Globalization: Factors Influencing the Design of E-learning

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Information about Globalization: Factors Influencing the Design of E-learning

Published on February 4, 2009

Author: GregorySales



Presented to the International Society for Performance Improvement

Globalization: Factors Influencing E-Learning Decisions Presented by Gregory C. Sales, Ph.D. Seward Incorporated MNISPI December 8, 2006

Factors • Localization • Infrastructure • Design and delivery • Tools available for use • Cost and cost recovery

More Than Translation English What would happen if you dropped two balls with the same shape but different masses off a table at the same time with the same speed? Which will fall to the ground first? Write your hypothesis. Arabic ‫ماذا سيحدث لى أسقطت كرتين متشابهتين في الشكل ومختلفين في الكتلة من على طاولة في‬ ‫.نفس الىقت وبنفس السرعة؟ أكتب فرضيتك‬

Meaning? Mexico City

Meaning? Sydney

Things are Different Mexico City

Localization Languages and Localization • Double byte issues • Length of a screen or field of text when translated • Use of language, terms and images that are location specific • Different approaches to training based on cultural norms

Things can be Very Different Manila, Philippines Dhaka, Bangladesh

Localization Culture • Different attitudes about learning • Different attitudes about completion and schedules • Different holidays and vacation schedules • Different work days • Clothing • Working environments • Modes of transportation • Architecture

Sensitivities Oman

Technology and Regulations Dhaka, Bangladesh

Infrastructure Technology and Timeliness • Computer quality and capability • Connectivity and bandwidth • Phasing rollouts to reduce the load on the system • Having multiple hosting sites for speed, efficiency and redundancy • Differing work schedules, holidays, etc.

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