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Published on February 22, 2009

Author: Gita_Mathur



A presentation by Dr. Gita Mathur and Dr. Promila Kumar at the Meet organised by Linux-Delhi Group on Feb.21,2009 in JNU Campus, New Delhi.

Developing Open Educational Resources:  WikiEducator­Gargi 2009  –A Step Forward Dr. Gita Mathur & Dr. Promila Kumar Gargi College, University of Delhi

Developing Open Educational Resources:  WikiEducator­Gargi 2009 – A Step Forward This Meet: 2009:  Getting There Together Where do we fit in? Focus area: Unfettered access to  knowledge especially for Education

Developing Open Educational Resources:  WikiEducator­Gargi 2009 – A Step Forward The Five 'Tatvas' or Elements of Nature are:  Earth – Prithvi,  Water – Jal Air – Vayu Fire – Agni Space – Aakash These are all Available for Free

Developing Open Educational Resources:  WikiEducator­Gargi 2009 – A Step Forward The Sixth element for the survival of  intellectual community is  'Education'  and the basis for this is Knowledge  This too needs to be freely available for all

Developing Open Educational Resources:  WikiEducator­Gargi 2009 – A Step Forward We Imitate Nature We saw birds flying and invented Airplane. ● We saw fishes swimming and invented Boat. ● We saw flowers of different colors and made our  ● surroundings colorful. When everything in Nature is available for free, how  can we not share knowledge, it is our basic nature  to share our thoughts and knowledge.

Developing Open Educational Resources:  WikiEducator­Gargi 2009 – A Step Forward Education is the very basis of   advancement and progress in society...we  all agree... Is educational material freely available to   all those who want it?  Knowledge needs to be set free...yes certainly...  Who will do this?  We bring to you a case study from Gargi  College.

Developing Open Educational Resources:  WikiEducator­Gargi 2009 – A Step Forward Gargi College University of Delhi

Developing Open Educational Resources:  WikiEducator­Gargi 2009 – A Step Forward You may be wondering: Who are we?  Why are we here?  Why are open educational resources our   concern? Have we taken the right step forward?  Who will guide us?  Who will support us?  Who will be benifited by our efforts?  In this talk we will try to answer these.

Developing Open Educational Resources:  WikiEducator­Gargi 2009 – A Step Forward Who are we? We are teachers from a  college of  University of Delhi. We teach undergraduates in college and  some post graduates in the University. We follow the curriculum of  Delhi University  and are bound by the system. The concept of OER's is new to us.

Developing Open Educational Resources:  WikiEducator­Gargi 2009 – A Step Forward We are very passionate about teaching our  subjects and the idea of free educational  resources seems very attractive to us. We did not know how to go about it till one  of us attended a workshop on  WikiEducator website       

Developing Open Educational Resources:  WikiEducator­Gargi 2009 – A Step Forward WikiEducator is a website for educators  and teachers, launched by the  Commonwealth of Learning (COL)    in 2006, it has grown into a dynamic  and exciting worldwide community of  educators, who believe that learning  materials should be free and open to  all. 

Developing Open Educational Resources:  WikiEducator­Gargi 2009 – A Step Forward COL is an inter-governmental organisation created by Commonwealth Heads of Government to encourage the development and sharing of open and distance education, knowledge, resources and technologies.

Developing Open Educational Resources:  WikiEducator­Gargi 2009 – A Step Forward Have we taken the right step forward? Uploading Open Educational materials  prepared by us on WikiEducator appears  to be a good option for us because of  five  good reasons: 1. It is easy to learn for us. 2. Gives us our own space. 3. Provides interactive approach with a  whole community of Educators globally.

Developing Open Educational Resources:  WikiEducator­Gargi 2009 – A Step Forward 4. Strongly supports the concept of Free and  Open Educational Resources. 5. Promotes collaborative content  development in all subjects and areas of  study.

Developing Open Educational Resources:  WikiEducator­Gargi 2009 – A Step Forward Tell me and I'll forget... me and I may not remember... .............involve me, and I'll understand.

Developing Open Educational Resources:  WikiEducator­Gargi 2009 – A Step Forward For converting “I” to “WE” Gargi College organized  a workshop WikiEducator­Gargi 2009  on  Open Educational Resources   for arts, science and commerce faculties of  the college 

Developing Open Educational Resources:  WikiEducator­Gargi 2009 – A Step Forward In this workshop we discussed:  Two important aspects: To develop Skills to work in WikiEducator To understand the concept of Free & Open  Educational Resources and learn the way  they can be created and uploaded on  WikiEducator.

Developing Open Educational Resources:  WikiEducator­Gargi 2009 – A Step Forward The Open Educational Resources Group

Developing Open Educational Resources:  WikiEducator­Gargi 2009 – A Step Forward This jump­started thirty one educationists as  WikiEducators committed to contributing  educational content, and led to establishment of  WikiEducator­Gargi College Multi­Disciplinary  Academic Advancement Hub  All contributions by Gargi academia are being  linked to this hub, which in turn is linked to  WikiEducator­India. 

Developing Open Educational Resources:  WikiEducator­Gargi 2009 – A Step Forward

Developing Open Educational Resources:  WikiEducator­Gargi 2009 – A Step Forward

Developing Open Educational Resources:  WikiEducator­Gargi 2009 – A Step Forward

Developing Open Educational Resources:  WikiEducator­Gargi 2009 – A Step Forward Our Experience  as WikiEducators was:

Developing Open Educational Resources:  WikiEducator­Gargi 2009 – A Step Forward It is exciting to find other teachers who teach the   same subject in other parts of the world. The concept of sharing knowledge is very   appealing. As teachers for more than two decades,  we have   a treasure of experiences related to our subjects,  WikiEducator provides the forum to share them. This is a wonderful way of updating our own   skills.

