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Published on November 5, 2007

Author: Berenger


Grand Meadow Schools Kick Off Night:  Grand Meadow Schools Kick Off Night Welcome, parents & students! Grand Meadow K-6 Staff:  Grand Meadow K-6 Staff Teachers Specialists Paraprofessionals Mrs. Lynn Baldus Mrs. Krista Affeldt-Bacon Mrs. Marilyn Affeldt Mrs. Diane Baudoin Mrs. Mary Anderson Ms. Traci Assmus Mr. Bob Brusse Ms. Dawn Baudoin Mrs. Susan Baldus Mrs. Connie Goergen Mr. Chad Burmester Mrs. Dorothy Denisen Mrs. Darcy Hanken Ms. Julie Doschadis Mrs. Jodine Freese Ms. Lindsey Krejci Mrs. Delores Koster Mrs. Pam Hopp Mrs. Lori Petzel Ms. Janet Moe Mrs. Christine Karlen Mrs. Kim Novak Mrs. Gail Porter Mrs. Lisa Kuennen Mrs. Carolyn Sween Mr. James Ryan Ms. Jodi LaChapelle Ms. Emily Olson Mr. Jesse Smith Mrs. Brenda O’Connell Mrs. Brooke Sloan Ms. Tracy Weber Mrs. Marilyn Stier Mrs. Amy Oian Mrs. Amy Wylde Mrs. Donna Hall: Secretary Mr. Dave Stadum: Principal Mr. Joe Brown: Superintendent Go A.P.E. for Education:  Go A.P.E. for Education A…Attendance If your child has perfect attendance from kindergarten through High School Graduation he/she will have spent 9% of his/her life in school. P…Participate E…Excel Grades Are Important BUT… we want to help your child become:  Grades Are Important BUT… we want to help your child become Creative Attentive Respected by peers Willing to work with others; caring Dependable Courageous Energetic Honest Optimistic Reliable Trustworthy Focused Poised Well balanced A problem solver Responsible A joy to teach Great work ethic Happy, cheerful Self-disciplined A risk taker Generous Intelligent Organized Thorough Unique Ambitious Talented Perceptive Accountable Logical Cooperative Appropriate Positive Self-motivated Hard-working A leader Persistent Thoughtful Insightful Conscientious Well-adjusted Parent/Teacher Communication:  Parent/Teacher Communication Student Notebooks Please review your child’s notebook each night. Homework assignments will be written in your child’s daily planner. Homework will be found in the “red” folder and will need to be completed and “returned” to school the following day. Please take out any items in the “lavender” folder. They are meant to be “left” at home. When this has been completed please write your initials in your child’s daily planner. We request that you also use the daily planner to write messages to your child’s teacher regarding appointments or a change in the after school transportation for that day. Email and Phone Messages Please refer to your child’s Classroom Handbook for his or her teacher’s email and school telephone numbers. Please try to communicate with your child’s teacher by student’s notebook when possible. When it is necessary to contact your child’s classroom teacher immediately it is best to contact him or her by telephone. Parent/Teacher Communication Continued:  Parent/Teacher Communication Continued Classroom Handbooks Each teacher will place a yellow classroom handbook in a sleeve in the front of your child’s Notebook. You will find classroom policies and procedures as well as classroom expectations in this hand out. Please keep this handbook for future reference. Weekly Newsletters Each student will have a weekly newsletter. It will be copied on yellow paper and will be placed in a sleeve at the front of your child’s notebook on Friday. Meadow Area News Watch for your school updates once a month on activities, lunch menu and calendar of events. Grand Meadow Schools Webpage You can find updates on school information on the school webpage which you can view at and on your child’s teacher’s personal webpage. Friday Folders Other important notes and updates may be included in your child’s notebook in the lavender folder on Fridays. If your child is ill and will not be attending school please contact Mrs. Hall in the Elementary Office or leave a message on the school answering machine 24 hours a day. School Telephone: 754-5317 School Fax 754-5608 If you are experiencing a conflict with your child’s classroom teacher please contact him or her first. If you are not satisfied with the results you received contact your principal next, then the superintendent and finally a school board member. School Polices and Classroom Handbooks:  School Polices and Classroom Handbooks Latex Policy: This year Grand Meadow will be a latex free school. This means all products containing latex are not permitted in any area in or surrounding the school grounds. Some common items include balloons, rubber toys, Halloween masks, and gloves. Any questions concerning this may be addressed to your child’s classroom teacher. Current Immunizations: All students are required to have current immunizations on file in his or her confidential health file. