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Information about Global Service Jam, Barcelona Info for Jammers
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Published on March 7, 2014

Author: claropartners


  Barcelona  Service  JAM     -­‐  JAMMER  INFO  -­‐                                               48  hours  of  innovation  and  collaboration     by  experimenting,  prototyping,  learning,  doing  and  making     Part  of  Global  Service  Jam,  jamming  with  100+  cities  around   the  world!                    

Overview     Welcome,  Jammer!     We’ve  said  it  before,  and  we’ll  say  it  again  because  it’s  true:  We’re  so  excited  to  be  jamming   with   you   this   year   at   Barcelonan   Service   Jam!   This   info   packet   has   some   important   info   about  the  event.  Please  take  a  look,  and  let  us  know  if  you  have  any  questions.     48  Hour  Overview         Friday  (6.30pm  -­‐  10pm)   • Welcome,  Introduction,  Get  to  know   • Brainstorm  ideas  &  form  teams   • Define  a  user     Saturday:  (9am  -­‐  2pm)   • Go  out:  Teams  do  quick  mock-­‐ups  of  their  ideas,  go  out  and  identify  user  needs   • Narrow  down  the  concepts:  Capture  insights  and  observations  in  tangible  ways.   Ideation,  mapping  and  prototyping.   Saturday  (3pm  -­‐  8pm)   • Teams  improve  their  prototypes  and  test  them    going  out  and  asking  real  users   • Start  creating  an  initial  business  model.  Reflect  the  service  touchpoints  with  users     Sunday  (9am  –  2pm)   • Teams  will  keep  iterating  and  refining  their  prototypes     Sunday  (2pm  -­‐  3  pm)     • Uploading  Materials  on  PlanetJam   Sunday  (3.30pm  –  5pm)   • Show  &  Tell  session  of  each  team’s  prototype   • Congratulations  and  Goodby  

Jam  Tips   • Wear  comfortable  clothes   • Be  ready  to  try  new  things   • Have  an  open  mind   • Start  fresh;  don’t  come  with  an  agenda  or  idea  already  thought  out   • Don’t  worry  about  not  having  the  right  skills,  anyone  can  do  this   • Stop  talking,  start  doing   • HAVE  FUN!!!!  (Whenever  you’re  stuck,  just  pick  the  idea  that  seems  the  most  fun  and  go   with  it!)   Jam  “Rules”     • Collaborate  with  new  people   If  you  come  to  the  Jam  with  a  co-­‐worker  or  friend,  we  ask  that  you  join  different  teams  in   the  spirit  of  collaborating  with  new  people.       • Be  on  time   Pretty  please,  with  a  cherry  on  top.       • Use  your  own  tools   If  you  need  certain  software,  make  sure  you  have  it  on  your  computer.  Contribute  to  the   prototyping  tools  supply  pool  if  you  can.       • Sign  up  on  Planet  Jam   During   the   Jam,   all   participants   need   to   sign   up   to   the   Planet   Jam   website   and   add   themselves,   their   team,   and   their   project   to   the   project   database.   We’ll   give   you   directions  on-­‐site.       • DO  NOT  USE  COPYRIGHTED  MATERIAL   All  projects  are  published  under  Creative  Commons  Licence.  Please  respect  the  copyright   on   any   images,   films,   logos,   and   especially   music,   that   you   use   for   your   uploaded   prototypes.       Seriously,  if  in  doubt  don’t  use  it!   What  material  is  “safe”  to  use?   • Material  published  as  “public  domain”   • Material  published  under  an  appropriate  “Creative  Commons”  license   • Material  which  you  buy  online,  and  where  you  buy  a  license  to  use  it   • Material  you  make  yourself                

What  to  Bring   Should  bring  (i.e.,  Jam  necessities)   •      Laptop,  tablet,  phone,  flash  drive...basically  all  your  digital  gadgetry   •      Cords,  cables  and  dongles  for  said  gadgetry   •      Camera  for  photos,  video  recording   •      Pens,  sketch  book   •      Business  cards       Good  to  bring  (i.e.,  useful  for  prototyping)  Please  bring  these  on  Saturday!   •      Old  magazines  and  newspapers   •      Legos,  Play-­‐Doh,  make  great  tools  for  prototyping   •      Hats,  glasses,  wigs,  clothes,  and  everyday  items...also  great  tools  for  prototyping   •      Aluminum  foil,  plastic  wrap   •      Popsicle  sticks   •      Cardboard  boxes,  box  cutter   •      Markers,  pens,  crayons...(things  for  sketching  and  drawing)   •      Containers  of  all  shapes  and  sizes,  any  material   •      Velcro,  tape,  glue  guns,  wire,  tie  wraps,  safety  pins...(things  for  attaching  parts)   •      Whatever  you  can  think  of  -­‐  be  CREATIVE     We’ll  provide  (but  feel  free  to  contribute!)   •      Water,  Beer,  Fruits  and  Nuts  throughout  the  Jam   •      NOTE:  You  can  buy  food  at  the  cafeteria  or  in  a  supermarket  close  by  the  venue   •      Post-­‐its,  white  paper,   •      Pens,  markers   •      Glue,  scissors,  box  cutters,  a  variety  of  tape   •      Cardboard                          

Venue   BAU,  University  of  Barcelona  Design  Centre,  Carrer  de  Pujades,  118,  08005  Barcelona.   Phone:  934  15  34  74   Hours:  9:00  a.m.  to  9:00  pm       Contact  Info   General:   Website:   Facebook:   Twitter:  (@GSJ_BCN,  #GSJam)   Email:     Organization  (Claro  Partners)     Mercè     mobile:  622  39  39  39     Sebastian     mobile:  654870942        

Sponsors   The  Jam  wouldn’t  be  possible  without  these  people       Claro Partners   Claro helps corporations and startups navigate disruptive change within the context of society and business to deliver business innovation and service design. We are a “think and do” tank that transforms understanding of people, marketplaces and technology into value. We believe that by focusing on providing a benefit for people, our clients’ businesses will profit. We are based in Barcelona, and work with international clients. For more information visit: You can also like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.   BAU – School of Design Barcelona BAU is one of Barcelona’s largest and most modern designer training centres. The school offers university courses such as the Bachelors Degree in Design (European Higher Education Area), Design Specialisation Courses (BAU Evening Courses) as well as Masters Degrees and Postgraduate Courses, to name but a few. It is located in Barcelona’s new creative heart the 22@ district.       Grupo Damn   The Damm group organisation’s business is based on manufacturing and distributing drinks, mainly beer, for the Spanish market, and providing services. They offer a quality product and always act with the utmost respect for the environment and human safety.       3M España 3M delivers an extensive range of products, technologies and solutions to customers in more than 200 countries and their well-known brands include Scotch®, Post-it®, Scotchgard™, Scotch-Brite®, Filtrete™, Command™, Nexcare™, Vikuiti™ and Scotchprint®. Projegg Projeggt is crowdfunding with expert advice. At Projeggt, brands and individuals can help finance projects (projeggts) in exchange for unique rewards.  

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