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Published on April 26, 2014

Author: atiqahjasrizal2309


Glider Progress Presentation A PROJECT OF ESA 244: AERODYNAMICS

Job Distribution & Tentative Schedule Ler Jun Yon >> Tail / Empennage Wan Muhammad Hasif Bin Md Noor >> Wingtip Norliza Farhah binti Abdul Radzak >> Wing’s Platform Muhammad Nizam Bin Abu Bakar >> Finishing Nurul Atiqah Binti Jasrizal >> Fuselage Sang Jit Chern >> Overall Design Week 5 Glider Design Finalisation Week 6 – 8 Glider Fabrication Week 8-10 Glider Optimisation

Introduction to Glider A glider is an unpowered aircraft that requires assist in take-off and it will glide through the air (or falling, with style) General Parts of a Model Glider:  Fuselage  Wing  Tail WING FUSELAGE TAIL

Tail & Fuselage Tail: •Provide Stabilisation to the Model Glider •Also provide control to the glider (On RC model) Types of Tail Considered: •Conventional Tail (Fuselage Mounted) •T-Tail •V-Tail Fuselage: •Body and Support of the Glider •Generally where the load is carried (Battery, servos, passengers etc..) Design Consideration: •Balsa Frame with hollow spaces •2D Structure (Very high length-to-thickness ratio)

Wing •Lift Producing Part of an Aircraft •In model glider, as it is unpowered (free-flight), wing is used as control surfaces and also controlled descent mechanism •Type of Wings Structure of a Wing

Design Specification •Requirements: • Longest Hang-time • Furthest Glide Distance • Wingspan of at least 1 meter •Available Materials: • Balsa Wood • Foam Board •Specifications:** • Wingspan: 1 meter • Aspect Ratio: ~10 • Length: 80cm **All these are subject to change Glider References: F3K Competition

Glider Design Overview (From reference)

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