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Published on November 23, 2009

Author: cathyamcd



Global Connections: Crossing the Language Barrier: How Two Schools on Two Continents Collaborate - PowerPoint used at Illinois Education and Technology Conference, November 20, 2009. at workshop.


Corrections to Websites Page Under Educational Global Travel Opportunities – remove first website Add Cathy’s & Tyrone’s professional blog -

Global Connections

Teacher: Tyrone Santiago Escola Parque Teacher: Cathy McDonald Lovejoy Technology Academy

Escola ParqueSalvador, Bahia, Brazil

Lovejoy Technology AcademyLovejoy, Illinois

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How We Communicate SKYPE - using webcam Blogspot - responding through blogs to questions Orkut - a social site where we upload pictures, projects, videos to share


ESCOLA PARQUE O Centro Educacional Carneiro Ribeiro é composto por 5 Escolas Classe e a Escola Parque. Os nossos alunos têm uma educação de tempo integral.Eles assistem a aulas regulares em um turno;no outro, vão para a Escola Parque. Na Parque, eles assistem a aulas práticas, ligadas a artesanato, artes, esportes, tecnologia, etc. A Parque tem cerca de 4 mil alunos! Este centro foi fundado em 1950 por Anísio Teixeira cujas idéias foram muito influenciadas pelo filósofo e educador americano John Dewey. Congratulations America for having elected Obama your next President. Mankind hopes all of us have better days on Earth! God bless us all!

E-mail I have cried a lot since I saw your celebration of Obama's victory at your school! And I am also proud of our job together. I would say to you that it is the most special moment in my professional life! Everything has been special to me: the usage of technology; ethnical problems regarding our audience. The comparison of the goals black people reached in the US and how black people here live. Our public system of education doesn't allow black people to go to college because public education is not that good; but let’s see if Obama's reference changes things here in Brazil! Anyway, I have been very happy at the same time! Tell your students not only the United States have lived a special moment in their lives but also the whole mankind with Obama's election!

SKYPE CHAT - 05 NOV 08 Brazil: i am very happy. Lovejoy: why are you so happy Brazil: due to Obama’s election. It is a victory for the whole of mankind Lovejoy: what did you think about the election Brazil: i wonder when Brazil will be able to elect a Black president? Mankind has been used to seeing Americans are racist but you were able to elect a black president. Here in Brazil we have to work a lot to reach this point

SKYPE (cont) Brazil: Bahia has the biggest black population in Brazil. Salvador has the biggest black community in Brazil. Lovejoy: They do? Brazil: So it is very special to be with you because we have lots of things in common. Our black heritage has influenced the whole Brazil in the fields of arts, music, culture. Lovejoy: we do have a lot in common

SKYPE (cont) Brazil: but the problem we have here is related to a bad public education that doesn’t allow students to go to college. Black people are the ones to get the smallest salaries. It is terrible. Lovejoy: we have that problem here because a lot of student dropout too. Brazil: so you have to be proud of being Americans ok but you can dream and if you make the necessary effort you more easily go to where you want

Students from both classes watched the movie, Freedom Writers, because both schools are located in frequently violent communities. TappedIn was the forum for threaded discussion of the movie.

Students wrote poems to fit the theme: Facing the Future: Our Hopes and Our Fears Using Google Translate, followed by editing by Prof. Tyrone Santiago, the poems were translated to both languages.

Using the poems became a book.


MENINAS – Teen Pregnancy

CURRENT PROJECT Lovejoy - Senior Research Papers on CelebrationsEscola Parque – Research Celebrations / Translate to EnglishPrint Book Comparing Celebrations in Brasil and USA

Lovejoy - Senior Research Papers on Celebrations

Escola Parque – Research Celebrations / Translate to English

Print Book Comparing Celebrations in Brasil and USA

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