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Published on October 19, 2014

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At the Athens hub we focus on seeing a “better tomorrow”: we put aside things we have no ability to impact and focus instead on matters where we can make positive strides. We
perceive the world as a landscape of opportunities and potential synergies, not as one of negative competition.

In just a few months, for ReGeneration alone, we have rallied 23 partners, 120 volunteers, and over 670,000€ in pro bono services to design a solid plan that can step-change the internship culture in Greece and create sustainable growth. We secured 58 placements for 2014-15 and envision 2,000 placements over the next 4 years.

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2. Contents 2 • Pg. 3: Curator’s Note • Pg. 4: Global Shapers Community and the Athens Hub • Pgs. 5-16: ReGeneration Initiative • Pgs. 17-21: W.A.V.E. • Pgs. 22-23: Other Engagements • Pgs. 24-27: Shapers Profiles • Pgs. 28-29: Freshmen Class & Associate Shapers • Pgs. 30-33: Advisory Board Testimonials and Bios

3. 3 It has sincerely been a privilege and honor to serve as the Athens Hub’s first elected Curator. I am particularly proud and excited to introduce the Athens Hub’s inaugural Annual Report, meant to deliver both a statement and a promise. Three years ago I was fortunate to attend Davos, representing the Athens Hub at the first Global Shapers Class. At the time, Greece was making negative media headlines internationally. During the event, I was invited as a young Greek entrepreneur to voice my view on the crisis situation and a seemingly looming Greek default, trying to debunk urban legends regarding Greek business ethics and a potential Grexit. It was painfully obvious that there was no success story to share. This was my ‘‘Davos moment’’, a very disappointing and frustrating one, yet at the same time -surprisingly-very motivating. Leaving Davos, I met with the Hub and we promised ourselves that at the end of the year we would be able to deliver a solid success story, one that would showcase the virtues of youth empowerment and multi-stakeholder strategic collaboration in Greece. Our ReGeneration Initiative is truly a statement of that to the World Economic Forum Communities and to the entire world. At the Athens hub we focus on seeing a “better tomorrow”: we put aside things we have no ability to impact and focus instead on matters where we can make positive strides. We perceive the world as a landscape of opportunities and potential synergies, not as one of negative competition. Passion, “philotimo” and alignment lead to success The Athens Hub and its ventures would not have been possible absent the unconditional commitment of its members, partners and friends. They demonstrated great passion and also “philotimo”, an untranslatable Greek word that means finding pleasure in going the extra mile for the good of others. The collective effort has fostered positive attitudes and showcases how, against all odds, we can make the seemingly impossible, possible. The Athens Hub and I personally owe the deepest gratitude to our Advisory Board, sponsors, pro-bono partners and friends, and of course the World Economic Forum for believing in our vision and empowering us to deliver measurable impact. We pride ourselves for establishing a new NGO impact benchmark effectively supporting youth for a ReGenerated future. Change we can believe in In just a few months, for ReGeneration alone, we have rallied 23 partners, 120 volunteers, and over 670,000€ in pro bono services to design a solid plan that can step-change the internship culture in Greece and create sustainable growth. We secured 58 placements for 2014-15 and envision 2,000 placements over the next 4 years. This year’s report also serves as a promise and unwavering commitment to the World Economic Forum, the Global Shapers Community, our partners and friends, and of course, to ourselves. A promise that we will restlessly continue to expand and leverage our programs as well as stay true to our mission to reshape Greece for a better tomorrow. Respectfully, Panagiotis Madamopoulos-Moraris We deeply value mission alignment and this is evident in the numerous organizations and initiatives that we have invited under our umbrella with the belief that collaboration can not only strengthen our groups, but can take us further than ever before. Our inclusive strategy resulted in unprecedented community and enterprise engagement levels, making ReGeneration the first and to date the most impactful youth NGO-mutli-stakeholder initiative in Greece. The initiative has grown into a role-model project for the Shapers Community and a new industry benchmark for corporate-youth NGO partnerships.