Developing Open Educational Resources:  WikiEducator­Gargi 2009 – A Step Forward It is very user friendly and easy to work with.  The interactive approach is very meaningful for   academics. Now students are looking for educational materials   on the internet, we can give them correct content as  well as guidance. We can build up a  collection of multi­edited subject   content for students the world over. We have added some educational content as seen   here:

Developing Open Educational Resources:  WikiEducator­Gargi 2009 – A Step Forward OER for Botany

Developing Open Educational Resources:  WikiEducator­Gargi 2009 – A Step Forward OER for Mathematics

Developing Open Educational Resources:  WikiEducator­Gargi 2009 – A Step Forward As academia, we would also like to  think about:

Developing Open Educational Resources:  WikiEducator­Gargi 2009 – A Step Forward future, if everything is free... How will an academician survive?  From where will he earn his livelihood?  Well, that can happen even now, as for  any subject, so many books are available. Encyclopedias are there to guide anybody  on any topic what so ever. Even then, there is a problem getting  admission in a good institute at all levels.

Developing Open Educational Resources:  WikiEducator­Gargi 2009 – A Step Forward The answer is right here. ● You always need a GURU to learn anything in  ● depth. Notice the difference between distant learning  ● and regular classroom learning of today. It is the Gurus/teachers of today who need to  ● open up and share knowledge for the benefit  of all

Developing Open Educational Resources:  WikiEducator­Gargi 2009 – A Step Forward – When you share your knowledge through  any open source you are only getting  more and more popularity amongst your  students. – You are also getting a global community  of students. – The Knowledge: the more you share, the  more you get

Developing Open Educational Resources:  WikiEducator­Gargi 2009 – A Step Forward This is our culture  OER is not a new concept for us Indians.  Our ancestors gave us wealth of free knowledge in terms of four VEDAS:  Sam Veda  Rig Veda  Yajur Veda  Atherv Veda

Developing Open Educational Resources:  WikiEducator­Gargi 2009 – A Step Forward “Be the change you want to see in the world” Mahatma Gandhi

Developing Open Educational Resources:  WikiEducator­Gargi 2009 – A Step Forward After talking about Gargi faculty's interest  in opening up for Educational Resources and about the WikiEducator website which is instrumental in doing this, The bigger question still remains about  ...How to develop these 'Open Resources'? For this we need Free and Open Software. 

Developing Open Educational Resources:  WikiEducator­Gargi 2009 – A Step Forward Why are we here? Mr. Niyam Bhushan talked to us on the topic  “Goddess Saraswati in Jail Because of  You”   All the teachers were made to understand the  importance of Free Source Software. We all decided  to get the Goddess out of jail...

Developing Open Educational Resources:  WikiEducator­Gargi 2009 – A Step Forward Half a day of very interactive discussions   resulted in formation of   Linux Gargi Group  of Gargi faculty. This is the reason we are here.

Developing Open Educational Resources:  WikiEducator­Gargi 2009 – A Step Forward Newly formed Linux Gargi Group

Developing Open Educational Resources:  WikiEducator­Gargi 2009 – A Step Forward Linux Gargi Group Is a group of teachers who now undestand why Open Source Software is necessary for releasing Open Educational Resources. All are subject experts and will be happy to release study materials in their respective areas of specialization.

Developing Open Educational Resources:  WikiEducator­Gargi 2009 – A Step Forward Many of us are using Ubuntu on computers at home but have never installed it ourselves. We would like to go stepwise into Ubuntu and not totally replace Windows rightaway.

Developing Open Educational Resources:  WikiEducator­Gargi 2009 – A Step Forward We would like to install Open Office on the computers in the college within Windows. We need Volunteers and Technical Support. A Linux Festival can be organised for this in Gargi College.

Developing Open Educational Resources:  WikiEducator­Gargi 2009 – A Step Forward We have talked about only technical  help, that may not be difficult to get from this community here.  We want more than that...  The most important task at hand is....How to sustain this group?  How to ensure that they are not reverted back in concepts seeing unfamiliar grounds?

Developing Open Educational Resources:  WikiEducator­Gargi 2009 – A Step Forward How do we run the group activities?   Does anyone here volunteer to becoming regular support for us?  Can some of you get associated with us to solve our day-to-day problems?  We are aware of the Ubuntu-online group, but will all our group members feel comfortable with only online support?

Developing Open Educational Resources:  WikiEducator­Gargi 2009 – A Step Forward WikiEducator supports the following type of files for uploading: png, gif, jpg, jpeg, elp, swf, flv, pdf, odt, mp3, svg, odp, ods. We want to know about all these

Developing Open Educational Resources:  WikiEducator­Gargi 2009 – A Step Forward We would like to extend  Linux Gargi Group  to our students too. We at Gargi need Your Help

Developing Open Educational Resources:  WikiEducator­Gargi 2009 – A Step Forward THANK YOU

Developing Open Educational Resources:  WikiEducator­Gargi 2009 – A Step Forward Looking Forward to your feedback & support: Dr. Gita Mathur Reader (Associate Professor) in Botany Gita Mathur < > Dr. Promila Kumar Reader (Associate Professor) in Mathematics Promila Kumar < >

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