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Published on June 18, 2007

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Slide1:  UNIVERSITY OF GLAMORGAN Glamorgan university offers the opportunity for you to obtain a British honours degree in one year. HOW ? By using the ECTS system of credit transfer. As long as you have obtained 120 relevant ECTS credits (this normally the equivalent of one year of study) then you can apply to come to Glamorgan to complete a British honours degree At Glamorgan you will study for the final 60 ECTS credits and if successful will be awarded the Bachelor of Arts honours degree This degree entitles you to apply for Masters degrees Slide2:  UNIVERSITY OF GLAMORGAN GLAMORGAN: A MODERN UNIVERSITY Slide3:  UNIVERSITY OF GLAMORGAN LIFE AT GLAMORGAN: Accommodation We have an accommodation service that helps students find somewhere to live and helps with any queries and problems regarding living arrangements. Accommodation Services coordinates halls of residence or private accommodation in the local community for new students and can continue to provide assistance in finding safe, suitable places to live throughout their academic life. Slide4:  UNIVERSITY OF GLAMORGAN LIFE AT GLAMORGAN: Accommodation Glamorgan boasts two halls of residence, each with single bedrooms that are self-catering and fully-furnished. Accommodation fees are different for each room type. Our halls are super-convenient, situated on a compact campus just a stone’s throw from all the facilities that go with campus life – the Learning Resources Centre, computer rooms, the Centre for Sport and the Students’ Union. Hi-speed broadband internet services will be available in all halls (if they have suitable equipment to connect). There is no additional charge for this service as it is built into the room rent. The following options are also available Slide5:  UNIVERSITY OF GLAMORGAN LIFE AT GLAMORGAN: Accommodation Halls of Residence (All have high speed broadband) 1 Glamorgan Court This development offers residents excellent self-catering facilities and en-suite study bedrooms. Houses are arranged into clusters of six study bedrooms with shared kitchen and dining space. The en-suite facility consists of a shower, wash basin and toilet. The layout of the study bedrooms and kitchens offer the latest in design. Fees for 2006/07 were £72:00 per week self catering 2. Phillip Evans andamp; Phillip Squire Halls These halls provide accommodation for male and female students in single study bedrooms, all of which are fitted with wash basins. The kitchens on each floor include microwave oven, fridge-freezer and cooker. Communal facilities include showers and toilets. Each house has and a lounge with a TV. Fees for 2006/07 were £58:00 per week self catering Slide6:  UNIVERSITY OF GLAMORGAN LIFE AT GLAMORGAN: Accommodation Other Accommodation Options An array of private accommodation is available on Glamorgan’s doorstep. A range of housing is just a five-minute walk away, within a one-mile radius, from as little as about £38 per week, and the university will help you find a suitable place. The majority of university students lives in the local community, where accommodation usually consists of shared houses in which individuals have their own room with communal areas such as kitchen, bathroom and lounge. Slide7:  UNIVERSITY OF GLAMORGAN LIFE AT GLAMORGAN: Sports andamp; Recreation There is fully equipped Sports Centre on campus and the university has excellent outdoor facilities The mission of the Centre for Sport, Health and Exercise is to offer the widest range of quality programmes and facilities which will allow all participants the opportunities for safe, active participation in physical activity at all levels of skill and interest. The Centre will provide a wide range of instructional, recreational and competitive programmes for those who with to participate. Slide8:  UNIVERSITY OF GLAMORGAN LIFE AT GLAMORGAN: Students Union The Students union is focal point for social life on campus Discos, live bands, cabaret, and comedy are just some of the events hosted at the union’s own nightclub, Shafts. With regular weekly favourites and special events like the Battle of the Bands and Stars in Students’ Eyes The Union has two pubs: Baa Bar, a favourite for Big Screen sporting action Smiths, the lively downstairs café bar area – an ideal spot for a quiet relaxing drink and famous club sandwich. The union operates a free minibus shuttle service from the campus every night to ensure you get home safely. Slide9:  UNIVERSITY OF GLAMORGAN Study Programmes: The Business School offers the following study programmes B.A. Business Studies B.A. International Business B.A Marketing B.A. Human Resource Management B.A. Business andamp; Enterprise B.A. Business Economics B.A. Business Information Management B.A. Tourism Management B.A. Tourism andamp; Marketing B.A. International Accounting Slide10:  UNIVERSITY OF GLAMORGAN B.A. BUSINESS STUDIES Slide11:  UNIVERSITY OF GLAMORGAN B.A. INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS Slide12:  UNIVERSITY OF GLAMORGAN B.A. Marketing Slide13:  UNIVERSITY OF GLAMORGAN B.A. HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Slide14:  UNIVERSITY OF GLAMORGAN B.A. Business andamp; Enterprise Slide15:  UNIVERSITY OF GLAMORGAN B.A. BUSINESS ECONOMICS Slide16:  UNIVERSITY OF GLAMORGAN B.A. BUSINESS INFORMATION MANAGEMENT Slide17:  UNIVERSITY OF GLAMORGAN TOURISM MANAGEMENT Slide18:  UNIVERSITY OF GLAMORGAN B.A. TOURISM andamp; MARKETING Slide19:  UNIVERSITY OF GLAMORGAN B.A. INTERNATIONAL ACCOUNTING Slide20:  UNIVERSITY OF GLAMORGAN THE OPTIONS A wide range of options are available from the following subject areas Marketing Economics Human Resource Management Business Information Management Logistics andamp; Purchasing Slide21:  UNIVERSITY OF GLAMORGAN ONE SEMESTER ATTENDEES The Business School does offer the opportunity for students to come and study for one semester. This runs from the end of September until Xmas. A special programme is offered with lots of choice which enables these students to obtain the full 30 ECTS credits. Details below Slide22:  UNIVERSITY OF GLAMORGAN What will it cost me? The Welsh Government has decided not to follow England and impose fees of £3000 per year. Glamorgan will charge fees for the 2007/08 session of about £1250 per year. This fee does not have to be paid at the start of the year, though you may wish to do so. You can apply for a student loan, which becomes repayable when you start earning a salary of over £15000 per year. Slide23:  UNIVERSITY OF GLAMORGAN Work Experience: We also offer you the opportunity to gain work experience in the UK. There are two ways to do this: Employment Experience Diploma. This is thirty week paid placement in an approved company. It can be done after graduation 2. Employment Experience Certificate. This is a fifteen week paid placement in approved company. It can be done after graduation and before returning to your home university. The salary guideline is between £9000 andamp; £15000 per annum pro rata Although we can’t absolutely guarantee you a job, you will have access to our contacts, and advice on applications, interviews and CV construction. Slide24:  UNIVERSITY OF GLAMORGAN A Final Word on Quality In Great Britain, quality is measured in two ways. Teaching Quality. Courses are scored on a three-point scale; unsatisfactory, satisfactory and excellent. All the courses outlined have been rated as excellent Research. The Business School is committed to applied business research so that all our staff and courses are up to date.

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