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Published on March 6, 2014

Author: BramBerkelmans



This project booklet shows all the projects of the 3 programs within the Global Citizen program of AIESEC The Netherlands. With this program you can do voluntary work projects throughout the year in six countries: Brazil, Sri Lanka, China, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia.

Global Citizen Project Booklet Find out more about our projects in one of the Global Citizen countries! WAGENINGEN URAIESEC.NL/STUDENTS AIESEC The Netherlands Or fill in our contact form to receive information of AIESEC in your City:

Sri Lanka Go Teach – Gurugedara Gurugedara is an educational project which improves the competency in English language of students between 3 – 18 years old at various schools and educational institutes. The volunteer will also share their own culture and inform the students about the diversity cultures. Be an Entrepreneur – Spectrum 2014 Spectrum 2014 is an initiative that focuses on the development of small scale businesses in Sri Lanka. The volunteer will be working at partner companies with entrepreneurs to improve their business and make a contribution by supporting them in this way, while enhancing their own knowledge as well. Make Aware – Go Green By traveling through the beautiful nature of Sri Lanka, the volunteer will gather information on the current environmental state of the country. You will give workshops to local students on this topic and create online information portals on the different subject. Endless beaches, timeless ruins, welcoming people, oodles of elephants, fun trains, famous tea, and flavorful food – need I go on? Poised just above the equator amid the balmy waters of the Indian Ocean, the island’s legendary reputation for natural beauty and plenty has inspired an almost magical regard even in those who have never visited the place. Sri Lanka is spectacular, it’s affordable and it’s still mostly uncrowded. Now is the best time to discover it! Contact us here! Extra’s that are included: Food Accomodation Gurugedara  Spectrum 2014  Go Green 

Brazil Go Teach – X4Change Project The X4Change Project aims to bring international volunteers to provide basic English and Spanish classes and also computer classes. The idea is to provide complimentary education and bring a cultural environment to the public of the NGO, impacting directly the Brazilian society. Be an Enterpreneur – Mozaiko Brazilian NGOs, historically, have always faced difficulties with regard to its management which makes its impact much lower than its potential. Because of that, the Mozaiko Project aims to bring international volunteers to work on the identification of problems of management of NGOs and its processes in order to improve its performance, such as a consultancy service. Make Aware – Diplomatique This project aims to create an opportunity for students to debate about relevant issues on the international agenda through meetings with international organs like the UNO, IMF and EU in order to develop skills such as teamwork, holistic and strategic vision, communication and negotiation. This project contributes for the formation of a generation of more responsible and conscious young people. One of the world’s most captivating places, Brazil is South America’s giant, a dazzling country of powdery white-sand beaches, pristine rain forests and wild, rhythm-filled metropolises. Brazil’s attractions extend from enchanting, frozen-in-time colonial towns to dramatic landscapes of red-rock canyons, thundering waterfalls and idyllic tropical islands. Add to that, Brazil’s biodiversity: legendary in scope, its diverse ecosystems boast the greatest collection of plant and animal species found anywhere on earth. Contact us here! Extra’s that are included: Food X4Change Accomodation    Mozaiko Diplomatique  

Indonesia Go Teach – Dilts Care for Children Foundation The Dilts Care for Children Foundation is a program that introduces and develops English language skills to underprivileged children, as well as introducing the volunteers’ home culture, aiming to create awareness and global understanding. Be an Enterpreneur – Maxi Productions Maxi Productions is a project where volunteers will visit local small business enterprises to analyze their business systems. Also, you will organize a business plan competition for college students in Latinangor. Make Aware – Be the Agent of 3R movement Be The Agent of 3R Movement aims to raise people's awareness about specific environment issues, especially among youth in Jakarta. Through seminars and campaigns at high schools, you will educate them in an informal and interactive way about 3R issues. The world’s fourth most populace country – 245 million and counting – is a sultry kaleidoscope that runs along the equator for 5000km. It may well be the last great adventure on earth. From the western tip of Sumatra to the eastern edge of Papua, this nation defies homogenization. It is a land of so many cultures, peoples, animals, customs, plants, features, artworks and foods that it is like 100 countries melded into one. Contact us here! Extra’s that are included: Food Dilts Care for Children Maxi Productions Agent of 3R Movement Accomodation    Lunch 

China Go Teach – Dare to Dream The Dare to Dream project aims to help children who live in remote areas of China to have access to English. You will not only teach them English but also expand their horizons by sharing with them about the culture in your country and your experience. Be an Entrepreneur – Stand Out During this project you will visit, get to know and help several social enterprises and NGOs in Beijing. You will also learn concepts about how to be a social entrepreneur and in the end share what you have learned with Chinese university students. Make Aware – Green Power Now This project aims at enhancing people’s awareness of environmental issues in China and making contributions to the growth of future environmental NGOs. You will also have contact with high school students to discuss the issues and look for solutions. Antique yet up-to-theminute, familiar yet unrecognizable, outwardly urban but quintessentially rural, conservative yet path breaking… China with its mosaic of 56 different ethnic groups is a land of mesmerizing and eyeopening contradictions. Awe-inspiring antiquities, out-of-this-world flavours and stupendous sceneries are just some examples of what you can expect from the place everyone is talking about. Contact us here! Extra’s that are included: Food Dare to Dream Accomodation   Stand Out  Green Power Now 

Vietnam Go Teach – Hope for Children Hope for Children is a social project initiated in November 2010 by AIESEC in HoChiMinh City. With the vision of “Give children love, inspire for a brighter tomorrow”, the project aims to provide underprivileged children with basic education and to act as a bridge between them and the community. Be an Enterpreneur – REACH Projects are in cooperation with REACH, which is a social enterprise that specializes in providing vocational training, career advice and job placement services for Vietnam’s most disadvantaged youth. They need students who can help them develop their business model. Make Aware – Wake and Go 2014 Wake and Go 2014 is a brand new program of AIESEC Hanoi. It is an initiative of a career orientation platform, aiming at students who are still uncertain about their future. The golden missions of Wake and Go are assisting students to find out their true selves and motivating them to break the passivity habit, in order to define their own future paths. Blessed with a ravishing coastline, emerald-green mountains, breathtaking national parks, dynamic cities, outstanding cultural interest and one of the world’s best cuisines, Vietnam has it all. Vietnam is a nation going places. Fast. Its people are energetic, direct, sharp in commerce and resilient by nature. This is an outrageously fun country to explore, the locals love a laugh (and a drink) and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to socialize with them and hear their tales. The American War is over, and yet its impact endures – you’ll find reminders of that cataclysmic conflict everywhere you travel. That said, the country was never broken and emerged with its pride intact. Poor in parts but never squalid, Vietnam is developing at an astonishing pace. For travelers, there are issues to consider (including minor scams), but little real danger – on the whole it’s a safe, wonderfully rewarding and incredibly varied country to explore. Contact us here! Extra’s that are included: Food Hope for Children REACH Wake and Go Accomodation   

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