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the principal’s office. Dress Code: 1. Student clothing that creates a distraction to the learning environment, constitutes a safety hazard, or deemed inappropriate by a school employee is not acceptable. Students found with inappropriate clothing will be asked to turn clothing inside out, replace it with another piece of clothing or call home for a parent to bring a more appropriate piece of clothing to school. Also, you may want your child to dress in layers due to the temperature changes in the building. Winter clothing: Please make sure that your child has appropriate clothing for outdoor activities such as snow pants, boots, hats etc. as soon as the snow flies. (Please LABEL your child’s outdoor clothing with permanent ink.) Please make sure that your child wears shorts under any dresses or skirts. School Policies and Classroom Handbooks Continued:  School Policies and Classroom Handbooks Continued Medication Policy: If you need medication given to your child at school you must have a medical form signed by the doctor. They are available at the school offices or your doctor’s office. Please refer to your Elementary Handbook for additional information regarding Administration Of Medication At School By School Personnel on page 501 D. Ms. Baudoin requests that parents inform her of any changes in the physical health of your child in written form. The school also requires a written Re-Admittance Letter from your child’s doctor before he or she will be able to return to physical education activities. Show and Tell: Students are encouraged to bring a show and tell item on their given day. We request that you follow these guidelines: 1. Please do not send in pets for show and tell. 2. We do not allow any type of weapons. 3. Please do not send in any valuables or breakables. 4. Please do not send any items that may contain latex. Additional School Policies:  Additional School Policies Lock Down Drills The legislature requires each school in the state of Minnesota to conduct 6 lock down drills during the school year. Teachers will instruct children on their classroom procedure and practice it. We will try not to create anxiety for your children, but we take these drills seriously. Fire Drills In order to be prepared for an emergency evacuation of a school, 6 fire drills a year are conducted. We attempt to impress upon the children the importance and seriousness of this safety precaution. It is hoped that continual practice in methodical evacuation of a building will ensure a rapid and orderly evacuation if and when an emergency should arise. Tornado Drills We practice tornado drills throughout the school year. The Grand Meadow Public School is one of the safest buildings in Southeastern Minnesota. School Closings :  School Closings If the weather conditions are such that you question whether or not school will be in session, listen to the radio stations WCCO, KWWK, KFIL, KROC, KNXR, or KAUS and TV Stations KTTC and KAAL. These radio and TV stations are the first to be informed of a decision to close school. WCCO usually puts it on the air at 6:30 a.m. and again at 7:15 a.m. If school is to close early in the day because of weather, the information will be announced over the intercom. Parents are asked to listen to the radio stations and TV stations for updates when there is inclement weather prior to calling the school offices. If school is starting two hours late due to weather, students are expected to be in class by 10:10 a.m. Snow/Safe Homes: Every elementary student must have a snow/safe home within the city of Grand Meadow. Your child’s teacher may help you locate a home. Please ask for assistance if needed. Snow/Safe Homes will be used only when weather does not allow the school buses to safely travel our roads or in an emergency situation. If there is an early dismissal and buses will be running the routes please inform your child’s teacher of your child’s destination by writing a note in the daily planner in the morning or contact him or her by telephone. Student Insurance Form:  Student Insurance Form The School does not provide insurance for students. The district will send home an insurance form from an independent company for any family that wishes to purchase insurance for students. Families who DO NOT wish to purchase the insurance MUST RETURN the form by indicating they DO NOT wish to purchase the insurance. If you have adequate insurance and do not want to purchase coverage the application envelope MUST be returned to the school. This will serve as a waiver to be sure that insurance was offered to you. Please print the student’s name clearly. Do not use one envelope for more than one child. Print: “NO INSURANCE DESIRED” across the front of the envelope and sign at the bottom. Detach and return the envelope to school with your other school paperwork. Standardized Testing:  Standardized Testing NWEA Testing: K-6th The fall assessments will take place during the weeks of September 17th- September 28th. The winter assessments will take place during the weeks of January 7th-January 18th. The spring assessments will take place during the weeks of May 5th-May 16th. You will review the results from the fall assessments with your child’s teacher during fall conferences. MCA Testing: 3rd-6th The MCA Assessments are taken in April. There are two days of reading assessments and two days of math assessments. The fifth grade class will be assessed on science. The sixth grade class will also take a written language assessment. School Lunch:  School Lunch Elementary school lunches will cost $1.80 per meal. Students will receive one carton of milk with their lunch. Students