4. 4 The Hub serves as a link between the World Economic Forum, leading companies, NGOs and eminent personalities under 30. It seeks to be the ‘glue’ that unites the so-called “golden triangle”, businesses, the civil society and governments as well as the ‘grease’ to set those gears in motion necessary so that tasks are accomplished. In Greece, the focus has been on social impact in connection with issues such as youth unemployment and brain-drain, entrepreneurship, social inclusion, economic growth and volunteerism. To achieve this impact, in 2014 the Hub has focused on 2 main initiatives, ReGeneration and W.A.V.E., while it also has participated in other engagements such as the Global Management Challenge and TEDx Athens. A few words about the Global Shapers Community and the Athens Hub A family of young leaders from all walks of life, the Global Shapers Community, is collectively engaged in concrete activities with the goal of making this world a better place starting with their own local communities. In doing so, the Global Shapers Community is currently organized in 354 Hubs based in cities across 157 countries around the globe. Its several thousand members - young leaders in their 20s and early 30s - are diverse in gender, religion, ethnicity, nationality, expertise, and experience and are united by a shared passion. The Global Shapers Athens Hub was established in 2011 during a period of great strife for Greece and amidst one of the gravest financial crisis that Europe has faced in the last century. It envisions becoming one of the most relevant and impactful international NGOs for young people in Greece and one of the most effective Global Shapers Hubs globally.

5. Launched in May 2014, the ReGeneration initiative is designed to address the evolving shortage of talent, skills gap and the rising unemployment affecting young people in Greece. Project 1: ReGeneration 5

6. 6 Key issue #1: Grim statistics regarding unemployment and brain drain Unemployment at 27.3% (April 2014) (April 2014~640,000 youngsters) at 56.3% Unemployment in young adults Unemployment has increased in a period of 5 years by 5% Brain drain and emigration and possible immigration of Source: Endeavor Study “Creating Jobs for Youth in Greece”, available here

7. 7 Key issue #2: The skills gap The unemployment data is only quantitative and does not speak to the fact that young individuals need solid practical skills that can be gained onsite, while other unemployed individuals must re-skill themselves to become relevant once again so as to re-enter the job market. If this trend continues, by 2020 there will be a talent deficit in the country. Source:: Oxford Economics

8. ReGeneration seeks to bridge the gap between young people who wish to learn, develop, take risks and make their mark in society…and companies which have a hard time finding in today’s graduates the skills they think are necessary for their staff. 8 The role of ReGeneration At the same time, this structured effort comes to undermine the perceptions currently prevailing in the business world, by creating a “community” of leading multinationals and Greek companies, rising business units, public bodies, academic institutions and non-profit organizations that unite forces to create a single internship program which provides all participants not only with knowledge and skills but also with a unique life experience!

9. Participation in ReGeneration is open to young graduates of Greek and foreign tertiary educational establishments (Universities/Technological Education Institutions/Colleges) in all fields of knowledge, with or without a title of (post)graduate studies and with no or limited work experience. The ReGeneration Initiative at a glance Conditions/eligibility 9

10. The ReGeneration Initiative at a glance Initiative offerings ReGeneration is a six-month internship program offering an all-around work experience, substantial training by certified trainers and plenty of opportunities for self-improvement and personal development. The program includes: full-time paid internship in successful corporations operating in the Greek job market hours of training during the period of the corporate placement hours of soft skills training: Skills and techniques, self-branding hours of community work in NGOs hours of business fundamentals training: IT, marketing, sales, etc. 60 40 + Participation in a 3-month team project (3rd-6th month of the corporate placement) Leadership conversations Seminars by subject matter experts Personal and professional development support 10

11. The ReGeneration Initiative at a glance Selection process The selection procedure lasts 2 months in total and takes place in 4 stages. Application submission on CV upload accompanied by a short video/essay on leadership skills Online Ability and Personality tests The tests last for 2–2,5 hours Boot Camp: case study, Live presentation and Panel interview Interviews at companies for cultural fit. There is no limit to the number of interviews that each candidate gives. 11

12. The ReGeneration Initiative at a glance Time-frame 29 May 7 July 17&18 July 1st day of applications submission Last day of test completion Boot camp & test report to candidates August Culture-fit interviews at companies September Training 1st October Start of internship 12 31 Kick-off

