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Published on November 6, 2007

Author: Chan


STEP Implementations for U.S. Shipbuilding:  STEP Implementations for U.S. Shipbuilding Presented by: Dr. Burton Gischner Electric Boat Corporation Location: International Workshop on Aerospace Product Data Exchange N. I. S. T. Gaithersburg, Maryland Date: April 9, 2003 Agenda:  Agenda Status of the STEP Shipbuilding APs Structural APs (AP215, 216, and 218) HARVEST Project AP227 Edition 2 (Piping, HVAC, and Cableways) Collaboration among Process Plant and Shipbuilding Industries Implementation Projects ISE and ESTEP ISE Year 3 Demo Future Plans Slide3:  STEP Shipbuilding APs AP218 Shipbuilding Focus:  Shipbuilding Focus Previous slide demonstrates that many STEP Application Protocols can apply to the Shipbuilding industry Initial focus has been on development, approval, and implementation of APs for Structural Design and Distributed Systems AP215: Ship Arrangements AP216: Ship Moulded Forms AP218: Ship Structures AP227: Plant Spatial Configuration Other APs with Shipbuilding Usage Applications:  Other APs with Shipbuilding Usage Applications AP203 - Configuration Controlled Design Used for Production Transfer of Geometry of Models AP209 - Engineering Analysis Recently approved as IS; Pilot Project Implementations underway AP212 - Electrical Design & Installation Recently approved as International Standard AP232 - Technical Data Packages Recently approved as International Standard AP233 - Systems Engineering (Currently Under Development) AP236 - FUNSTEP (Currently Under Development) Possible use for Ship Outfit & Furnishings AP238 - STEP for NC Plate Cutting (Currently Under Dev.) AP239 - Product Life Cycle Support (Currently Under Dev.) HARVEST Project:  HARVEST Project NSRP A.S.E. Project to complete development and approval of Ship Structural APs Includes: STEP Tools, Inc. Electric Boat Product Data Services Will guide APs 215, 216, and 218 through ISO process to become International Standards (IS) Expected completion - 2nd Quarter 2003 AP216 Ship Moulded Forms:  AP216 Ship Moulded Forms HARVEST Lead Dr. Martin Hardwick STEP Tools, Inc. Status Unanimously passed its ISO DIS Ballot in May 2002 All issues have been resolved and required changes incorporated Document has been delivered to ISO for publication as an International Standard Will be the first Shipbuilding AP to reach IS status AP216: this standard deals with ship moulded forms and deciding whether a design will meet speed and stability requirements. AP218 Ship Structures:  AP218 Ship Structures HARVEST Lead Dr. Burton Gischner Electric Boat Corporation Status Unanimously passed its ISO DIS Ballot in November 2002 DIS Ballot Resolution Workshop held in Charleston, SC on January 21-23, 2003 Changes being incorporated and document being prepared for publication as IS Should be ready for final Project Leader and Convenor review in April 2003 AP218: This standard deals with ship structure and identifying for the shipyard what steel structures are needed to build the boat. AP215 Ship Arrangements:  AP215 Ship Arrangements HARVEST Lead Pete Lazo Product Data Services Status Unanimously passed its ISO DIS Ballot in December 2002 DIS Ballot Resolution Workshop held in Charleston, SC on January 21-23, 2003 Changes being incorporated and document being prepared for publication as IS Should be ready for final Project Leader and Convenor review in April 2003 AP215: this standard deals with ship arrangements and deciding how to allocate space. HARVEST Summary:  HARVEST Summary U.S. National Shipbuilding Research Program (NSRP) Project Began in October 2001 Will conclude in May 2003 Objective: Final ISO Approval of AP215, AP216 and AP218 Status: AP216 has been delivered to ISO for publication AP218 has passed its DIS ballot and is being prepared for publication as IS AP215 has passed its DIS ballot and is being prepared for publication as IS AP 227 Edition 1 Plant Spatial Configuration:  AP 227 Edition 1 Plant Spatial Configuration Scope: 3D plant design Emphasis on spatial layout and piping design Status: Edition 1 is an International Standard Initial work on Edition 1 implementations Dassault - CCPlant, Bentley - PlantSpace, Cadcentre -PDMS, Rebis STEP Tools - AP 227 viewer Merck requirement for CAD/CAE systems & pilot project Navy requirement for delivery