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Information about Glass - Composition, HIstory, Production

Published on June 21, 2008

Author: ursulaa


AllAboutGlass : AllAboutGlass Composition PropertiesHistory Production : Composition PropertiesHistory Production What is Glass? : What is Glass? Glass is a state of matter, not a substance. Glass combines some properties of crystals and some of liquids but is distinctly different from both. Glass has the mechanical rigidity of crystals, but the random disordered arrangement of molecules that characterizes liquids. Glass is usually formed by melting crystalline materials at very high temperatures. What is the composition of glass? : What is the composition of glass? Silica (sand) Anhydrous Boric Acid Anhydrous Phosphoric Acid These include: Soda Ash Potash Lithium Carbonate Limestone Litharge Alumina Magnesia Barium Carbonate Strontium Carbonate Zinc Oxide Zirconia Properties of Glass : Properties of Glass When created properly, glass can be: Strong Hard Elastic Chemical & Corrosion-Resistant Thermal Shock- resistant Heat-Absorbent Optical Properties Electrical Insulating The History of Glass : The History of Glass Discovery : Discovery Obsidian, or natural glass is formed by volcanoes and has been used since the stone age for tools Glass was discovered by accident as part of the copper smelting process in 1000 b.c. in Phoenicia (modern day Lebanon) Glass was first made into beads and used as adornments in jewelry Did you know? : Did you know? The chemical composition of glass has not changed much in thousands of years! In Ancient Rome… : In Ancient Rome… Glass was so precious, the emperor Nero paid $500 dollars for one goblet! The Island of Murano, Italy : The Island of Murano, Italy During 13th century Venice became the center of glassblowing. For safety, and to keep the process secret, the furnaces were moved to the Island of Murano, off the coast of Venice Millefiori – A thousand Flowers : Millefiori – A thousand Flowers Renaissance to Modern Day : Renaissance to Modern Day Glassblowing was a dying Art. Mechanized processes overtook the hand-blown quality of the art During the 1960’s there was a rebirth of the Art Glass movement. Art Glass is increasingly popular since that time. Dale Chihulya modern master : Dale Chihulya modern master Slide 14: “Teamwork suits me. This is the way artists like Michelangelo worked.” Dale Chihuly Venetian Vases : Venetian Vases With the assistance of Lino TagliapietraUnited States, Seattle, Washington, 1988Blown and hot-workedH (tallest) 44.9 cm89.4.9 Learning to Blow Glass : Learning to Blow Glass A glassblower is also called a “gaffer” Materials : Materials Glass “cullet” is melted in the furnace Frit – different shapes and colors of glass added for interest, color and texture Tools : Tools The “punti” a long steel rod used to manipulate the glass The “blow pipe” used to actually blow the glass Molds – used for shaping the glass The Finished Products : The Finished Products Where can I go to learn to blow glass? : Where can I go to learn to blow glass? Belle Meade Hot Glass – Belle Meade, NJ Hot Soup – Philadelphia, PA Corning Glass Museum – Corning, NY – Poughkeepsie, NY Resources : Resources Slide 22: The End Original Glass created by Ursula Accumanno @ BelleMeade Hot Glass Studio And Hot Soup Philadelphia, PA

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