13. First results have exceeded ALL expectations 2,800 applications 16 job families 58 positions 21 hiring companies 13

14. 14 7 6 3 4 1 6 4 1 5 1 1 3 3 2 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 3 An impressive roster of Greek and multinational companies WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM PARTNERS

15. A true case study for pro-bono partner engagement 2 key sponsors 23 partners 120 volunteers over 6,000 hours of work 15 670k euros worth of pro-bono services over +

16. ReGeneration Kick-off Event, May 2014 16 Maria-Tzina Leria Program Manager Extended Team: Global Shapers, Sponsors, Partners, Advisory Board 50 companies attended Stefania Panousi Incoming Curator

17. Kick-off generated media coverage of over 125K euros 17 CSR WEEK ETHNOS ANT1 NEWS EPIXEIRO.GR FORTUNEGREECE.COM NEWS247.GR BUSINESS TODAY PROTAGON.GR Indicative examples

18. Project 2: W.A.V.E Launched in summer 2013, this project embraces the concept of volunteerism via social networking and has already gained 3rd place at the local Microsoft’s Global Imagine Cup Competition. 18

19. Project 2: W.A.V.E The Hub’s members and the project’s initial creators believe that this project is scalable; users worldwide have the opportunity either to create an event concerning an act of volunteerism or participate in one. By employing the Hub’s very own resources–its human capital–and after securing the necessary funds, the Hub will be able to not only foster the project until its full realization and its completion, accelerating its growth, but also ensuring it is maintained properly thereafter. Already several members have contributed their invaluable knowledge thrusting the project forward. This is the start of a ‘socially responsible network’. 19

20. Project 2: W.A.V.E W.A.V.E. creates a formal marketplace between volunteers, volunteer organizations and common good initiatives that are in need of volunteer work. Gradually, with this brand name, W.A.V.E. will develop its own glossary (e.g. “Wave it!” will mean “start a new campaign/a new volunteerism initiative”). The architects of this software are four students, who designed it during the competition so that it would be compatible with Windows 8. Currently, W.A.V.E. is transitioning from the website phase into the mobile phase. 20

21. Main stakeholders The intention of W.A.V.E. is to simplify the lives of all stakeholders and encourage best practice sharing in terms of operations. Volunteers Finding initiatives, ranking priorities, finding where one’s capabilities are put to use in the most productive way possible. Volunteer organizations Managing the human force, monitoring and honoring high achievers, measuring the impact of the members. Causes in need of volunteers Generating awareness to potential volunteers, picking the right individuals, honoring the individuals, managing communication with the members. Sponsors Referring to entities that support initiatives as part of their CSR or citizenship mandates. They identify worthy causes and measure the impact of the resources that they are pledging towards this. 21

22. The Hub’s contribution Help identify volunteer groups that may benefit from the use of such tools and drive the adoption of the W.A.V.E. toolkit Alteration of the brand and communication strategy Drive the adoption of the tools by other Shaper Hubs Shape a mobile & cross-platform strategy to bring the project beyond the confines of the originally chosen platform 22 1 2 4 3 5 Provide guidance on the development of the product from a technology point of view by providing insights on key technological decisions Identify pilot projects that will work with W.A.V.E. to define the minimum feature set that is necessary for the wider adoption of the toolkit

23. 23 Participation in the selection committee and mentorship module Other Engagement 1: Global Management Challenge Shapers Harry Ioannou, Andrea Solomonides and Konstantina Zoehrer talking about unconventional career paths Award Ceremony Shaper Fanis Koutouvelis, presenting an award

24. 24 Global Shapers Athens Hub and TEDx Athens jointly invited Ozlem Denizmen (World Economic Forum Young Global Leader) to engage audiences around the theme of Womens’ Empowerment. Other Engagement 2: Joining hands with TEDx Athens

