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Published on January 15, 2009

Author: davidgallagher


Global Energy Technologies, Inc. : Global Energy Technologies, Inc. Sustainable Energy Solutions for the World Our Changing World : Our Changing World Slide 3: Our Changing World 20% Green Energy : 20% Green Energy Why is Wind Energy Important? : Why is Wind Energy Important? Supplemental to solar, hydro, geo-thermal, nuclear etc. Spread the risk across multiple clean energy sources. Truly “green” energy source with minimal impact on the environment. Reduce foreign oil dependence. Wind Energy Advantages : Wind Energy Advantages Green energy source. Energy creation over long periods of time. Wind is free and abundant. Excellent resource for remote areas. They can be deployed in various sizes. Multiple land use. Wind Energy Disadvantages : Wind Energy Disadvantages Wind is not constant, so energy output varies. Energy outputs do not respond to on-demand needs. Limited operational wind speed range of 10-30 MPH. Many consider large windmills an eyesore. Noise complaints. Blades and rotor mechanisms stress over time and may require replacement. Large windmills often cost more than $1.50 million. Questionable financial return without tax credits and other subsidies. Servicing large windmills is costly and difficult. Remote systems cannot be serviced in timely manner. Questions : Questions How do we claim the advantages of wind technology and eliminate or mitigate the disadvantages? How do we insure that we’re using the right technology for the specific application? Can wind technology be combined with other technologies to improve the overall efficiency of a more complete energy generation system? Are we utilizing the latest technology and thereby improving our chances of greater efficiency and ROI? Current Windmill Technology : Current Windmill Technology Wind Sail Receptor Technology : Wind Sail Receptor Technology Size Matters : Size Matters World’s Largest Windmill Blade Over 61.5 meters (over 200 feet) long Slide 12: Windmill Efficiency For the three blade design the efficiency curve looks like this: Maximum efficiency: 44% @ 8 meters/sec (18 MPH) Average efficiency: 20% Slide 13: Wind Sail Receptor Efficiency Slide 14: Wind Sail Receptor Efficiency Capital Costs : Capital Costs $1.5 Million or more Decades to recoup investment Economic Sustainability : Economic Sustainability Our Goal – Create an economically sustainable model. Component modularity System flexibility GET’s technology does NOT rely on external subsidies for economic viability or profitability. In the meantime – added profitability X Not Competitive Built to Last? : Built to Last? Standard industry maintenance set-aside: 1.5 to 2 cents per kw/h additional cost Our maintenance set-aside: .5 cents per kw/h Smaller form factor = less maintenance Addressing the Issues : Addressing the Issues CONSTANT energy production Energy production in calm conditions Continued energy production during maintenance and service Energy Storage is KEY Energy Storage Scenario : Energy Storage Scenario Value Model : Value Model Combined energy systems are currently available. Wind-Only systems can be retrofitted to utilize hydrolysis technology. Complete Energy Generation System for same cost as a stand-alone wind farm. More Energy Constant Energy output 24/7 and under all wind conditions Lower capital costs Very low maintenance costs Higher Profits Greater Savings Thank You : Thank You All rights reserved. Copyright © 2008 Global Energy Solutions, Inc. Contacts Kent Harmon – CEO/Pres (801) 362-0466 Carl Hardman – VP Construction (435) 703-3953 Vaun Bethers, P.E. – VP Engineering (435) 703-1747 David Gallagher – Dir. Marketing (801) 735-3498

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