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Published on February 28, 2014

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Mail Merge with Gmail, Track mail opens with Google Analytics.

Mail Merge with HTML Mail - Premium Description The Mail Merge with HTML Mail program will help you send email messages in bulk using your Gmail account. You can send messages in rich HTML, the message can have attachments and you can also track email open activity using Google Analytics. • • • • Mail Merge with Gmail Gmail Read Receipts with Google Analytics Compose & Send HTML Mail Advanced Mail Merge Step 1: Copy the sheet Make a copy of the Google Mail Merge sheet that you've received in the email. Digital Inspiration Page 1

Mail Merge with HTML Mail - Premium Step 2: Authorize the sheet Go to the Mail Merge Menu and click Authorize to allow the sheet to perform Mail Merge. Digital Inspiration Page 2

Mail Merge with HTML Mail - Premium Step 3: Authorize Click OK at the Authorization Required dialog. Digital Inspiration Page 3

Mail Merge with HTML Mail - Premium Step 4: Grant Permissions Click Accept at the Request for Permissions screen. The script needs permissions to send emails, read files (for attachments) and for writing data back to the spreadsheet. Your data is not visible to anyone. Digital Inspiration Page 4

Mail Merge with HTML Mail - Premium Step 5: Upload Attachments If you wish to include one or more file attachments in your Gmail Mail Merge, go to your Google Drive and upload the files. Now right-click the file and choose Share. Digital Inspiration Page 5

Mail Merge with HTML Mail - Premium Step 6: Attachment Link Make a note of the attachment link (or URL) and click Done. You need to repeat these steps to get the URL of every attachment that you wish to include in your Gmail Mail Merge. Digital Inspiration Page 6

Mail Merge with HTML Mail - Premium Step 7: Fill the Mail Merge Template Switch to the Mail Merge spreadsheet in your Google Drive and fill-in all the fields highlighted in white. 1. For the message body, you can either enter plain text or create rich HTML mail and insert the HTML source here. 2. If your mail has attachments, add all the URLs in cell E15 separated by commas. 3. If you wish to CC or BCC the mail to other people, add their email address in cells E17 & E19 separated by commas. 4. If you would like to enable tracking with Google Analytics, enter the extact tracking ID in cell E21 else leave it blank. Digital Inspiration Page 7

Mail Merge with HTML Mail - Premium Step 8: Import Contacts Go to the Mail Merge Menu and choose Import Contacts to import name and email addresses from Google Contacts into the Mail Merge spreadsheet. You can also write the name and emails manually. Digital Inspiration Page 8

Mail Merge with HTML Mail - Premium Step 9: Select Google Contact Group Select any Google Contacts group from the dropdown. If you have not created a contacts group yet, go to Google Contacts, select contacts that you want to add to a group, click the Groups button and then Create new. Enter the name of the group and click OK. Digital Inspiration Page 9

Mail Merge with HTML Mail - Premium Step 10: Start Mail Merge Your contacts will now appear in the Google Sheet. Go to the Mail Merge Menu again and choose Start Mail Merge to start sending emails. Once all the emails have been sent, the cells in column C will show the status as OK for messages that were sent successfully. Digital Inspiration Page 10

Mail Merge with HTML Mail - Premium Step 11: Mail Tracking with Google Analytics Go to Google Analytics, switch to the Reporting tab and then choose the Event report under RealTime to track mail open activity in real time. Digital Inspiration Page 11

Mail Merge with HTML Mail - Premium Step 12: Email Open Reports Inside Google Analytics, expand the Behavior group and choose Events. Now select the date range and you'll see all mail activity around your email campaign. Digital Inspiration Page 12

Mail Merge with HTML Mail - Premium Email Report - Google Analytics You can click the category name and switch to the Event Label dimension to see a list of recipients who have read your email. References • • • • Mail Merge with Gmail Gmail Read Receipts with Google Analytics Compose & Send HTML Mail Advanced Mail Merge with Gmail & Google Docs Digital Inspiration Page 13

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