25. Shapers profiles Panagiotis Madamopoulos-Moraris Outgoing Curator Dimitra has studied Business and Technology Management in Vesalius College (sister university of Vrije Universitat de Brussels) and Finance with a specialization in Hedge Funds and Private Equity at the International University of Monaco. She has worked in the financial domain at an investment fund that specialized in shipping and equity analysis. Additionally, she has worked in operations at an internationally renown hair transplant/implant clinic called DHI. Dimitra has been exposed to various other areas, such as taxes, entrepreneurialism in retail, and the European Parliament. Dimitra Andrianakou ReGeneration Stefania Panousi Incoming Curator Dimitris is a web entrepreneur and technology enthusiast. He studied Mechanical Engineering at UCL and while in university launched, a website aiming to keep students up-to-date on their university life. Since returning to Greece he has been working on, a platform that aims to keep like-minded people connected and enable them to share stories and converse around their common passions. Dimitrios Coustas ReGeneration 25 Panagiotis Madamopoulos-Moraris holds a LLB (Hons) from the Thrace Law School, Democritus University and a LLM from the University of Pennsylvania Law School. He is a Board Member and Executive Group Strategy Director at Agora Group of Companies. Panagiotis spearheads and oversees execution of the company's key priorities and initiatives regarding international expansion; he also leads business, licensee, joint ventures and real estate development for EMEA and GCC markets, as well as builds strategic partnerships between the company and the many communities it serves, including the travel and retail industries, governments, universities and media. He is a former Judge Advocate General (JAG), Hellenic Marine Corps, and a member of the Athens Bar Association. He is currently serving on and the Global Shapers Advisory Council on Partnerships. Stefania Panousi is a chemical engineer by training. She graduated from the National Technical University of Athens and holds a master’s degree in Environmental Management from Yale University. She currently works as a Strategy Analyst for Accenture in Athens. Her prior experience includes work as an advisor in the Permanent Mission of Greece to the United Nations in New York and as a researcher in the Yale Center for Industrial Ecology where she was involved in one of Yale’s largest and most extensive research projects related to metals and minerals’ criticality. Stefania has also worked as an engineer in the renewable energy field and as an intern in the Greek Ministry of Environment, Energy, and Climate Change.

26. Dimitris Kalavros-Gousiou ReGeneration/W.A.V.E. Georgios Diamantopoulos Shapers profiles 26 Georgios received his Ph.D. degree in 2010 from the University of Birmingham (UK), where he developed a novel method for eye-feature extraction and tracking for non-visual eye-movements. During his time as a Ph.D. student he was also awarded with the Kauffman Global Scholar scholarship which immersed a total of sixteen students with science background to a six-month crash course in entrepreneurship. Since then, he led the development at Mobile Green, a Nebraska-based start-up that gives patients access to their own health insurance information through SMS. He recently joined the Innovation Accelerator team to lead the development of its web platform. As a spare-time project, Georgios recently established CodeForGreece; a voluntary effort to upscale the minds and practices of young developers in Greece and apply their skills to helping Greece. Dimitris G. "DKG" Kalavros-Gousiou is a 26-year-old web-impact entrepreneur and tech maverick. He is best known as the Founder and Curator of TEDxAthens and Co-Founder of digital content house Nest Media. As of March 2013, Dimitris also serves as a of Found.ation, a technology hub and educational platform in Athens, Greece. From 2011 to 2013, Dimitris served as a Referrer for pre-seed investment firm HackFwD, leading its pipeline from Greece and Southeast Europe. DKG holds a Law degree from the University of Kent at Canterbury and an LLM (Master of Laws) in Computer and Communications Law from the Queen Mary University of London. Efstathios Karkantonis ReGeneration Efstathios was born and raised in North West Greece in a business family of entrepreneurs that gave him his first experience in business management and work ethics. He holds an M.Sc. in International Business and Entrepreneurship from Adam Smith Business School of the University of Glasgow. In parallel with his studies he worked in various market research and management consulting projects in the Biotech and IT industries. Currently he is actively involved in the family business and supports as external consultant start-up companies while working on the design and implementation of investment strategies in the non-profit and education industries. Researching opportunities and threats within weak rural areas and proposing and implementing social innovative actions are also parts of his expertise. He is interested in supporting cross-cultural entrepreneurship and developing cross-border collaborations. Michalis Gkontas ReGeneration/W.A.V.E. Michalis is a recent graduate of the Global Entrepreneurship Program at Babson College. He has lived, worked and studied in 6 different countries (Greece, Austria, France, UK, USA, China) and is passionate about Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Collaborative Consumption. Determined to follow the entrepreneurial path at a very young age, Michalis decided to launch, the first peer to peer marketplace for homemade food.

