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Published on March 7, 2014

Author: MihaiZamfir1


An Introduction for Externals

What is Global Talent? Global Talent is an international professional experience program through which a young person has the opportunity to develop himself personally and profesionally by working in a foreign company, organization or institution.

Why Global Talent? The context of the present day is a global connected economy. It is a globalized environment in which companies and institutions are putting more and more effort into international relations, not with just the purpose of doing more business and growing in profits, but also to learn from others to develop. In this context, people having an international professional experience are invaluable.

Why Global Talent? But also, today, the job market is very competitive. Too many people compete for too few positions, recent graduates have difficulty in finding a job corresponding to their field of study and because of this, youth unemployment is quite high. People need to differentiate themselves from their peers to become more attractive on the job market.

Why Global Talent? From these two perspectives, the Global Talent Program comes as a solution to students and recent graduates. By taking an opportunity through this program, you take a first step to a successful career. Because of the benefits it offers, the program is a career accelerator. By becoming a Global Talent you can learn much more than in a regular starting position and upon your return, you would have better and more attractive career opportunities than if you would not have left.

Value Proposition of Global Talent  Professional development  Cross-cultural understanding

Benefits of becoming a Global Talent • Relevant Professional experience in the domain you want • Develop Leadership Skills; • Network of International Contacts; • Cross-cultural understanding • Becoming more adaptable by working in an international environment • Communication skills; • Entrepreneurial Skills • Business Management Skills;

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