Global Learning and Collaboration - Key ideas and themes

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Information about Global Learning and Collaboration - Key ideas and themes

Published on January 24, 2014

Author: julielindsay



Short workshop at SHORE school Sydney, January 24, 2014

Global Learning and Collaboration Key Ideas and Themes SHORE School January 2014 Julie Lindsay

Julie Lindsay Director Learning Confluence – Flat Connections MA Music, MA Educational Technology Leadership EdD Student, University of Southern Queensland @julielindsay

….my global journey

GLOBAL   Understanding   COLLABORATIVE   Learning   LEADERSHIP   Crea;vity  

Global Understanding You don’t have to leave the country anymore!

We must (and will) take learning global

Why GO GLOBAL? Learning about the world, with the world

The 3 min Conversation How important is it to have a global perspective and understanding? How do we provide that for our students?

Glocalization: Thinking globally acting locally

Cultural  Awareness   þ  Everyone  is  not  just  like  me.   þ  Everyone  is  like  me  in  some  ways.  

HOW  TO  GO  GLOBAL   ‘Going global’ is a mindset rather than a plane ticket  

There  needs  to  be  changes  in  the  learning   paradigm  to  break  out  of  20th  century  linear   modes  that  are  not  conducive  to  solving  the   problems  of  the  world   Yes!        And……….  

The 3 min Conversation What are the changes we need to see in teaching and learning to support global understanding? THREE Words?

Collaborative Learning hQp://  

Collabora/ve  Learning:  Holis/c  and  ‘Flat’   Global  Project  Design   Blended   Learning   Culture  of   sharing   Flipped   Classroom   Inter-­‐ connected     Collabora;ve Connected   Learning   Leadership  for   connected   learning   Project  &   Challenge-­‐ based   ‘Flat’   Learning   Pedagogy   Web  2.0  

Edgar talking about the Flat Classroom as a global village watch?v=LDCzsklCpPU

The  future  of  learning  includes   collabora;on  online  –  how  are  we   suppor;ng  this?  

The 3 min Conversation What is collaboration? What is ‘global’ collaboration? Do you agree with Edgar – ‘flat’ learning makes us a global village?


Connec/on   Taxonomy ©  Vicki  Davis  and  Julie  Lindsay,  ‘FlaQening  Classrooms,  Engaging  Minds’.  Pg  55  

Communica/on   Two types to sustain a global project Tradi/onal   Classroom   Flat     Classroom   Separated  by     Loca;on   Unified  by  the   Internet   Separated  by  Time   Unified  by   asynchronous   communica;on   tools   SYNCHRONOUS and ASYNCHRONOUS

The 3 min Conversation What digital citizenship issues impact connection and collaboration with the world?

Co-created Multimedia Product: Student Video Flat Connections Global Project (formerly the Flat Classroom Project)

Defining the Global Collaborative Classroom A classroom that is: •  connected •  engages with multiple audiences •  engages with diverse resources, and tools •  creates authentic, collaborative learning outcomes

Impact of technology - mobile, ubiquitous, Web 2.0

Global  Youth  Debates:  Deba/ng  into  Ac/on   hQp://   Slovakia   Japan   Singapore   Hong  Kong   USA  

Global Debate "Using plastic water bottles does more harm than good"

The 2 min Conversation “What is an INSPIRING, CHALLENGING, RELEVANT and GLOBAL topic or theme to join classrooms/learners across the world?”

Leadership Creativity

Leadership  for  what?   •  Shared  vision   •  What  should  that  be?   –  Connected  learning   –  Clear  ar;cula;on  of  a  school-­‐wide  pedagogy   •  Issues  of  organisa;onal  culture   •  Didac;c  vs  construc;vist   •  Local  vs  global  –  is  this  either  or?  

Who  makes  decisions  about  the   learning?   How  ofen  do  we  ask  the  students?  

A  New  Paradigm  for  Educa;onal   Leadership   •  Online  learning  communi;es  are  leveling  the   playing  field  to  advantage  learners   •  Leadership  must  address:   –  School  revitaliza;on  in  a  digital  world   –  Teachers  as  providers  of  new  forms  of  leadership   in  schools  and  communi;es   –  Support  of  the  ‘teacherpreneur’  or  ‘outlier’  

What  is  a  Teacherpreneur?   “A  teacher  who  sees  an  opportunity   to  make  a  profitable  learning   experience  for  students  through  the   forging  of  partnerships  with  other   classrooms  with  common  curricular   goals  and  expecta;ons”     FlaQening  Classrooms,   Engaging  Minds:  Move  to   Global  Collabora;on  One  Step   at  a  Time  

What  do  Teacherpreneurs  do?   Teacherpreneurs  take  all  the  best  prac;ces  in   educa;on  and  latest  advances  in  technology  and   use  them  to  blaze  new  trails  in  teaching  and   learning  that  focus  on  connec;on  and   collabora;on.   See  Teacherpreneurs  -­‐    hQp://;  

Teacherpreneur  Leadership   A  teacher  gets  an   idea  for  learning   Fosters  excitement   amongst  other   teachers   A  group  of  teachers   come  together  to   do  something   significant  

Community   builder   Connector   Pedagogy   expert   Innovator   Change   maker   Teacherpreneur   Integrates   new   technologies  

How  do  school  leaders  foster  the     Teacherpreneur  Leader?   •  Encourage  customiza;on  of  learning     •  Support  innova;on  and  encourage   pedagogical  excellence   •  Encourage  an  agile  curriculum     •  New  global  rela;onships  and  solu;on  designs  

The 3 min Conversation How can we design learning experiences that embrace global education and understanding as well as enforce rigor and relevance? Are these the same?

Some  ‘What  if’s’.......?   •  every  school  in  the  western  world  personally  partnered  with  a   school  in  the  third  world?   •  for  one  year  all  fund  raising  went  to  that  school?   •  teachers  from  both  schools  learned  how  to  effec;vely  design   and  implement  and  facilitate  collabora;ve  learning   experiences  to  support  higher  order  thinking?   •  students  and  teachers  connected  through  online  technologies   on  a  weekly,  if  not  daily  basis?   •  together  they  not  only  achieved  beQer  cultural  understanding   and  empathy  and  global  awareness  -­‐  but  actually  created   something  together  that  impacted  the  world  in  a  posi;ve  way?   •  a  classroom  in  Australia  collabora;ng  with  a  school  in  Zambia   solved  the  Australian  cane  toad  problem?  I  believe  this  is   possible  -­‐  we  just  need  to  make  this  happen!  

The 2 min Conversation 1.  Add your own ‘What if……?’ statement 2.  Share with students. 3.  What are the challenges for implementation? 4.  Make it happen this year!

1. Global     Understanding 2. Collabora;ve   Learning   3. Leadership   Crea;vity  

What’s  the  Other  Story?   Theme  for  the   Flat  Connec;ons  Conference   Sydney,  June  2014   Students,  teachers,  leaders  at  the  same  live  event!   hSp://flatconnec/  


Global  Portal     Teacher  Network   Email       TwiQer      flatconnec;    flatconnec;    admin@flatconnec;    @flatconnec;ons  

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