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Published on March 31, 2009

Author: Irenya


Slide 1: GIVING Slide 2: How can I give advice? Slide 3: I’ve got a cold, what can I do? Slide 4: You should go to the doctor I’ve got a cold, what can I do? Slide 5: Why don’t you go to the doctor? I’ve got a cold, what can I do? Slide 6: How about going to the doctor? I’ve got a cold, what can I do? Slide 7: If I were you, I would go to the doctor I’ve got a cold, what can I do? Slide 8: Let’s see if I know how to give advice... Slide 9: I’m not good at sports Slide 10: I get bad grades Slide 11: I’m always late Slide 12: I drink too much soda Slide 13: I don’t have many friends Slide 14: I’m late for work and my car broke down! Slide 15: I eat too much candy Slide 16: I am tired all the time Slide 17: I smoke too much! Slide 18: I can't sleep at night. Slide 19: I want to buy this house Slide 20: I spend too much time at the computer Slide 21: I'm hungry Slide 22: I want a new car but I don't have enough money Slide 23: I'm cold! Slide 24: Yes!!! now I can give advice.

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