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Published on November 26, 2007

Author: Intersoft



Intersoft is a thriving global IT outsourcing company dedicated to providing flexible offshore Outsourcing software development services, programming and solutions to a diverse international clientele. We are US based Company that offers application software development for banking and financial services, food & beverages, pharmaceuticals and healthcare.

“ “ We build software CORPORATE CORPORATE Profile Intersoft Data Labs specializes in IT solutions and services by providing tailor-made IT applications to its customers worldwide. We help clients achieve their objectives, augment organizational flexibility and enhance business performance. Operating with a process-oriented structure, we are able to deliver technology with maximum operational business and user value. We Resources offer clients a wide range of services with technical expertise in ing varied technology areas like Java, .Net, PHP, etc. Our network and ourc Outs data security conforms to BS7799 standards. Res ourc e Our headquarters is located in Columbia, Maryland with offices in Knowledge New York and London. Intersoft’s offshore development labs are located in Gurgaon and Chennai, India. Quality Founded in 2003, our growth soared to 200 employees in two years. Process The projected rate of growth indicates we will have 370 employees by 2007

BACKGROUND FIRST 18 Months Intersoft launched operations when we J un ’0 5 “Support our took the lead in providing CitiGroup with Butler C A pp” customized IT solutions and services for J un ’0 5 “I ntegrate our M ainframe to their financial business. We faced several J ul ’0 5 “Support our web s ervic es us ing M Q Series ” M ainframe apps ” challenges from major IT giants like Polaris, Feb ’0 5 “Remotely manage our P roc es s C yc le” “Tes t our C A C S I-Flex and Kanbay. Our performance and A pplic ation” steady growth was noticeable in a mere 18 O c t ’0 4 “D evelop thes e web applic ations on .N et” “M anage our P atc h months. Graduall we won several Citi Gradually, D is tribution A ug ’0 4 “D evelop our I nfras truc ture” projects, namely CitiFinancial International, Webs ites and J 2 E E A pps ” CitiGroup Smith Barney & CitiMortgage. “Setup a Remote H elp D es k” Feb ’0 4 “Tes t A L L thenew “C an you? ? H elp s oftware that we develop” build an R&D team “Build a Struts J an ’0 4 “D oc ument Team on J FP ” “C an you? ? H elp us with this applic ation” KM , A udits & M etric s “Redevelop Butler H eadc ount 0 120 on Blaze/J 2 E E ” Jan ‘04 Jul ‘04 Jan ‘05 Jul ‘05 DIRECT CLIENTELE DIRECT CLIENTELE “ Intersoft has expanded its clientele by adding more than 25 clients from various industries including finance, healthcare, supply chain, utility, insurance and office automation. After battling stiff competition from Infosys and Wipro, we landed in the “ account with a leading Food and Beverages company . This project has led to enormous growth and promises to be the next CitiGroup for Intersoft. We consistently add new offshore customers every week. Currently, we are engaged in major IT projects, like ‘4medica‘and ‘InstantDX’. ISVs Finance Integrators Entertainment Pharmaceuticals Utilities Office Auto Insurance

SERVICEOFFERINGS SERVICE OFFERINGS Intersoft has in-depth experience in a Web Development broad spectrum of technologies offering Java , Dot Net , PHP , Cold Fusion comprehensive web-based solutions to Legacy Client / Server global clients. Cobol , C , C++ Data Warehousing and BI Our technology experience includes Oracle , DB2 , BO , Cognos , Crystal Reports languages for web, middle-tier, legacy Testing systems and mainframes. We have been Manual , Automation , Usability , Load , Test Management seamlessly working on concept Consulting implementation like Portals, Business Information Security , Process , Knowledge Management Intelligence and Content Management Systems. “ EXPERIENCED TEAM EXPERIENCED TEAM Employees desire a reasonable salary and benefits package, exciting Intersoft does not believe in producing work and recognition for a job well done. IDL understands the value of a satisfied employee thus we provide incentives to bring the brightest results, but in producing people who minds together to create the most brilliant solutions. deliver outstanding results. Intersoft is a haven for world-class professionals. We “ thrive because our people envision MBA the extraordinary. Jointly, we are pushing the f frontiers of technology to a domain of excellence. PROCESS PROCESS Intersoft's Process Alignment Model: Our SEPG Head Acquires Intersoft starts with its existing QMS Project-level processes and tem Adds value and best practices and then borrows from the client's plates from project teams in compliance with industry processes and templates standards Our Project/Program Managers visit Organization-level processes and onsite and acquire “project-level templates from the client processes and templates” compliance

QUALITY GROUP QUALITY GROUP “ The basic framework of a quality group at Project teams are comprised of billable Intersoft includes SQA, SPEG departments quality control engineers (testers). The People at IDL have to be and a ‘lean QMS’ using a concentrated benchmark tester to developer ratio is pushed from work to leisure. subset from RUP and related tools and 1:5. These QCEs also report to the QC techniques. organization Our exceptional multi- tasking QMS is continuously refined to ensure a To ensure that Quality Assurance broadband buy-in from delivery teams and Processes are in place, key project ability consists of 99% “ customers. Our company has built a stakeholders meet every week with the concentration and 1% reliable mechanism that repeatedly SQA and SEPG groups respectively evolves and improves its QMS: pe perspiration. Hence, we are the best We are forecasting that we will finish defining our Key Project Areas for CMM Level 5 Certification in the second quarter of 2007 KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT The highlights of Intersoft's KM Architectural Framework are: Our Knowledge Management Architectural Framework manages the accounting of knowledge assets. Information gathered or learned from previous experiences, projects, etc, is shared Knowledge Management Group amongst employees or knowledge communities. In the event an employee departs, our clients are KM Center Head, Knowledge Champions, Knowledge Communities assured a smooth and efficient transition. Our Intersoft project experience evolving into company knowledge knowledge communities provide stability of Focus on intrinsic knowledge (not only artifacts) knowledge retention within the company kn Identify and account for knowledge assets The knowledge management and transfer model is Identify at risk assets now an integral part of our project execution Acquire, Share, Create Knowledge process. An auditing team verifies acquired Modify behavior to reflect new knowledge and insights knowledge and introduces tools for retention and Deliver knowledge to customer as a response. system documentation.

INFORMATION SECURITY INFORMATION SECURITY Information security is a prime concern for Intersoft as we store, process and transmit, valuable and sensitive information. Through the implementation of information security processes, we ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability of information assets. Information assets are protected against loss, misuse, disclosures or damage by our Information Systems In Security Policy (ISSP). The policy has been designed in accordance with the ISMS framework for BS7799 certification and CITMP guidelines. It guarantees organization-wide implementation through management support and is documented to ensure information is well protected and in compliance with industry standards. “ “ We connect the dots, gather the experts, leverage our vast experience and bring the people, process and purpose together. We deliver complete solutions.” US Head Office Intersoft Data Labs, Inc., 11245 Dovedale Court, Marriottsville, MD 21104, Tel : +1 443 325 1186 Gurgaon Offshore Labs Chennai Offshore Labs Intersoft Data Labs Pvt. Ltd. Intersoft Data Labs Pvt. Ltd. 4th Floor, 402 Millennium Plaza 578, Shree Park, 1st Floor Tower B, Sector 27 Anna Salai Teynampet, Gurgaon – 122 002, India Chennai – 600 006 ,India Tel : +91 124 4312400 - 409 Tel : +91 44 42649292 - 93 Fax: +91 124 4312410, 4047664 Fax: +91 44 42649294

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