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Published on October 12, 2007

Author: WoodRock



Fostering Creative Learning Opportunities for Gifted Students in Science :  Fostering Creative Learning Opportunities for Gifted Students in Science Evan Glazer, PhD Director, Roanoke Valley Governor’s School for Science and Technology Chilli:  Chilli Brownies:  Brownies Element Celebration Day:  Element Celebration Day Bromine    (Br) Oxygen      (O) Tungsten   (W) Nitrogen     (N) Iodine        (I) Einsteinium (Es) When are we creative?:  When are we creative? Adopt strategies from other disciplines Facilitate positive reaction from others Develop a new method or product that makes others wonder… New Methods:  New Methods New Products:  New Products A Future Korean Innovation?:  A Future Korean Innovation? Market the success of the Korean diet and its ice skating program The Baking Soda Warm Up:  The Baking Soda Warm Up Take three minutes to write down as many uses as you can for baking soda (NaHCO3). Let your mind blast away in divergent directions. Some Answers to Baking Soda Warm Up:  Some Answers to Baking Soda Warm Up Make brownies, cookies, and other desserts Chemical reaction with vinegar for science projects Mix with water for cleaning Absorbs odors in refrigerator Clean laundry Nasal spray Clean teeth Relieve itching from insect bites Remove crayon marks from walls How can teachers promote creativity?:  How can teachers promote creativity? Challenge students to be inventive Incorporate methods used in other disciplines Pose real-world problems with unknown or multiple solutions Carl Dietrich from MIT designs a flying car Challenge Students to Be Inventive:  Challenge Students to Be Inventive Assign project to invent Conduct patent search Incorporate innovative trends in the field A student creates a polymer using chicken feathers A student uses sunflower seed shells to prevent the growth of a weed WARE Lab:  WARE Lab Multiple labs to challenge innovation Required senior project Modern topics – alternative fuel sources, autonomous vehicles, etc. Human Powered Submarine Incorporate Multiple Disciplines:  Incorporate Multiple Disciplines Learn methods and experiments used by teachers in other disciplines Ask students to design simulations that address complex behaviors Choose topics that involve multiple disciplines, like the environment Virginia Bioinformatics Institute research efforts center on understanding host-pathogen- environmental interactions KSA students visit VBI:  KSA students visit VBI Pose Real-World Problems:  Pose Real-World Problems Identify important problems affecting society or the community Talk to scientists and physicians Incorporate Problem-based Learning strategies Allow student inquiry to generate experiments and analysis strategies RVGS Partnership with the Carilion Biomedical Institute:  RVGS Partnership with the Carilion Biomedical Institute Identify medical device problems Learn from physicians, researchers, and engineers Develop new prototypes How can administrators promote creativity?:  How can administrators promote creativity? Develop time for alternative activities Promote collaboration across disciplines Obtain resources for innovation Partner with outside experts Develop time for alternative activities:  Develop time for alternative activities Create special class during each period of day Create minicourses during year in modern topics Promote Collaboration Across Disciplines:  Promote Collaboration Across Disciplines Allow shared time to plan Set goals for the creation of multidisciplinary lessons Promote peer observation Encourage team teaching to integrate content Obtain Resources to Support Innovation:  Obtain Resources to Support Innovation Write grants to external agents Create supplemental budget to offer grants to faculty Obtain donations Establish a Foundation to help you Partner with Outside Experts:  Partner with Outside Experts Contact universities and local scientific agencies Establish mentors, guest speakers, field trips Form creative development advisory board Three Rules of Thumb to Innovate with Creativity:  Three Rules of Thumb to Innovate with Creativity Change Imagine Persist The logo of the company Innovate on Purpose Be Willing to Change:  Be Willing to Change Charles Thompson, What a Great Idea Change is Needed to Be Competitive:  Change is Needed to Be Competitive Imagination is more important than knowledge :  Imagination is more important than knowledge Albert Einstein - Physicist, and Nobel prize winner Creativity Often Requires Persistence:  Creativity Often Requires Persistence It took over 6000 attempts to make a functional light bulb It took the Wright brothers 7 years to develop a manually controlled airplane "Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.“ – Thomas Edison Reward Creativity, Even Though Some Inventions Don’t Work:  Reward Creativity, Even Though Some Inventions Don’t Work The double-barreled cannon The Battlecreek Vibratory Chair Shoefitting x-ray machine Serendipity It Doesn’t Hurt to Be Lucky Either:  Serendipity It Doesn’t Hurt to Be Lucky Either Semiconductors Teflon TNT, dynamite X-Rays Bubble Gum Velcro Post-It Notes Computer Languages "To develop working ideas efficiently, I try to fail as fast as I can". -Richard Feynman, Nobel Laureate physicist Slide32:  Challenge your students to take the first step! References with Ideas to Promote Creativity:  References with Ideas to Promote Creativity Quantum Books MIT’s Invention Dimension What a Great Idea! Problem-Based Learning at IMSA

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