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Published on May 7, 2012

Author: hepterida



A missing link between visit cards and curriculum vitaes.

GLANCE CARDImprove Your Hiring Abilities3 Items for Success Kamil Brzak, May 6th 2012

Glance Card – what you get• What is Glance Card• What are the benefits• What are the main parameters• What is the depiction• What is the depiction – detail• What are the opportunities• Contact information

What is Glance Card• A missing link between Visit Card and Curriculum Vitae• Efficient support tool for Recruiters and Job Seekers• Great self-presentation equipment

What are the benefits• Brief and clear information of a person ▫ Small size (ISO 216 A5) ▫ Important information only• Comparative tool for Recruiters ▫ Two Glance Cards on one ISO 216 A4 page• Self-reflection tool for Job Seekers ▫ Sorting and evaluation of own abilities ▫ Emphasizing the most important aspects

What are the main parameters• Standardized A5 size 148 x 210 mm (8.3 x 5.8 in)• Rule of 3 items (Photo, Slogan, Information) ▫ Photo – Picture, Name, 3 Languages ▫ Slogan – word of description of a person ▫ Information  3 skills, 3 properties  3 contact information (e-mail, phone, social net)

What is the depiction

What is the depiction - detail

What are the opportunities• A possible next module into Personal Information System software• A possible competitor to LinkedIn ▫ Glance Card Newtork > LinkedIn similar to: ▫ Twitter > Facebook• A possible new standard for interpersonal professional communication

Contact information

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