Giro Katsimbrakis On the Appreciation of Multifamily Housing

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Published on February 18, 2014

Author: girokatsimbrakis



Appreciation of multifamily housing has returned with upward spikes. However, the market can swing and it is important to consider and forecast a baseline for real estate construction levels. One reason for the upward spike in appreciation and home prices is that construction has slowed while population numbers continue to rise.
In addition to construction it is important to consider job growth and personal income growth to find an accurate level of future appreciation. Probability suggests that appreciation will go up in markets where there is job growth. Another thing to consider is that job growth is uneven in varying sectors. While some industry may be booming with job growth, other areas may be laying off employees due to changing markets and demands.

So, that leaves the best long-term indicator of appreciation, personal income. Income growth is not helpful for short-term numbers but will give clear indications of appreciation with long-term analysis. To figure out real estate appreciation using income growth, follow these steps. First, select your market and separate it by income. The next step is to overlay that with income growth. After that, the following analysis will give you a great correlation between increases in personal income and property appreciation.

Additionally, there are two other factors that will lessen appreciation. These are mortgage under-writing standards and rising interest rates. This is the reason multifamily real estate appreciation is in flux. As interest rates rise, prices shrink and as personal incomes rises so do prices. Despite this, personal income can still help as a long-term indicator of multifamily housing appreciation.

Appreciation  of  Multifamily  Housing   By  Giro  Katsimbrakis   February  12,  2014     Appreciation  of  multifamily  housing  has  returned  with  upward  spikes.  However,  the  market   can  swing  and  it  is  important  to  consider  and  forecast  a  baseline  for  real  estate  construction   levels.  One  reason  for  the  upward  spike  in   appreciation  and  home  prices  is  that  construction   has  slowed  while  population  numbers  continue   to  rise.   In  addition  to  construction  it  is  important  to   consider  job  growth  and  personal  income  growth   to  find  an  accurate  level  of  future  appreciation.   Probability  suggests  that  appreciation  will  go  up   in  markets  where  there  is  job  growth.  Another   thing  to  consider  is  that  job  growth  is  uneven  in   varying  sectors.  While  some  industry  may  be   booming  with  job  growth,  other  areas  may  be   laying  off  employees  due  to  changing  markets   and  demands.     So,  that  leaves  the  best  long-­‐term  indicator  of  appreciation,  personal  income.  Income   growth  is  not  helpful  for  short-­‐term  numbers  but  will  give  clear  indications  of  appreciation   with  long-­‐term  analysis.  To  figure  out  real  estate  appreciation  using  income  growth,  follow   these  steps.  First,  select  your  market  and  separate  it  by  income.  The  next  step  is  to  overlay   that  with  income  growth.  After  that,  the  following  analysis  will  give  you  a  great  correlation   between  increases  in  personal  income  and  property  appreciation.     Additionally,  there  are  two  other  factors  that  will  lessen  appreciation.  These  are  mortgage   under-­‐writing  standards  and  rising  interest  rates.  This  is  the  reason  multifamily  real  estate   appreciation  is  in  flux.  As  interest  rates  rise,  prices  shrink  and  as  personal  incomes  rises  so   do  prices.  Despite  this,  personal  income  can  still  help  as  a  long-­‐term  indicator  of  multifamily   housing  appreciation.       Giro  Katsimbrakis  has  twenty  years  worth  of  real  estate  industry  experience.  He  began  as  a   leasing  agent  for  Kiska  Developers  in  New  York  City,  and  quickly  worked  his  way  up  the   company  ladder  to  Director  of  Sales.  After  bringing  the  company  out  of  the  red  and  expanding   its  office  to  over  twenty  agents,  he  started  his  own  commercial  and  residential  real  estate   company,  East  River  Properties.  After  taking  over  the  Las  Vegas  and  Arizona  markets,  Giro   Katsimbrakis  relocated  to  the  Dallas/Fort  Worth  area  and  founded  DPW  Properties,  which  he   is  currently  in  the  process  of  expanding  nationwide.  Throughout  his  long  and  successful  career,   Giro  has  rehabbed  over  four  hundred  properties,  and  bought  and  sold  millions  of  dollars  worth   of  real  estate.  

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