27. Sophie Katsigiannis W.A.V.E. Shapers profiles George is a technology enthusiast and software engineer. He has worked in a number of technology-related activities, ranging from computer repairs to software architect. Still as a student, he applied his bachelor thesis into a startup pursuing data feed transformation and failed. At the same time, he adopted and organized the Open Coffee meetings in Thessaloniki, forming a common ground for the entrepreneurial and technology communities there. In 2009, he co-founded the Openfund and now serves as Partner. He focuses on technological due diligence and legal operations, while serving in a number of boards of Openfund portfolio companies. He is interested in promoting entrepreneurship globally, through resolving access to capital constraints that young entrepreneurs face and also adjusting public policy to encourage early stage growth. He holds a BSc in Computer Science from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. George Kasselakis ReGeneration / W.A.V.E. Fanis studied Computer Engineering in University of Thessaly from where he dropped-out at the final year of attendance to start his first venture in the ICT sector. Since then he is dedicated to his company and aims to change the way that brands communicate and interact with the retail stores and the end consumers. For his entrepreneurial activity he has won the 1st "i-bank Innovation & Technology" award for 2012, held by National Bank of Greece and the 1st "E-nnovation" award for 2011, held by Athens University of Economics and Business. He also is invited lecturer at University of Thessaly in the context of "Entrepreneurship" course. Fanis Koutouvelis ReGeneration 27 Sophie Katsigiannis holds a diploma in French language and literature from the University of Athens and a bachelors degree in Law from the University Paris 13 Sorbonne-Nord. Moreover, she has completed a Masters of Science in European Public Law from the same University and in Comparative Public Law from the University of Paris 2 Pantheon Assas. Currently she graduates a Masters Program in Tax Law and Law of Tourism from the University of Paris 1 La Sorbonne and working as lawyer in Greece and France. She has also been elected as municipal councilor in the Municipality of Dionysos, Athens, Greece where she was responsible for voluntarism and youth. Innovation Coordinator and Lecturer, Athens Information Technology. D.Phil. Candidate in International Relations (International Political Economy), St. Antony's College, University of Oxford. Member of the Political Office, Greek Socialist Party (PASOK). Former Chairman, Greece's Institute for Youth. Kyriakos Pierrakakis

28. Cathrine graduated from Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh in 2006 with the degree of BA in the subject of Mass Communication and Media Arts. Throughout the years she has worked in several companies collecting experience in the fields of journalism, event planning and public relations. Her main subjects of interest include information technology, communications, entrepreneurship and corporate social responsibility. She has taken active part in philanthropic activities and has helped raise funds for children facing social issues. She works at the Stelios Hajiioannou Philanthropic Foundation and easyGroup as a Marketing and PR coordinator. Cathrine Villioti ReGeneration Shapers profiles Konstantina Zoehrer W.A.V.E. 28 Andrea Solomonides graduated from the University of Athens and majored in Music Science. Then she had her M.B.A. from IUKB Swiss in Knowledge and Campaign Management. She is now the co-founder of a Communication Agency (Cubik-S) and the founder of a Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship Consultancy (Incubo Strategies). She is also co-founder of Cypriot Enterprise Link, a network for young entrepreneurs in Cyprus, member of the start-up community in Athens and many other networks for entrepreneurial and social issues. In the past she has been a young MP for the Greek Youth Parliament and Vice-Chairwoman and Honorary chairwoman of European Democrat Students (Student organization of European People's Party). Andrea Solomonides ReGeneration Konstantina Zoehrer holds a Bachelor degree in Political Science and History. She cofounded a number of entrepreneurial and social initiatives. In 2013, she co-founded 180 Moires (180º), a social venture that designs tools and solutions to social problems, aiming to transform employment and developing the social entrepreneurship ecosystem. Currently, Konstantina is involved with the set up of a Social Finance Tool for the development of social enterprises within the framework of Social Finance Enterprise of the European Commission. Her special interests are public policy and social entrepreneurship development. She is a member of the Global Shapers Advisory Council of Community Architecture.

