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Published on February 10, 2009

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TheWhitePaper* ISSUE 1 JUNE 2008 Top 10 Tips for Running Successful Strategic Recognition Programs

TheWhitePaper* As organizations continue to vie for and retain talented contributors, strategic em- ployee recognition programs become an important part of the total work experi- ence. Effective recognition programs encourage employees to give more discre- tionary effort, thereby improving company performance. We work with some of the world’s leading companies to Each year, we conduct a series of client workshops build engaged, positive workplaces where employees to help you define your goals and the necessary fully understand and share the company vision and steps to achieve them. We recommend best prac- values. They know their work and extra efforts to help tices proven to deliver high ROI by our leading achieve the vision will be recognized and appreciated. Global 2000 customers. Globoforce’s ‘Top 10 Tips’ for Running Successful Strategic Recognition Programs 1. The Tempo Starts at the Top 2. Establish Program Goals & Objectives 3. Reach as Many People as Possible as Often as Possible 4. Promote It or Perish 5. Offer a Great Choice of Rewards 6. Match Awards to Achievements 7. Ensure a Recognition Moment 8. Involve Program Participants – Invite Their Input 9. Call All Managers to Training 10. Establish Key Indicators of Success Early

TheWhitePaper* 1. The Tempo Starts at the Top Senior-level validation of the program itself and of the To effectively build a culture of appreciation, a stra- in-house program management team is essential. A tegic employee recognition program should be driv- highprofile, senior-level executive must act as the en by a core, in-house program management team program champion, responsible for driving global that encourages employees to make “recognition” program awareness, validating the program goals a part of their daily work life. This team manages and supporting the implementation of the program. the program globally and ensures company-wide Likewise, local program champions should be iden- consistency by setting program goals, objectives, tified to validate the global program and drive the processes and benchmarks in addition to defining program objectives locally. measurements of success. 2. Establish Program Goals and Objectives ing the program. Any employee recognition program Clear program guidelines are the foundation of every should be grounded in the organization’s corporate successful recognition program. The project man- strategy, identifying key areas where employees can agement team should establish three to four succinct make a difference. and easy-to-understand program goals that reflect the organization’s overall objective for implement- 3. Reach as Many People as Possible as Often as Possible people with smaller rewards, than rewarding few Successful programs recognize contributors fre- people, infrequently with larger rewards. This higher quently, at all levels and across all geographic re- frequency will help drive program visibility—a criti- gions, for their genuine contributions to the orga- cal component to creating a recognition culture, and nization. The more people receiving awards, the thereby increasing productivity and positive energy greater the awareness that the company is engaged in the workplace. in recognizing and rewarding its people. Better re- sults are guaranteed by frequently rewarding more

TheWhitePaper* 4. Promote it or Perish! communications through all stages of its lifecycle to The development of a comprehensive communi- keep it active and effective. Program managers must cations plan raises awareness of the program, in- carefully select the most effective communications creases participation, boosts performance, and most channels for ensuring their program messages stand importantly, helps to build an appreciation culture. In out from all other corporate “noise.” developing the plan, an organization must consider the following objectives: * Top-of-Mind Awareness: To reach all eligible pro- “Implementation is really the primary differentiator gram participants and make them aware of the between employee reward programs at companies new program on America’s Most Admired Companies list and their peers—communication, aligning reward programs * Understanding of the Program: To reach all man- with business priorities and operationalizing the pay agers to inform and educate them about the pro- for performance relationship.” gram goals and processes. - Hay Group research in conjunction with Launching an employee recognition program is like Fortune magazine, March 2008 launching a new product – it requires continuous 5. Offer a Great Choice of Rewards Successful programs are those that deliver both An essential part of any program is making sure the consistency and “meaning” on a global scale by rewards are actually motivating and memorable to pro- ensuring their program offers access to literally gram participants. By offering the world’s largest reward millions of different prize, gift and reward options selection, global organizations can ensure that every one across all 5 continents. of their program participants will have a broad choice of rewards that are culturally relevant and locally meaning- ful to them - no matter where in the world they reside.

