Global-scale P2P Networking

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Information about Global-scale P2P Networking

Published on May 15, 2007

Author: TSBAIM


Global-scale P2P Networking:  Global-scale P2P Networking UC Berkeley Two layers of networks:  Two layers of networks Peer to Peer overlay nodes Unmanaged, very large collection of nodes AS domain-level overlay nodes Managed (?) collection of nodes per AS domain Used to short-circuit sub-optimal overlay network routing between AS domains Peer to Peer Nodes:  Peer to Peer Nodes Roughly comparable capabilities Interested in various kinds of links (latency/BW) Abilene, CENIC, Internet to wide-area to DSL/Cable Nodes provide traffic generator function Minimal requirements Need JVM environment 1 to many virtual nodes per physical node Some JNI (MDW's nbio/sandstorm) Storage requirements (100 Mbyte to 1 Gbyte/node) AS-level Overlay Nodes:  AS-level Overlay Nodes 1-2 per domain? More? “Overlay-on-overlay” network between AS domains Better managed/stable Introduction function, primary persistent storage Minimal requirements (more powerful!) More memory/CPU More persistent storage (order 10-100 GBytes/node) High BW network connection (route at wire speed) More than one physical network connection Computational resources Content transcoding, storage mgmt algorithms Crypto hardware? Same execution env as lower-level P2P nodes Application Set:  Application Set OceanStore: Global information storage Multimedia information dissemination Sahara: Telco-type services Chat/IM/Telephony 1-way/2-way broadcast (Bayuex, Scribe) Lightweight data storage (Mnemosyne, Past) Policy-based overlay routing (Brocade) i3: Internet indirection infrastructure Basic comm primitives: multicast, anycast, mobility, service composition Mobile nodes (Mobile Tapestry) PDAs, phones, etc. Some Experiments:  Some Experiments P2P clients Scalability measurements Topology discovery (Latency/BW usage) Introduction mechanisms Supernode election protocols Fault-tolerance Node faults, link faults, P2P lifetimes Data availability/reliability/reachability Load balancing Flash crowds on one or many nodes Rebalancing after faults Mobility Insertion/appearance times Rapidly moving clients (single and groups) Management Issues:  Management Issues Distributed software update/startup Rapid wipe and re-install Millennium rootstock-model? Single floppy (+network access) to recreate Statistics/trace gathering/collection Privacy, legal issues? Distributed debugging? Routing policies BW limits vs peer QoS Minimal resource guarantees? Perhaps there are not a lot of packets of type X floating around, but want P2P-X to start whenever packet arrives?

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