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Information about GIX Introduction

Published on October 23, 2014

Author: brendonahn



This is a story about GIX.
Before being developers, we are gamers. We love games, and we always do.
It shows who we are, what we have done, and what we'll do.
We believe that PASSION can make a miracle.


2. # About GIX GIX Entertainment 2014 03 Founded 2014 04 Korea Tech. Finance Corp loaned 2014 04 Certified as a Venture Company 2014 05 ‘G’ Alpha Open 2014 04 Started Project ‘G’ 2014 07 ‘G’ Title as ‘Reapers’ 2014 08 ‘K Startup’ Acceleration 2014 10 ‘Reapers’ Soft Launch

3. 7 Geeks # About Team KyuMin Designer KeeTae Engineer JiHwan Engineer HyeRee 3D Artist BumKoo 3D Artist JungYun Animator TaeChan 2D Artist

4. -Engine Unity 3D -Title Reapers: Blades of Vengeance -Genre Tactical Action RPG Google Play, (App Store) -Market -Platform Facebook, (Google +) # Product

5. Steampunk Style Characters # Product

6. Gigantic Creatures # Product

7. Zodiac Sign Tattoos & Dices # Product

8. Enchant System # Product

9. Create your Dungeons # Product

10. # Product Loot Other Dungeons

11. # Will Update Story Mode & New Characters

12. BOSS Raid # Will Update

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