TheWhitePaper* 6. Match Awards to Achievements Varying award levels help nominators decide on the Effective recognition programs ensure consistency recognition that is most appropriate for the degree of by assessing behaviors and results deserving of rec- contribution they observed. When establishing award ognition, and then recommending the appropriate levels against desired behaviors, remember to keep award level. Organizations should therefore seek to the number of levels simple, offering those that are implement a program that provides positive rein- most appropriate and consistent across the organi- forcement for contributions that align with the com- zation. Award values should be significantly different pany’s overall goals and strategies. in order to simplify the nominator’s choice. 7. Ensure a Recognition Moment promote an employee recognition program. High- In addition to delivering timely and meaningful rec- lighting recent award winners in a corporate newslet- ognition in the form of awards, companies should ter or on a corporate intranet also ensures all people also encourage managers to personally recognize within an organization are aware of their colleagues outstanding employees or team members at recogni- being recognized. tion events or team meetings to help personalize and 8. Involve Program Participants – Invite Their Input or division boundaries. Program participation should Employees should be recognized, by both their peers be closely monitored and participants should be sur- and managers, for their individual or team contribu- veyed regularly to gauge levels of program satisfac- tions toward achieving goals. The approach is one in tion. The program management team should invite the same – timely, personal and consistent. At any feedback and suggestions for program improvement. time, nominators should be able to nominate col- leagues to receive awards, regardless of geographic

TheWhitePaper* 9. Call All Managers to Training! enhancements to maintain interest and enthusiasm Training is essential to achieving program success. around a program. The program management team All managers throughout the organization should should review the program’s effectiveness on a regu- be required to attend pre-launch training sessions, lar basis and work to ensure the program is properly which can be web based and explain the program used within the organization. to encourage their participation. Training presenta- tions may also be used to communicate program 10. Establish Key Indicators of Success Early A list of key indicators may include one or more of Program success should be measured against the the following examples: program goals and objectives set at the onset of the program. The program management team should * Increase in overall performance or productivity of develop two or three key indicators of program suc- employees (team). cess that tie directly to the overall program goals and objectives. * Increase in job satisfaction/morale and employee retention. * Increased use of one common tool to run all em- “Measurable process goals are critical to a success- ployee reward and sales incentive programs, in- ful global strategic recognition program. With the creasing efficiencies and reducing overall costs. appropriate goals and a program to measure the outcome, you can begin to spot the frequency, ap- * Increased sales or distribution. propriateness and timeliness of recognition and the levels of success against those goals. Globoforce Timetables for reviewing the program against these provides the mechanism making this possible.” indicators should be decided early in the process - Terry Cain prior to the program launch. Vice President of Operational Excellence, Avnet

About Globoforce Globoforce is the leading worldwide provider of on-demand strategic reward and recognition solutions for Global 2000 companies. Globo- force’s flexible and efficient recognition tool can scale from one user to millions of users with ease, offering global companies a powerful and secure solution to implement and manage their companywide or divisional employee recognition programs. Through a dynamic, easy-to-use, on-demand technology platform, Globoforce transforms the way companies engage, motivate and empower their workforces across the world. Co-headquartered in Southborough, Mass., and Dublin, Ireland, Globoforce was recently selected by the Great Place to Work® Institute as one of the “50 Best Companies to Work For.” Globoforce won a 2007 Process Innovation Award for the creative deployment of Dow Chemical’s global, on-demand employee recognition program. Globoforce also won Human Resource Executive magazine’s coveted “Top HR Product of the Year” award in 2004 for its revolutionary on-demand software solution. Some of Globoforce’s world-class customers utilizing this enterprise- class solution include Amgen, Avnet, Dow Chemical, Intuit, Procter & Gamble and Reuters. Globoforce (North America) Reservoir Corporate Center 144 Turnpike Road, Suite 310, Southborough, MA 01772 USA Phone: +1 (888) 7-GFORCE (436723) Fax: +1 (508) 357 8964 Email: Globoforce (Europe) 6 Beckett Way, Park West Business Park, Dublin 12, Ireland. Phone: +353 1 625 8800 Fax: +353 1 625 8880 Email: © 2008, Globoforce Limited. All rights reserved.

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