29. Freshmen class 2014 - 2015 Eleni Karakitsiou Konstantinos is a graduate of London School of Economics and Political Science (MSc. Managerial Economics and Strategy) and Athens University of Economics and Business (Bachelor in Business Administration). He is now Chief Wholesale and Business Development Officer in his family business, Toi&Moi, and Board Member in the Hellenic Clothing Industry Association. Konstantinos is passionate about management innovation, collective intelligence and the future of retail. Konstantinos Ch. Papazafeiropoulos Xenia was born in Chios in 1991. She joined the Department of Management Science & Technology in 2009 and graduated in 2013. In the meantime she has been an active member of AIESEC, an international student-run organization that aims to develop young people’s leadership potential, in the roles of VP HR and Finance Manager. Also, she was the leader of Startup Live Athens #3 team in 2013. Since August 2013, she has been working for the Marketing of Cheetos Snacks, in PepsiCo–Tasty Foods. She joined the Global Shapers Athens Hub in August 2013. Xenia Mastropetrou 29 Eleni is a political scientist and sociology researcher with a focus on international development, poverty and social inclusion, social entrepreneurship and migration issues. She holds a Bachelor’s degree International and European Studies from the University of Piraeus and a M.Sc. in International Development Studies from the University of Amsterdam. She has previously worked for the Journal for Near Eastern and Balkan Studies, the Center for Global Politics in Freie University of Berlin and the Permanent Mission of Greece to the United Nations in New York. She also has also worked as a researcher in Western Kenya for the University of Amsterdam and CABE (Center for Africa Bio-Entrepreneurship) with a focus on microfinance, entrepreneurship and empowerment of rural populations. She is currently working for an EEA Grants program called “We are all citizens” in the Bodossaki Foundation and also collaborating with Navanti Group as a specialized researcher. Finally, she is a volunteer at the Greek Council for Refugees as Greek language teacher for immigrants and asylum seekers.

30. Associate shapers Charalampos Ioannou is 19-year-old undergraduate student. After his graduation from high school in 2013, he is currently studying Electrical and Software Engineering at National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). During the year 2012 he won at the European Union's completion for young scientists, "The Best Engineering entry" and in 2013, he was one of the 5 global finalists at Google's global science competition, called "Google Science Fair" with an invention of a movement enhancing glove. He was also speaker at both TEDx Athens 2012 and 2013. He is passionate about inventions and creative science projects. Presently he is developing software for both internet and mobile applications with a more focused interest on Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence. Though his projects tries to find new ways for technology to solve real problems, in the most effective and expandable ways. Charalampos Ioannou Maria-Aikaterini Margioukla 30 Maria-Aikaterini is a business analyst in Accenture Management Consulting. She has experience in transformation, strategy and change management projects across different industries. Prior to this, she has done various internships in the financial services sector in companies including Allianz S.A., Eurobank S.A and Frontier Economics Ltd. She holds a B.Sc. in Economics (Distinction) from the Athens University of Economics and Business and a Master in Finance and Economics from Warwick Business School (WBS) in the UK. She received “the Warwick University Scholarship for academic excellence”. She has participated in various volunteering programs, including “The Special Olympics in Athens” (2011). She is a fluent speaker in English and French. Her main interests are travelling, jogging and contemporary art. ReGeneration Maria – Tzina Leria Project Manager Tzina graduated from the University of Macedonia and she holds a master’s degree in Environmental Policy and Sustainable Business from the University of Pennsylvania. Her field of expertise is environmental policy, water resources management, sustainable development, and climate change. After travelling extensively and gaining international experience, her passion to contribute to the revival of Greece’s economy and society, led her back to Greece in order to support ReGeneration. She is currently the Project Manager of this Global Shapers Athens Hub initiative, while she continues her research on water recycling and reuse in collaboration with GE Power & Water. Committed to improving social and environmental well-being, she was selected by the US State Department to represent the US student community by giving a speech on sustainable development at the Rio+20, United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development. Besides, she cooperated with the Brazilian team of GE Power & Water for drafting the company’s White Paper on water recycling and reuse in Brazil.