wanting an extra milk or milk with their sack lunch can purchase a carton of milk for $0.40. Students can purchase an extra entrée for $1.00. School lunch payments are to be made in the Elementary Office. Parents can do this by sending in a check payable to the school in an envelope marked “lunch money”. Please place in the zippered pocket in your child’s Notebook. Low balance statements will be sent home with the oldest child in each family on a regular basis. These statements are sent once the balance is below the limit of $5.00 per each child in the family. Elementary students will be allowed to charge a meal but cannot charge extra food or milk if they have a minus balance. Please do not pack a knife or a glass container in your child’s cold lunch. Morning Milk Tickets:  Morning Milk Tickets Preschool and Kindergarten students receive free milk for milk break each day on behalf of the Federal Milk Program. Students in grades one through six can purchase a 20 punch milk ticket for morning milk break for $8.00 at the District or Elementary Office. Please refer to your child’s Classroom Handbook regarding snacks for the morning milk break. To purchase an additional milk ticket later this year, please write your check payable to the school for $8.00 and place in an envelope marked “Milk Money.” Put in your child’s zippered pocket in the Notebook. Lunch and milk tickets can be paid with one check. Be sure to write on the envelope how many milk tickets are wanted. Free and Reduced Lunches:  Free and Reduced Lunches If you would like information on the Free and Reduced Lunch Program please contact Mrs. Hall in the Elementary Office. School Breakfast Program:  School Breakfast Program School breakfast will be served from 7:45 A.M. to 8:00 A.M. full school day mornings. Food purchased from the breakfast program will be taken out of your child’s lunch account. Breakfast costs $1.25. Morning Ala Carte is also offered and can be taken out of your child’s account or can be paid in cash. School Supplies:  School Supplies As in previous years, parents will be asked to provide the following supplies All additional pencils (no mechanicals) as needed throughout the year: Loose leaf paper-if needed Additional erasers-if needed Other items to be purchase by parents are: Kindergarten First Grade Second Grade Third-Sixth Grade Tennis shoes Tennis Shoes Tennis Shoes Tennis shoes (velcro or tie) (velcro or tie) (Tie) (Tie) School Bag School Bag School Bag School Bag Paint Shirt Paint Shirt Paint Shirt Kleenex (Lg. Box) Kleenex (Lg. Box) Kleenex (Lg. Box) Kleenex (Lg. Box) Rest Mat 1 Package Wet Wipes Bus Routes and information:  Bus Routes and information If there is a day that your student/s are not going to ride the bus please call the school. 754-5317. If your child will not be riding the bus after school please communicate that with your child’s classroom teacher in your child’s Notebook. Please have your child tell his or her bus driver in the morning also. Bus Drivers: 00 Joe Stier 754-5038 92 Terry Weelborg 754-5642 96 Randy Fruth 754-4428 AM Dean Hiscocks 754-5339 PM Classroom Community:  Classroom Community Our classrooms are a community. In our community, we have rules to help us get along with each other. Our school rules are: Be respectful and responsible. Be organized and follow directions. Be on time. Be prepared. We are a Drug and Weapon Free School :  We are a Drug and Weapon Free School No one will be allowed to posses prohibited substances or weapons on the school grounds or within 300 feet or within one city block of a public school. Possession of a dangerous weapon in a school or on school grounds is a felony. Juveniles convicted of crimes who are at least 14 years of ages can be treated as an adult and sentenced in adult court. Grand Meadow Public Schools is a No Tolerance school in regard to illegal substances or weapons. Toy weapons (guns, knives, swords, laser pens) are not allowed in our school for show and tell or with Halloween costumes. Please keep in mind our latex policy. Thank you for respecting this policy. Daily Schedules:  Daily Schedules School starts at 8:10 A.M. If you aren’t in the classroom by the time the second bell rings, please check in at the school office before coming to class. If you are leaving the building early please sign out in the office prior to exiting. All visitors are asked to sign in and receive a visitor badge at the office. Students are dismissed at 3:00 P.M. Students will be guided to the elementary entrance at the end of each day. Thanks for coming tonight!:  Thanks for coming tonight! Please pick up your child from the school cafetorium and proceed to the K-6 classrooms to pick up your child’s Elementary School Handbook, Classroom Handbook and paperwork. In order to be included in the drawing for two $25 gas gift cards to Glynn’s Motor Mart paperwork must be correctly completed and returned to school by Friday, September 7th. Thank you to Glynn’s Motor Mart for making a donation! Also, the first classroom in the K-6 dome that has all of their paperwork correctly completed will earn a classroom ice cream party. Good Luck! Let’s Have a Great Year!:  Let’s Have a Great Year!

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