Global Youth Debates Kickoff February 2014

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Information about Global Youth Debates Kickoff February 2014

Published on February 5, 2014

Author: FlatConnections



Global Youth Debates is a collaborative project run by Flat Connnections (

Global Youth Debates Round 2 Kickoff Meeting February 4th, 5:30 p.m. EST/ February 5th, 2014 9:30 a.m. AEDT S

Agenda Eva Brown – Project Manager Julie Lindsay – Flat Connections S Welcome S Timeline S Research S Join the Edmodo Community! S Website Resources S To Do Now! S Judges Wanted!

Welcome! Global Youth Debates opens eyes and hearts as students debate on an issue that will bring together diverse ideas, develop transferable skills and create lasting friendships. |

Semester 1 highlights Vienna IS, Austria • ‘Edmodo’ • • • • International School of the Sacred Heart, Tokyo. Japan handshakes and conversations! Global connections Teacher Boot camps Voicethread Debating across the world!

What IS Global Youth Debates? S Researched, authoritative debate for Gr 4-12 S Global themes and debate topics – Teams are encouraged to take a global perspective S Debate that leads to ACTION – make plans to change the world

GYD – Debating into Action


Timeline Find the TIMELINE info under DEBATE menu on the website S February-March: S Prelim. Debate #2 - Feb 10 28 S Judging - March 1 – 7 S March-April S Debate Round 2 - March 10 28 S Judging Round 2 - March 29 April 4 S April –May S Debate Semi-Finals - April 7 - 25 S Judging April 26 - May 2 S Debate Finals - Live online sometime between May 5 9 S Celebration of Semester 2 - around May 13


Research Find the RESEARCH info under RESEARCH menu on the website S DIIGO S TAG DICTIONARY S STRATEGIES S PURPOSE

How to use Diigo Resources Social bookmarking as Research Tool a la Diigo @ BookMarking Roles @ Social Bookmarking Annotation Checklist @ Shared annotation Directions for Students @ Diigo Directions for Students @ Reflecting on Diigo BookMarks @

What else? S COMMUNICATION S Google Spreadsheet shared with you to connect directly S Google group – teacher messages via email S Edmodo teacher group S COLLABORATION S Contribute, reliable global learning based on effective communication S CREATION S Voicethreads, vibrant debates based on research, globally minded and competent students and teachers

Badges -Teachers & Students Flat Connections will introduce ‘Badges’ this semester. More information coming soon!

TO DO NOW Strategies for successful debating! S Connect Teams S Live ‘meet up’ Teachers connect and arrange a recording timeline via Skype, Google Hangout, or other tool - Students connect and share culture, etc. S Research! S Prepare for Debate Bookmark findings in Diigo Prepare Debate Points and script

Website Resources S THEME & TOPIC S BLOG S INFO for SCHOOLS – Teacher Guide and Welcome Pack S DEBATE INFO – teams, voicethreads, Brackets and more! S MEETING RECORDINGS & BOOTCAMPS

Judges Wanted! S Read all about being a JUDGE for Global Youth Debates!judges/cz8s S Training provided S Each school asked to provide ONE or more judges for each round

A word about: Teams and Time Management S A TEAM = 3 students S A SUPPORT GROUP– can be an activity group or a class S Each debate can have different students in the TEAM S You are asked to observe the DEBATE PROTOCOLS and DEBATE FORMAT – this is important!

Debate Format

DEBATE PROTOCOL S Remember – Simulated LIVE debate using an asynchronous format S Use of technology – we know things can go wrong – some practice and patience needed S ELEVEN A debate round between two teams will be judged and scored if it is complete only. An incomplete debate round (1 or more missing responses) will have judges comments but no scores attributed. S TWELVE If one or both teams are unable to continue, the opposing team does not 'win' by default. In this case the team able to continue will be acknowledged and both teams added to the 'play it again' debates in the next round.

ONE ‘LAST’ REQUEST School/team handshake S Please send pictures! S Please send videos! S Please send greetings to the world! We want to feature these on the website!

Questions?? Contact Eva Brown or Julie Lindsay

More than a book…….. A Journey into Learning Join our teacher network, Available from Amazon – hard copy and Kindle versions

What’s the Other Story? Theme for the Flat Connections Conference Sydney, June 2014 Students, teachers, leaders at the same live event!

Flat Connections The new portal for global projects, global teacher PD and global live events

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