31. Advisory Board Two years ago, I took the initiative to establish the Global Shapers Athens hub in Greece, with the strong belief that bringing together talent of young people in Greece and the international experience and resources of the participants of the World Economic Forum would lead to a beneficial development in my country. Indeed, after recruiting the first Shapers in Athens, and convening in meetings several times, I am very proud that the current Shapers have succeeded in launching a remarkable project entitled "ReGeneration" that aims to empower young entrepreneurs, combat unemployment and boost innovation. During the last year, I have participated in several meetings with the Global Shapers in Athens, Geneva and New York, I have introduced Global Shapers Athens Hub in other fora of Young Leaders, such as the "40 Under 40“- top 40 European Leaders under the age of 40. I have met with other participants of the World Economic Forum in order to better coordinate the joint efforts to build the ReGeneration project. In addition, I have met with other Global Shapers hubs worldwide on the occasion of business trips in various countries. The most recent meetings took place in Washington, D.C. and Istanbul. Dr. Dionysia-Theodora Avgerinopoulou, Member of Parliament, was elected in 2012 at the Ilia Prefecture Constituency, with the New Democracy Party, Greece, after having served as an MP in the State Constituency since 2009. She is one of the youngest members of the Hellenic Parliament. She currently chairs the Permanent Committee of Defence and Foreign Affairs of the Hellenic Parliament, and was a Chairperson of the Special Permanent Parliamentary Committee on Environmental Protection and of the Subcommittee on Watercourses (2012-2014). Dr. Dionysia-Theodora Avgerinopoulou Founding Curator, World Economic Forum Young Global Leader In 2014 she was elected President of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) Committee on UN Affairs, while since 2012 she holds the presidency of the Circle of Mediterranean Parliamentarians for Sustainable Development (COMPSUD). She is the recipient of numerous international awards for her environmental and humanitarian work, including the “Green Star” Award by UNEP/OCHA/Green Cross International. She participates in the “40 under 40” action tank of the EU and the Young Global Leaders of the World Economic Forum. She holds a doctorate degree (J.S.D.) from Columbia Law School. She has published numerous articles and book chapters on environment and sustainability. 31

32. Advisory Board Young people can become the drivers of change in Greece. We all need to support, inspire and motivate them. Global Shapers Athens Hub covers this need perfectly and gives the opportunity to large companies and institutions to have access to youth and support them. ReGeneration is a great example of this effort. This program, launched earlier this year, offers a great opportunity to young people to work for large and successful corporations and gain valuable experience and on the job training. As a hub, we have worked hard to bring on board great companies and attract the interest of very promising Greek youth. Greece needs to empower the young generation and help young people unleash their potential and take the wheel for a better future! After 12 years in the investment banking and asset management divisions at Deutsche Bank, in 2007, Mareva Grabowski founded MG Capital Advisors S.A., an independent advisory firm which focuses on deal origination and private equity. In 2012, Mareva co-founded Zeus and Dione. Z+Δ is a exquisite capsule collection of handmade lifestyle items, based on the idea of reviving the Greek heritage and craftsmanship in a contemporary way. Zeus and Dione brand is a collection of handmade, high quality products based on refined craftsmanship. Different entities such as manufacturers, small workshops, artists and designers from all over the country translate the rich Hellenic heritage into fashion and lifestyle items. Mareva Grabowski Founder & Vice Chairwoman of Endeavor Greece In September 2012, Mareva founded Endeavor Greece and became Vice Chairwoman of the Board of Endeavor Greece. ENDEAVOR is a non profit organization , aiming at identifying and supporting the top local entrepreneurs that will help transform the Greek economy and establish a new era of hope, optimism and sustainable economic growth. Mareva holds a BA in Political Science and History from Boston College, a MIA from Columbia University and a MBA from Harvard Business School. She is also a member of the Asia Pacific Acquisitions Committee at the TATE Modern, a member of the Board of Trustees of the Athens Biennale and a member of the Contemporary Art Support Committee of the Museum of Cycladic Art. 32

