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Published on April 15, 2014

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GML Mar 2014, Governors Monthly Newsletter, Rotary District 3180

March 2014 Rtn. S. GururajRtn. S. Gururaj District GovernorDistrict Governor Rtn. S. Gururaj District Governor Rtn. Ron D. BurtonRtn. Ron D. Burton RI PresidentRI President Rtn. Ron D. Burton RI President Governor’s Monthly Letter RI Dist. 3180 From The Governor's Desk DearFriendsinRotary, We know that March is designated as 'Literacy Month'. It is very relevant to know the importance of literacy in our area where the literacy rate is less than the world standards. I remember having read in an UNICEF literature that a girl child educated up to 7th Standard can take better care of her children in the areas of education and health care. It is very appropriate that we are launching the “Rotary South Asia Literacy Mission” – Rotary's pledge to eradicate illiteracy in South Asiaby2017. When it comes to the Foundation, though I am happy that more and more clubs are participating in the Foundation giving,Ishouldsaythatwearefarbehindthedistrictcommitments,IsincerelyappealtostrengthenTheRotaryFoundation throughyourgenerouscontributions. 'LetusEngageRotaryChangeLives'. WithWarmRegards, Yours S. Gururaj

2 RI President's Message - March 2014 Growing up in Duncan, Okla., USA, I took it for granted that everyone could read. In my own elementary school, not only were we expected to be reading by the age of seven or eight, we were expected to read upside down. We each took turns reading books to the entire class, and of course, if you want to read out loud to a group while you show them the pictures, you can't do it the right way up. All the way through elementary school, we did that every week, until it didn'treallymattertouswhichwaywewereholdingthebook. I never thought too much about that skill at the time. But a few months ago, on a visit to a Rotary project in Decatur, Ala., I walked into a first-grade classroom and was asked if I would read a book to a class of six-year-olds. Naturally, I was happyto oblige. I sat down, opened the book they had chosen, and started reading to about 30 little kids – upside down, just the way I did it back in secondgrade. In a sense, I was doing exactly what I'd learned to do more than half a century earlier. But as an adult, and especially as a Rotarian, I saw that experience in a different way. I was reading to a group of children who were well on their way to literacy themselves. We were sitting in their classroom, in a school where Rotarians came every week to read one-on-one with children who needed a little extra help. There wasn't any question that every child in that room would grow up to be a literate adult. And all of them took that completely for granted – as they took it for granted that adults would care enough to read them a book while showingthemthepictures,evenifthatmeantreadingupsidedown. We all know that millions of children all over the world aren't that lucky. That's why we make basic education and literacy a priority in our Rotary service. As we mark Literacy Month in Rotary, we remind ourselves what a gift we are giving when we help a childtoread–whetherit'sachildontheothersideoftheworldorrightinourownhometown. ASSISTANT GOVERNOR'S MESSAGE Ron D. Burton President, Rotary International

