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Published on November 23, 2007

Author: Laurence


Slide1:  Tate in his 10 years of dancing has studied under Susana Miller, Osvaldo Zotto, Gabriel Angio y Natalia Games, Fabián Salas, Luis Solanas. Assistant choreographer and principal dancer for “ Tanguera,” the internationally touring production, during 2001 - 2005. Regular instructor in the institutes belonging to Maximilliano Guerra, Susana Miller, and Mora Godoy. Laura, with professional beginnings in West Coast, Lindy Hop, salsa, and ballroom, found tango 6 years ago. She has studied under Roberto Herrera, Osvaldo Zotto and Lorena Ermocida, Chicho Framboli, Sergio Cortazzo and more. She has collaborated with Argentine professionals such as Elina Roldan, Fabian Peralta, Coco Dìaz, Vilma Vega and others in teaching and organizing regular tours/events in Argentina. After 3 years of training and dedication in Buenos Aires her classic close-embrace tango has reached a level of sophistication and sensitivity to make her a qualified professor. As musician, it is her musicality which shines. Through teaching effective movement and leading these dynamic instructors aim to bring their students into that other dimension unique to tango –where an intense connection enables delivering themselves to their partner. They seek to achieve a lead so effective and emotive that his partner feels able and compelled to close her eyes. And conversely, a follow/counter-lead relaxed, confident, secure, and inspired enough so as to surprise her partner. These two work to define and develop an understanding of the subtleties responsible for the movements and steps, the connection, and the sensibility to the music. Under their instruction you will revisit basic concepts in new ways to enable improvisation and expression to the music which will ultimately make your dance more rich and complex. Also, you will be exposed to the latest moves, styling trends, and adornments used by the most advanced dancers. Coming to the West Coast in November/December 2006 Get beyond steps and start dancing. Julio Cesar Di Chiazza ( Tate) :  Julio Cesar Di Chiazza ( Tate) Tango Studies: Since1995 with the following Masters: : Susana Miller, Jorge y Aurora Firpo, Osvaldo Zotto, Gabriel Angio y Natalia Games, Fabián Salas, Luis Solanas, Cecilia Troncoso. Professional Experience Assistant and creative member of “ Tango Palace ” Choreograher: Mora Godoy and Junior Cervila  Assistant choreographer for “ Tanguera” ( el musical Argentino) 2003 , 2004 , y 2005. Choreograher: Mora Godoy , Producer : Diego Romay Choreographer together with Mora Godoy and Maximiliano Guerra for: “Vuelo en Libertad” by Maximiliano Guerra presented in the Opera Theatre International Tours 2004 Mexico ( D.F) 4th tour of “Tanguera” “ El Musical Argentino “ Choreograher: Mora Godoy , Producer : Diego Romay 2004 China ( Shanghai , Pekin ) 3rd tour of“Tanguera” 2003 España ( Madrid ) 2nd tour of“Tanguera” 2002 Chile ( Santiago de Chile ) 1st tour of“Tanguera” 2001  Francia (Paris)  Festival internacional de Tango : " Buenos Aires Tango "  2000 Italia ( Roma , Bologna , Torino ) Festival internacional de danza contemporanea : " Roma Europa "  Alemania ( Hamburgo )  Theatre " Tango Zero ", directed by " Martin Maria Blau ” in the Literaturehaus of Hamburg 1999 Francia ( Avignon )  Festival Internacional de Danza Teatro de Avignon Theater company " Recuerdos son Recuerdos " Show " Glorias Porteñas "  1998 Brasil ( Porto Alegre ) “Expomúsica Mercosul ”, Río Grande do Sul Performances and exhibitions in Argentina: 1998-1999-2000-2001-2002-2003-2004 Since 2002 regular dancer in the local production of Tanguera. Directed by Omar Pacheco , choreographed by Mora Godoy and produced by Diego Romay Performances in Teatro Broadway, Café Tortoni, Palais Rouge, La Viruta Tango, La Estrella Tango, Club Almagro, Niño Bien Film "Tango" de Carlos Saura Glorias Porteñas" in the La Trastienda and Babilonia Shows in embassies Teaching Experience Currently he acts as choreographer and assistant in Tango Palace and gives regular classes in The Viruta, a major milonga tango club in Buenos Aires. 1998-2004 Instructor in the foundation Maximiliano Guerra, the clubs: La Viruta Tango, Club Almagro, La Estrella Tango Instructor in Colegio Pestalozzi and in the Centro Cultural de Cataluña, Centro cultural Catulo Castillo , classes since 2000 til 2003 in la U.T.N ( Universidad Tecnologica Nacional ) 1997-1998 Mora Godoy Studio, Collaboration with Aurora y Jorge Firpo,Classes in the Foro Cultural "Gandhi“ and Hotel Bauen 1995-1996 Instructor for "La Academia" of Susana Miller Laura Chummers :  Laura Chummers Laura is an experienced dance professional having spent 10 years dancing and 6 years teaching and performing both ballroom, west coast swing, salsa in addition to tango. She has studied under the instruction of Roberto Herrera, Osvaldo Zotto, Lorena Ermocida, Carlos Gavito, Carlos and Maria Rivarola, Mariano "Chicho" Framboli and Eugenia, Gustavo Naveira, Pupi Castello, Elina Roldan, Sergio Cortazzo, Juan Carlos Copes, amongst others. Nearly 3 years of intensive Buenos Aires milonga dancing with some of the finest social and professional Argentine dancers has finetuned her following and and allowed her to cultivate her own stlye, expression, and confidence in the dance. Now she is dedicating herself to the methods of effective women´s technique in following and contributing to the expression of the dance thru rhythm and adornments. As a result of regular collaboration with the organizers and fellow teachers in Buenos Aires, she is respected and closely connected within the profession. Tango Studies: Since 2000 with the following Masters: Roberto Herrera, Osvaldo Zotto, Lorena Ermocida, Carlos Gavito, Carlos and Maria Rivarola, Mariano "Chicho" Framboli and Eugenia, Gustavo Naveira, Pupi Castello, Elina Roldan, Sergio Cortazzo, Juan Carlos Copes General Dance: Jazz and Contemporary dance training with Margarita Fernandez and Karina Roldan. Ballroom and Social Dancing (Swing, Salsa): Since 1997, trained, certified, and instructed fpr 4 years general partner dancing. Professional Experience Tour and Event Organization/Tango Instruction Founded and develeped Tanguera Tours, the first permanently operating all-women Buenos Aires tour, a unique tango-intensive tour dedicated to the particular needs of women/followers in the dance. Collaboration with other events in the teaching and assisting of workshops: Unitango, CITA, private companies such as Blue Parallel. Lindy Hop/ West Coast Swing/Ballroom Dance  Trained, certified, and instructed general partner dancing fpr 4 years. Conducted classes for a regular roster of private students. Exhibition at the Harlem Jazz Festival, San Diego 2000 Dance Competition: San Diego Holiday Classic, Desert Classic in Palm Springs, Honolulu Dance Bowl 2000, Teaching Experience 2002-present Currently she acts as dance instructor to visiting foreigners and tango dancers. Tango classes at the FLACSO University. 1998-2002 Instructor at Dance With Me Academy, San Diego. Top dance instructor

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