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Published on November 16, 2007

Author: Moorehead


GIS Technology: Keeping Pennsylvania Agriculture One Step Ahead:  GIS Technology: Keeping Pennsylvania Agriculture One Step Ahead Sean E. Crager GIS Coordinator PDA GIS:  PDA GIS Currently PDA has a contract with Penn State through the College of Ag. Science under Dr. Rick Day of the Land Analysis Lab This contract provides PDA with a full time on-site GIS Coordinator GIS Coordinator fulfills all GIS needs for the Department Analyzing potential opportunities for GIS implementation, maintaining an enterprise GIS, develop web-based GIS applications, provide technical knowledge to users, training, represent the Department on GIS issues, partake in Homeland Security development, etc…. Enterprise GIS @ PDA:  Enterprise GIS @ PDA Currently have one dedicated GIS server Over half a terabyte of data storage 100 megabit network to deliver data ArcSDE delivers over 70 data layers to all PDA GIS users Data layers stored in MS SQL Server ArcIMS delivers web based applications to users Entire system is capable of delivering data and web based mapping services to all 7 PDA regional offices This allows for central maintenance and creation of data Enterprise GIS @ PDA:  Enterprise GIS @ PDA How desktop users access data: ArcGIS 8.3 ArcMap ArcInfo ArcIMS Sites tailored to specific projects Internet browser access ArcPad Data Sources:  Data Sources Currently PDA uses GDT Data Private vendor that provides road centerline, public place locations, demographic info, waterways, etc… Other data is obtained from various sources PASDA National Atlas State Agencies National Agencies Vendors Data Creation:  Data Creation Plum Pox Stone fruit orchard boundaries Plastic Pesticide Container Recycling Locations for recycling used pesticide container Dog Bites Statewide bites Dangerous Dogs Registered dogs Invasive weeds and plants Plant pests and insects Apiary locations Protected farmland Farm land entered into protection from development Dirt and gravel roads Line features of non-paved roads maintained by State Conservation Commission Weights and Measures Locations of all UPC scanners, gas stations, underground tanks, propane Farm Mapping Locations of livestock farms Data Collection:  Data Collection PDA has over 50 GPS units currently in use CMT March II Garmin 76s Magellan SporTrak Field personnel such as plant inspectors and animal inspectors all carry GPS units Data Collection:  Data Collection PDA is using online web mapping as one means to collect farm data from PSU Extension Agents Allows online mapping without visiting site Data examples:  Data examples State Data Viewer Hosts an assortment of state data Plum Pox Viewer Allows the visualization of data for non-GIS users such as summer interns and other PDA personnel Farmland Preservation Users can print maps and view densities of protected farmland in any region Bureau of Animal Health Livestock Map Used to map livestock locations and to create buffers and quarantines in case of disease outbreak Other PDA GIS Projects:  Other PDA GIS Projects AgMap Land Analysis Lab Hosted at PSU in State College Allows for Agricultural and related businesses to register for free to a service that allows for potential customers to seek their products or services Uses ArcIMS technology to allow geographic searches to be made and distances given from buyer to seller Also allows for sellers to create an account to check site stats, hits on their listing, and send out emails via mailing list Homeland Security:  Homeland Security Critical data layers are being identified for HLS A current list is being developed by PDA Amusement parks Licensed kennels Farm markets and roadside stands Farms Fertilizer / Pesticide manufacturing and storage facilities Food processing facilities Land zoned for agriculture Veterinarians Zoos / petting zoos / animal preserves PDA GIS Problems:  PDA GIS Problems Converting existing databases to “GIS Ready” databases Agriculture deals mainly with rural locations Many RR and PO Boxes Makes geocoding less efficient Locating the Ag in PA PDA does not know where all the Ag is No licensing system in place in order to raise / sell livestock or crops Over 56,000 farms in PA This number does not account for “back yard” farmers Dealing with Ag community Very protective of their information Not always the most “high tech” community Future of GIS at PDA:  Future of GIS at PDA “Farmer with a Dell” Today about half of the 2 million farms in the US are internet enabled Triple from 1997 Farmers can become more involved in Geospatial technologies Precision farming Cooperative Extension Allows for a more one-on-one relationship to be developed More resources than PDA alone Improving technology Allows for improved mapping and data retrieval Improved addressing E911 in counties will enable increased geocoding results Also will be used to denote which addresses are agriculture A career in GIS?:  A career in GIS? Why? Exploding industry Many new jobs being created in this field due to advanced technologies in computer hardware and GPS improvements Average starting salary for new hires is over $30k Can provide a mix of field work with office analysis Enhances your marketability High tech skills are in demand right now Rewarding work with a cool WOW factor! People get excited when you can show them a picture of their house from outer space A career in GIS?:  A career in GIS? According to a survey from Only 4.9 years on average in experience 40% have a B.S. 15% with M.S. 80% use ESRI software 23% use Intergraph 64% use MS Windows 28% use UNIX 38% know Visual Basic 10% know Java 57% use MS Access 26% use dBASE 22% use GPS What does all of this mean to you? It’s a new industry You’re already getting a B.S. or M.S. Ship uses ESRI products We “ALL” work on Windows Take a programming class Know a database and how it works Learn to use GPS and understand how it operates Preparing yourself for a career in GIS:  Preparing yourself for a career in GIS Obviously take as many courses as possible in GIS and related topics Remote sensing, Map and Air photo, GIS Intro and Advanced, Computer Mapping, Field Techniques etc.. Get the GIS Certificate here at Ship Many disciplines use GIS – not just Geoenvironmental and Geography Biology, Business and Marketing, Computer science etc.. Preparing yourself for a career in GIS:  Preparing yourself for a career in GIS Take a programming class Whether you are a desktop or power user, understanding a computer language will really make you advanced Do an internship Many local companies offer internships State Government is a great way to do an internship They pay! Lots of exposure to a variety of people and programs Use this time to NETWORK Preparing yourself for a career in GIS:  Preparing yourself for a career in GIS Begin a portfolio Use GIS to enhance your reports and projects for class Save them and put into a portfolio for an potential employer to view Join a GIS related organization:  Join a GIS related organization Many offer reduced membership fees for students Allows for networking Keeps you current of events Where to look for a career in GIS:  Where to look for a career in GIS Questions?:  Questions? I will be available afterwards to speak with anyone interested in GIS or related topics. I will also have information regarding internships at the Department of Ag in Harrisburg

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