of piping systems data NASA requirement for plant CAD/CAE purchases Shipbuilding Piping Guide for AP 227 ed.1 Funded by the U.S. Navy, available at: and Guide for ed.2 HVAC systems, in development AP 227 Edition 2:  AP 227 Edition 2 New Work Item started in 2001 Adding semantics for piping fabrication and inspection, HVAC, cabletray design, and flow and stress analysis Participating organizations: ECOM, MoD, NIST, NSRP, NSWCCD, PlantSTEP, Asahi Eng., Bechtel, CTC, Dow, DuPont, Electric Boat, Intergraph, LSC, Merck, Northrop Grumman Ship Systems, SIMSMART Project Leader: Mark Palmer NIST Editor: Dr. Burton Gischner Electric Boat CD approved unanimously in February 2002 DIS ballot is currently underway Ballot ends on June 23, 2003 Preliminary DIS Ballot Resolution Workshop was held on March 7-8, 2003 in San Diego, CA Extensions for AP 227 ed2:  Extensions for AP 227 ed2 Piping shop fabrication and inspection Piping installation HVAC design and installation Input for pipe and HVAC flow and stress analyses Support (and hanger) details Cableway spatial design and installation Catalog referencing Configuration and change management Positive material identification Ship unique information AP227 Edition2 DIS Ballot Comments:  AP227 Edition2 DIS Ballot Comments 72 DIS Ballot Issues received thus far 54 U.S. Issues 18 Japanese Issues One comment led to adding Mechanical Systems definition Document to be prepared for submission to ISO by September 2003 and be published as an International Standard before the end of 2003 AP227 Edition 1 Implementations :  AP227 Edition 1 Implementations Translators have been developed by: Dassault for CATIA (CCPlant) Bentley PlantSpace CadCentre PDMS STEP Tools AP227 viewer AP227 Edition 1 Demonstration Example:  AP227 Edition 1 Demonstration Example AP227 Edition 1 Example File:  AP227 Edition 1 Example File Environments for AP227 Edition 2 Implementations:  Environments for AP227 Edition 2 Implementations STEP AP227 Kvaerner (Philadelphia) FORAN (Sener) NAVSEA / Avondale ISDP / INTELLISHIP (Intergraph) Electric Boat Corporation CATIA (Atlantec Enterpises) Northrop Grumman Ingalls Operations CATIA (Atlantec Enterprises) NASSCO TRIBON (Atlantec Enterprises) Shipyards and CAD Systems Next Steps for AP227 Edition 2:  Next Steps for AP227 Edition 2 Implementations currently under development by: Atlantec (for TRIBON and CATIA) Intergraph (for ISDP and INTELLISHIP) SENER (for FORAN) SIMSMART (flow analysis) STEP Tools (viewer) DIS ballot concludes on June 23, 2003 Preliminary issues were addressed in San Diego, CA on March 7-8, 2003 Changes agreed to at San Diego will be made and tested over the next 3 months DIS Ballot Resolution Workshop is scheduled for July 9-10, 2003 in Charleston, SC Next Steps for AP227 Edition 2 (cont’d.):  Next Steps for AP227 Edition 2 (cont’d.) Complete and Validate Test Cases for AP227 Edition 2 Update the Usage Guide This will be a separate document that includes Test Cases It will be completed in the same timeframe as the AP AP227 Usage Guide will be issued as a NISTIR and an ISO TC184/SC4/WG3 N numbered document AP227 Document should be sent to ISO by September 2003 for publication as an International Standard by the end of 2003 Integrated Shipbuilding Environment (ISE) Project:  Integrated Shipbuilding Environment (ISE) Project Demonstrates and Facilitates Digital Data Exchange NSRP ASE Contract from April 2000 to December 2003 Sub-Projects: Evolution of STEP (ESTEP), Interoperability, Electronic Commerce, Extended Smart Product Model Participants Electric Boat IBM American Bureau of Shipping Newport News Intergraph ALTARUM Bath Iron Works NIIIP Anteon/Proteus Engineering NG SS (Ingalls/Avondale) STEP Tools University of Connecticut NASSCO Atlantec-es University of Michigan Kvaerner Philadelphia Sener MMA NSWCCD SIMSMART ISE Year 3 Demonstration will be held in Washington, D.C. on April 10, 2003 ISE Transfer Formats:  ISE Transfer Formats Implementations of: AP216, 218 and 227 Edition 2 Part 21 Physical File Format “Traditional” Style for STEP Exchanges Part 28 - Implement XML for STEP on the Web Edition 1 Approved as ISO Technical Specification (TS) Edition 2 Currently Under Development Will incorporate XML Schema based on Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) Standard ISE Information Interoperability:  ISPE ISE Information