953. September 1983 GNU project. A Quick History….(cont): A Quick History ….(cont) Linux T orvalds Born :1969 Software engineer Linux Kernel,Git What is a linux ????: What is a linux ???? A Unix-like Operating System A famous open source project Free to use, distribute, modify under a compatible licence Produced by a large developer and user community A combination of many projects Open source software: Open source software Open Source Software (OSS) generally refers to software for which the source code is available and which the licensing scheme permits the user to modify it and redistribute it in modified or unmodified form. Other Open Source Software: Other Open Source Software The GIMP - Adobe Photoshop clone Open Office - Office suite Mozilla Firefox - Web browser Mozilla - Thunderbird E-mail Client VLC - Media player Audacity - Digital audio editor MySQL – Database Ghostscript - Postscript interpreter What is GNU ?????: What is GNU ????? GNU (which stands for "GNU's not Unix") is a project to produce a whole operating system that works just like a proprietary Unix OS, but is released under a Free Software license. It's a technical goal for political purposes. The founder of the GNU project, Richard Stallman. Logo : Logo GNU is pronounced as…: GNU is pronounced as… It is spelled as G-noo Copyleft: Copyleft Copyleft is a general method for making a program free software and requiring all modified and extended versions of the program to be free software as well. Licences : Licences GNU General Public Licence(GPL) GNU Lesser General Public Licence(LGPL) GNU A ffero General Public Licence(AGPL) GNU Free Documentation Licence(FDL) Goal : Goal The goal of the GNU project was to create a whole free-software operating system. By 1992, the GNU project had completed all of the major operating system components except for their kernel, GNU Hurd. The Linux kernel, started independently by Linus Torvalds in 1991, filled the last gap, and Linux version 0.12 was released under the GPL in 1992. Together, Linux and GNU formed the first completely free-software operating system. Freedom 4 the software: Freedom 4 the software Freedom to run the program. Freedom to access the code. Freedom to redistribute the program to anyone. Freedom to improve the software . Distributor : Distributor Thank U!!!!: Thank U!!!!

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