33. Advisory Board I officially got engaged with the Hub earlier this year, having been present to some early discussions regarding the ReGeneration project a couple of months ago. Under my capacity as The Hellenic Initiative's Program Director, I saw a great opportunity to really be part of something that can help shape Greece's future, in a very tangible way. Creating jobs and investing on the human capital of Greece are two of the most important sectors THI is looking to focus. Over this period I had a very constructive relation with the Hub trying to help in designing the program's details, as well as mobilizing resources from Greece and abroad. The result outperformed even the most optimistic scenarios and we are all proud of what has been achieved so far. For me it was a self rewarding experience that it is very difficult to find elsewhere. I hope I can be of some help to the future plans of the Hub and be able to guide this vibrant community of exceptional young leaders towards a much better future. After all....they deserve it! Michael Printzos shares over 10 years of hands-on experience in the commercialization of R&D results, having worked with a number of companies and organizations in the USA, UK, Germany, Singapore and Greece. Currently he is the Program Director of The Hellenic Initiative focusing among others on the promotion of entrepreneurship in Greece. In the past, he has been a trainer and invited speaker in conferences regarding innovation management and incubation. He is the co-founder of two start-ups, one focusing on the renewable energy sector based in Athens and the other one, a medical imaging software company, based in Oxford. Michael Printzos The Hellenic Initiative Program Director Michael is also a committee member of the Hellenic-American Chamber of Commerce (Innovation-Education-Entrepreneurship Committee) working towards the setup of the right entrepreneurial ecosystem and the adaptation of best practices and policies. He is a holder of a Masters degree (Engineering Science) from Oxford University (UK). 33

34. Advisory Board Coca-Cola’s collaboration with the Global Shapers Athens hub for the past year has helped us recognize even more the urgency for businesses to join forces with the Millenials and to foster their creativity and drive to make change for the social good. Through our partnership, we launched the ReGeneration Program, which aims to create a new internship culture amongst employers and young graduates in Greece, offering meaningful six-month paid internships, including extensive training and community work. We are proud to have rallied 120 volunteers who offered pro bono services worth over 670,000€ and 21 companies that offered 58 positions. Our vision aspires to 2,000 positions in the next four years. Our involvement in the ReGeneration program has inspired also our own people to become more engaged in social entrepreneurship initiatives and to recognize that the global context, communitarianism, entrepreneurial spirit and optimism of young ‘changemakers’ are critical to our future prosperity. Nikos Koumettis President, Central & Southern Europe Business Unit, The Coca-Cola Company Nikos Koumettis is the President of the Central & Southern Europe Business Unit of The Coca-Cola Company, based in Athens, as of 2011. Prior to that, he has successfully led, as President, Coca-Cola Ltd (based in Toronto Canada, 2008–2011) and The Coca-Cola Company’s Adriatic and Balkans Business Unit (based in Bucharest Romania, 2003-2008). Nikos has a strong track record of driving growth in the business units he has led by focusing on business fundamentals, instilling a winning culture, increasing corporate reputation and driving employee engagement. Nikos joined The Coca-Cola Company in 2001, as Southeast Mediterranean Region General Manager with responsibilities for Greece and Cyprus. Prior to joining the Company, he served in marketing roles with Kraft Jacobs Suchard, sales and distribution roles with a large Greek distribution company, Elgeka, and in commercial and logistics functions for Papastratos S. A./Phillip Morris, the biggest tobacco company in Greece. Nikos was Chairman of the Board of Directors for Refreshments Canada (Canadian Beverage Association). He was also a member of the Advisory Board of Canada Goose, and is a Trustee of the Board of the American College of Greece (Deree). He is a member of the Advisory Board of Global Shapers Athens Hub and also a founding member and mentor of the Rising Stars Program, a platform that seeks to promote entrepreneurship by linking Talent, Technology & Innovation. He taught International Marketing&Sales Management at Deree College in Greece (1989-2000) and Principles of Marketing at Panteion University (1992-2000). He has shared his experience and perspectives on Leadership in a series of lectures to Harvard Graduates. Nikos holds a Master of Science degree in International Marketing from Strathclyde Business School, and a B.Sc. in Business Administration from the American College of Greece. 34


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