Interoperability Slide24:  SOAP Server Shipyard Data store Web Server SOAP Html|PDF /http Business Application SOAP ISE Architectures Web Services Information Mediation Slide25:  The ISE Test Ship TWR 841 This ship is used to locate and retrieve torpedoes and missile drones. It has a maximum payload capacity of 42 long tons which includes the deck cargo plus full liquids, full complement, and normal stores. This ship was selected because it is in-service, has a complete set of drawings available for distribution, and is: Approved for Public Release: Distribution Unlimited. Slide26:  AP216 Test Case TWR Moulded Surfaces Slide27:  AP218 Test Case TWR Structure Slide28:  AP227 Test Case TWR Fuel Oil System Demonstration Storyboard:  Demonstration Storyboard LEAPS FlagShip ISPE Foran SafeHull Database Deliverables FEM ISEC EC Task Vision, Goals, Objectives:  Develop Protocols/Prototypes for Electronic Parts Interchange for Shipbuilding Addresses the Maritime Supply Chain Integrate Suppliers Parts into Shipbuilders Parts Libraries/Product Models Reduce material acquisition costs Make products/services available in a Global Market Build on Existing, Emerging and De-Facto Standards Open, standards based formats Evaluate Alternatives XML, PLIB(ISO 13584), SOAP, STEP (Part 28), UDDI Comparable initiatives-AIAG-ANX, Rosetta Net, Pinnacles ISEC EC Task Vision, Goals, Objectives ISEC EC Positioning:  SPARS Builds a Shipbuilding Supply Chain(SC) Virtual Enterprise(VE) Complementary/consistent with ISEC Reference Architecture Focus on Procurement/Materials Management Prototypes/Pilots shipbuilding VE Business Processes ISEC-Electronic Commerce Develops a Tool-set Defines a shipyard Electronic Parts Library taxonomy Selects Technology for interfacing/inter-operating Defines Protocols between suppliers and shipyards ISEC EC Positioning Overview – Piping Functional Design:  CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) “Does it work” ? “Does it fit” ? SBD (Simulation Based Design) Overview – Piping Functional Design As-Is Process Piping Design:  As-Is Process Piping Design Parts Data Detailed Design Analysis System Design ISE Process - Piping Functional Design:  ISE Process - Piping Functional Design XML Parts Data Detailed Design System Design Analysis XML Demo Scenario - Structural Design & Analysis:  Demo Scenario - Structural Design & Analysis User invokes tool through command FlagShip reads data, performs hydrostatic analysis Demo Scenario – Delivery:  Demo Scenario – Delivery User exports design data via command Web / SOAP Design data is stored in Advanced Product Portal Demo Scenario -Structural Design to Analysis:  Demo Scenario -Structural Design to Analysis DS / CATIA Sener / FORAN MSC / PATRAN EB / COMMANDS FESOL AP209 STI AP218 AIM P21 AP209 AIM P21 AP218 AIM P28 AP209 AIM P28 ST-XML ST-XML XSLT EB / ADAPT AP203 Demo GUI NIST: Economic Impact Assessment - product data sharing -:  NIST: Economic Impact Assessment - product data sharing - Potential Annual Benefits for Shipbuilding Industry Avoidance: cost of redundant CAx systems, training, IT support, productivity loss Mitigation: reworking of model, manual re-entry of data, delay costs Planning report 02-05 December 2002 Integrated Shipbuilding Environment Current Savings:  Project In Progress - Already Yielding Savings $1.6M CVN(X) Engine Room Design $700K DD(X) Parts Standardization $12M Future Co-design / Co-production Programs Integrated Shipbuilding Environment Current Savings Collaboration best practices Shipbuilding enterprise components Integrated Development Environment Web-based supplier catalogs Shared parts library Maritime Supply Chain Co-design Web-based system diagrams Web-based interop with simulation & analysis Co-production Web-based product model sharing Browser access to product related documents ISE Logistics Information Support Web access to as- planned & design product structure Future Plans:  Future Plans Complete development and approval of Shipbuilding APs as International Standards Develop User’s Guides to aid implementation Provide tool sets to facilitate use of STEP via Part 21 (Physical File) or Part 28 (XML Implementation) Enhance tools and translators to enable production exchange Expand exchange capabilities to cover new disciplines: HVAC Arrangements Electrical

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