Gmod Today Episode 3

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Information about Gmod Today Episode 3

Published on July 5, 2008

Author: jakescomics


Gmod Today Episode 3

Hello and welcome to Gmod Today with me, Wallace Breen!

Today our special guest is perhaps one of the most important people on Gm_Flatgrass…

Head admin Roger Stevenson! Good to have you roger! Thanks Wallace, it’s good to be here.

So what’s the biggest threat in an average Gmod server?

Probably the group of players known as the Mingebags.

And how would you distinguish a normal player from a Mingebag?

I’m glad you asked, wallace, because I have with me today one of our regular offenders, xXx1337PWNERxXx.

O HAI!1!1!one!!!!!1 Shut it, perp!

Are they really that dangerous?

Of course they are! Leave them alone for a second and they’ll be making Zombie sexposes!

Hahaha! Noooooo U not 1337HAX!!!!!

Is it really necessary to treat them so badly?

Yes it is! They must be beaten into shape, or Gmod will explode!

Okay, Is there any final words of wisdom that you can give our viewers?

Be safe, be sure, BE AWARE!

I’m sure I’ve heard that before…

That’s all we’ve got time for so, goodbye and keep Gmodding!

Posed By Jake Edited By Jake Written By Jake Created By Jake Special thanks to Valve Facepunch Garry

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