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Published on September 21, 2007

Author: Tarzen


DPWizard: third generation derived parameters management in EGOS by J.C. Gil and J.S. NogueroGMV S.A. Isaac Newton 11, Tres Cantos, 28760,  DPWizard: third generation derived parameters management in EGOS by J.C. Gil and J.S. Noguero GMV S.A. Isaac Newton 11, Tres Cantos, 28760, Spain. jsng: Presentation requirements:   Presentation Slots are 25 minutes each. Each author should plan on the following:   ·        20 minute presentation ·        5 minutes Question and Answer period ·        Presentations should be MS PowerPoint / PC compatible (.ppt or .pps)     No special format is required. Please use common sense when organizing your material onto the viewgraphs. (i.e. appropriate text size and spacing for visibility and readability ) Table of contents:  Table of contents What is a derived parameter? DPs in EGOS Three generations of DP technology GMV experience: DPWizard Conclusions Table of contents What is a derived parameter?:  What is a derived parameter? What is a derived parameter (DP)? A measurand coveys information for an individual measurement A thermocouple measures voltage A processed parameter is the algorithmic result of one measurand Voltage is transformed into temperature A derived/synthetic parameter is composed from the values of multiple samples of multiple measurands The site with maximum average temperature has been … A cross-domain DP involves data from various domains (satellites, …) DPs in EGOS (I):  DPs in EGOS (I) Which EGOS subsystems may use DPs? Base-Band System at the Ground Station Ground Station Monitoring andamp; Control NCTRS SCOS-2000 Mandamp;C Generic File Transfer System Generic Data Disposition System Multi-mission Configuration Control Manager Telemetry Data Retrieval System Web Remote Monitoring System No Yes Yes Yes No Potentially Potentially Yes Yes But also in flight dynamics systems and science operation centres DPs in EGOS (and II):  DPs in EGOS (and II) The current situation is a Tower of Babel: Each subsystem implements DPs with its own language (or languages!) The industry provides many languages for DPs (OL, DL, DPDL, …) and automation (ICOL, SCL, …) The way to go: a single EGOS-broad DP middleware/framework based on a single standard language (PLUTO) In this context GMV presents DPWizard, the hifly® DP framework EGOS DPs: current situation Traditional systems, 1st generation DPs:  Traditional systems, 1st generation DPs Traditional systems, 1st generation DPs In traditional systems, the deployment of DPs implies a costly and inefficient cycle: 1) End user defines the DP algorithm 2) Software support codes the DP in a low-level language 3) Software support activates the DP into the TM chain 4) End user verifies the DP within the TM processing chain 5) If problems are identified, all steps need to be repeated! End user Software support DP activation into TM chain DP coding Problems? No END START DP definition DP verification Yes 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) SCOS-2000, 2nd generation DPs:  SCOS-2000, 2nd generation DPs SCOS-2000, 2nd generation DPs On top of 1st generation DPs in a low level language (C++), SCOS-2000 also provides the high-level Operations Language (OL) which allows to define simple DPs OL DPs can either be converted into C++ ones (fast but static) or made dynamic (but slow) so that the algorithm can be modified with the system running; we refer to this as 2nd generation DPs Can we do better? DPWizard 3rd generation DPs DPWizard: put the user in control:  DPWizard: put the user in control DPWizard: put the user in control No software support intervention needed … Integrated DP handling Fully featured DP development environment with access to the DP repository, editor, checker and exerciser Powerful and simple user-oriented DP definition language (DPDL) Lazy typing, loop constructs, access to commutations, possibility to define several DPs from a single program, … … drastically reduces the cost and availability turnaround time of DPs production DPWizard: test before you go:  DPWizard: test before you go DPWizard: test before you go Full off-line verification and validation … Static checker Full syntactic and semantic analysis: DPDL constructs, telemetry parameter references, source data access (raw/ calibrated), typing, … Dynamic exerciser Define and exercise an unlimited number of test cases that are fully representative of the DP behaviour in the processing chains without the need of a running SCC nor s/c simulator … significantly increases DP reliability and decreases Vandamp;V costs DPWizard: other assets:  DPWizard: other assets DPWizard: other assets Flight proven Operational at Eutelsat as DPTOOL since 1998 Integrated with SCOS-2000 as part of Neo Currently supports more than 20 spacecraft from 5 different manufacturers Multimission support Single interface for all DPs defined for the entire constellation Performance and flexibility Once tested, DPs are translated into a low-level language for maximum performance But the flexibility of changing the DP algorithm is retained: DPs are activated without the need to start and stop the processing chain! DPWizard: HMI (I):  DPWizard: HMI (I) DPWizard: HMI (and II):  DPWizard: HMI (and II) DPWizard: ways forward:  DPWizard: ways forward DPWizard: ways forward DPWizard is part of hifly®, a complete solution for satellite fleet operations DPWizard is being evolved: PLUTO compliance Improved HMI Possibility to exercise the DPs using real telemetry dynamic data Decoupling of the interface to access telemetry static data using XTCE, OMG’s XML telemetric and command data exchange format Conclusions:  Conclusions Conclusions DPWizard is a story of success, from innovation to its successful deployment and exploitation DPWizard is qualified by its users as 'an invaluable tool' DPWizard enables Significant cost reduction Increased reliability Flexibility to end-users hifly® and DPWizard are commercially available

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