3 District 3180 is proud to announce that Past District Governor RID 3180 Rtn. Suryaprakash Bhat has been chosen as the Chairman for the District Governor Nominee Training Seminar to be held on the 11th of Dec 2014. The DGN training seminar is part of “Vanakkam Chennai” Rotary Institute 2014 for RI Zones 4,5,6A to be held at Hotel Grand Chola Chennai on the 9th to 14th Dec 2014. This is an honor for our District since this is the first timeourDistricthasbeenconferredthisresponsibility. CongratsPDGSuryaPrakashBhat! PDG Rtn. Surya Prakash Bhat is Chairman for DGN Training Seminar Election of Representative for 2016 COL 10th March 2014 DearPresident, Sub: Election of Representative for 2016 Council on Legislation Nominations are invited for the election of Representative for the 2016 Council on Legislation. The Council is tentatively scheduledtobeheldinApril2016inChicago,Illinois,U.S.A. RI District-3180 has chosen to elect the Representative and the Alternate Representative, through ballot by mail, as per RI Bylaws8.070. The candidatewho receivesa majority(50%+1) of the votescast isnamed the representative,ifthereareonly two candidates, the candidate failing to receive a majority of votes cast shall be the alternate representative, to serve only in the event the representative is unable to serve. When there are more than two candidates, that one candidate receives a majority of the votes cast shall be the representative, the candidate who has the 2nd highest number of votes cast shall be the alternate representative. Theballotingshallbebysingletransferableballot. The election is conducted in the same way as other elections following the provisions laid out in RI Bylaws. Each club is entitled to a minimum of one elector, which is determined by using the clubs paid membership of the most recent semi-annual payment due date. Those clubs that have over 25 members are entitled to an additional elector for every additional 25 members or major fractionthereof. Toserveasrepresentativeacandidatemust: Ÿ Haveservedafulltermasdistrictgovernoratthetimeofelection; Ÿ Understand the qualifications, duties and responsibilities of a representative; Ÿ Be qualified, willing and able to assume and perform these duties andresponsibilities; Ÿ Haveattendedfewerthanthreecouncilsasvotingmember;and Ÿ Beabletoattendthemeetingforitsentireduration. Ÿ It is therefore informed that this Notice inviting the nomination for representative may be deemed to be the notice inviting the nominationforalternaterepresentativealso. Thefollowingisthecalendarofevents: 10.03.2014:Governorinvitesclubstosubmitnominations. 10.04.2014:Lastdateforreceiptofnominationsbythegovernor(5pm). 17.04.2014:Lastdateforwithdrawalofnominations 22.04.2014:Dispatchofballotsbymailtotheclubsincaseofelection 15.05.2014:Lastdateforreceiptofballotsbythegovernor(5pm). 16.05.2014: Counting of ballots and declaration of result by the governor. You are therefore informed to send in the nominations of the eligible candidates fulfilling the eligibility criteria signed by club secretary and president. Such nominations shall be forwarded to the governor by registered post/recorded delivery to Rtn. S. Gururaj, DG-3180, Chaitra Group,No.363,SitavilasRoad,Chamarajamohalla,Mysore-570024. With warm regards, - S. Gururaj

Rotary TV Ads on Air DearDistrictGovernor, You will be pleased to note that the TV ads are finally on air. In the first phase the ads will feature polio campaigns in national channels viz: NDTV 24x7,Headlines Today, Aaj Tak, ET Now, Times now and regional channels. The TV ads have different time bands (schedule attached) but the actual time is not determined. There are several phases and the entire campaign (involving electronic,printandsocialmedia)willrunforapproximately3months. The ad has a voice over of Mr. Amitabh Bachchan and will feature a 20 sec and 30 sec variant. The campaign website (,theFBaccountandtwitterhandleareallnowlive. The campaign website (with details of projects in India) features the entire ad (approx. 1.25 minutes) but the actual ones willbeof30secondand20secondduration. Kindlypublicizethiswithinyourdistrictsassoonaspossible. Regards, - Jatinder, RI (South Asia) 4 ROTARY PROTOCOL The RI Board amended its recommended protocol in January 2014 for introducing, presenting, and seating allcurrent past, and future officers of RI and its Foundation, committee members, and their spouses atallRImeetings,function,andreceivinglines,andfor listinginallRIpublicationstobeasfollows: President (or president's representative) Past presidents (in order of seniority) President-elect President-nominee Vice-president Treasurer Director Executive committee chair Other directors Trustee chair Trustee chair-elect Trustee vice-chair Other trustees General Secretary Past directors (in order of seniority) Directors-elect Past trustees (in order of seniority) Incoming trustees Directors-nominee Past general secretaries (in order of seniority) President, immediate past president, vice-president, and honorary treasurer of RIBI District governors Past district governors (in order of seniority) Rotary coordinators, Rotary public image coordinators, and Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinators and endowment/major gift advisers District governors-elect District governors-nominee Rtn Wilbur Valentine, member of Rotary club of Mangalore North was honoured by District Governor Rtn S Gururaj during his official visit to the club on 25th Mar 2014 for being District Chairman - Website for 9 consecutive years. All the Rotarians of the District are proud of him. Congratulations Wilbur for being appointed as District Chairman for websiteagainnextyear2014-15,forthe10thtime!! Dist Website Chairman Rtn. Wilbur Valentine honoured Forthcoming District Events: District PETS & SETS - April 5th and 6th at Manipal District Grant Management Seminar & District Literacy Seminar (Level 2) April 20th at Chikmagalur RI Exchange Rates for Mar 2014 Country Currency Per US$ US$ eqvt. India INR 62.00 0.01612903 OBITUARY PHF Rtn. A. M. Mallikarjunaiah of Rotary Kollegal, passed away on 5th March 2014. A Rotarian since 1st June 1988, he was a life member and the first PHF of the club. Rotarians of the District join the club in this momentofgrief.

5 Polio Update President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee addresses the Rotary Polio Free Conclave 2014 The President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee addressed the Polio Free Conclave 2014 organised by Rotary International. He also presented mementos of appreciation and recognition to the former Health MinisterDr.A.RamadossandShGhulamNabiAzad,UnionHealthMinisterforHealthandFamilyWelfare. Speaking on the occasion, the President applauded the efforts of various agencies including the government in ridding the country of the disease. The President said that this was a momentous and landmark achievement. Health has been the priority of the Government of India for quite some time, he said. Unprecedented programs to eradicate the polio virus from the country was taken up by the central and state governments supported by several national and international agencies such as Rotary International, UNICEF, WHO, CDC and Melinda and Gates Foundation, he added. The unique challenge in India, the President noted, was the sheer number of people combined with the difficult terrain in many states. He applauded the unparalleled dedication of all concerned and the relentless efforts put in by the workers, doctors, activists andvariousstakeholdersincludingparentsofchildreninachievingthisday. Present at the occasion were Shri Lov Verma, Health Secretary, Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Mr. Gary Huang, Rotary International President Elect, Mr. D. K. Lee, Chairman, Rotary Foundation, Sh Rajendra Saboo, Conclave Chairman, Sh P T Prabhakar, Rotary InternationalDirectorandShKalyanBanerjee,Conclaveco-chairman. WHO South-East Asia Region certified polio-free 80%oftheworld'spopulationisnowinpolio-freecertifiedregions New Delhi, 27 March: WHO South-East Asia Region, home to a quarter of the world's population, was certified polio-free today by an independent commission under the WHO certification process. This is the fourth of six WHO Regions to be certified, marking an important step towards global polio eradication. With this step, 80% of the world's population now lives in certified polio-free regions. “This is a momentous victory for the millions of health workers who have worked with governments, nongovernmental organizations, civil society and international partners to eradicate polio from the Region. It is a sign of what we can bequeath our childrenwhenweworktogether,”saidDrPoonamKhetrapalSingh,RegionalDirectorfortheWHOSouth-EastAsiaRegion. The Global effort to eradicate polio is spearheaded by Rotary International, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), WHO and UNICEF – with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. USAID has played a critical role, recognizing and raising the importance of mobile populations, cross-border coordination, communication and the need for more women vaccinators. In fact, working with local community organizations, women's groups and self-help groups, the messages have gone well beyond polio to address other immunizations, water and sanitation, breastfeeding and handwashing. Our steady financial support and technical leadershiphascontributedtothissuccess. India's successful polio campaign a model for other countries Once home to the world's largest number of polio cases, India recently celebrated three years free ofthedisease.Thecountry'sunlikelysuccessstoryisinspiringleadersinothercountrieswherethevirus remainsendemic. An Afghan health worker administers polio vaccine drops to a child during the first day of a vaccination campaign in Jalalabad, Nangarhar province on December 29, 2013. Polio, once a worldwide scourge, is endemic in just three countries now - Afghanistan, Nigeria and Pakistan. (NoorullahShirzada/AFP/GettyImages)

6 Gallery: Rotary in Action Free eye surgery for 21 beneficiaries Awareness on Cancer on World Cancer Day RC Hassan Mid-townRC Hassan Mid-townRC Hassan Mid-town RC KatpadyRC KatpadyRC Katpady RC Kundapura MidtownRC Kundapura MidtownRC Kundapura Midtown RC Kundapura MidtownRC Kundapura MidtownRC Kundapura Midtown RC Kundapura SouthRC Kundapura SouthRC Kundapura South RC KarkalaRC KarkalaRC Karkala At the Pulse Polio booth Pulse Polio procession Vision 2040 Karkala RC KrishnarajanagarRC KrishnarajanagarRC Krishnarajanagar 109th Rotary anniversary celebrations RC BannurRC BannurRC Bannur Celebrated Women's Day 8th Mar by honouring achievers RC KrishnarajanagarRC KrishnarajanagarRC Krishnarajanagar Awareness on Prevention of Stillborn babies and mother's death at childbirth Distribution of Dictionaries to Govt High School Donation of dwelling unit to handicapped family - cost Rs 3,30,000 RC BaikampadyRC BaikampadyRC Baikampady

7 Blood Donation Camp with NSS & Rotary Blood Bank Shimoga Heart Checkup Camp, 9th Feb RC NitteRC NitteRC Nitte RC KonandurRC KonandurRC Konandur RC KoppaRC KoppaRC Koppa RC Misty Hills MadikeriRC Misty Hills MadikeriRC Misty Hills Madikeri RC Misty Hills MadikeriRC Misty Hills MadikeriRC Misty Hills Madikeri RC KoppaRC KoppaRC Koppa 16 center joint health camp Tribute to Late Rtn. Vijayakrishna Udupa Blood Group Identification Camp, Interact Club Hirekodige RC KonandurRC KonandurRC Konandur Donation of Water Drum & Utensils to Aanganwadi 10th Feb RC BelmanRC BelmanRC Belman Pulse Polio Program at Health center, 23rd Feb RC HanubalRC HanubalRC Hanubal Donation of Laptop to government Junior college , Madikeri on 14.2.2014 Donation of Toys and teaching aids to anganwaadis of Napoklu hobli on 20.2.2014 600 Units of blood donated by NMAMIT NSS students at KMC Manipal Hospital & Udupi Govt. Hospital RC NitteRC NitteRC Nitte

(for internal circulation only) Edited by: Rtn. Arun B.R. and Rtn. Aacha Ashoka Kumara, Printed at Tech Prints, Mysore. Published by: DG Rtn. S. Gururaj PolioPlus NID at Community Hall 121st free monthly psychiatric camp RC SaklaspurRC SaklaspurRC Saklaspur RC ShirvaRC ShirvaRC Shirva RC ShankerpuraRC ShankerpuraRC Shankerpura RC Mysore MidtownRC Mysore MidtownRC Mysore Midtown RC Mysore MidtownRC Mysore MidtownRC Mysore Midtown RC Shimoga CentralRC Shimoga CentralRC Shimoga Central Role of Punishment in today's education RCC District Conference Donation of roller worth Rs 15000 to Sharadadevi Andhara Vikasa Kendra RC Udupi-ManipalRC Udupi-ManipalRC Udupi-Manipal Water filter to govt polytechnic pragathinagar RC NitteRC NitteRC Nitte Jaatha on awareness among youth against drug abuse RC Misty Hills MadikeriRC Misty Hills MadikeriRC Misty Hills Madikeri Multi District Leadership Training Program Multi District Leadership Training Program Taare Zameen Par cultural event by 900 special children RC MysoreRC MysoreRC Mysore

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