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Published on September 14, 2007

Author: Alien


It’s Great to be a Giraffe :  It’s Great to be a Giraffe By Elettra Slide2:  I spend most of my time in grasslands and lakes in Libya. I Live Among Friends and Foes We giraffes help each other get food or make each other happy. I t lives next to friendly animals. And Not extinct. Description of Animal :  Description of Animal My skin is reddish brown. I have a long neck and two bony horns sticking out of my head.and#x1A; and#x10; I’m 6 feet tall and can be larger. I weigh 110 pounds and heavier. My long neck reaches the leaves on the trees for me to eat. Insert picture here I Am Perfectly Suited for My Habitat:  I Am Perfectly Suited for My Habitat * There’s lots of trees. * I have a long neck. * My long neck helps me reach my food on the tops of trees. What’s for Dinner?:  What’s for Dinner? My long neck reaches my food. So its pretty easy. © Gerald and Buff Corsi, California Academy of Sciences I get my food from trees and my water from the lakes near by. What are my main sources of food , I eat leaves and twigs from trees. Insert Picture Slide6:  = Gives energy to The sun gives life and energy to all the plants and animals. The sun gives energy to the grass. The grass gives energy to me when I eat it. I eventually give energy to the lion which feeds on me once I have died or am sick. When the lion dies or is killed it gives energy to the soil so the grass grows. All animals give back to the soil when they die or through their waste. Key Where I am in the food web It’s Great to Be a Giraffe:  It’s Great to Be a Giraffe I can close my nostrils all the way to keep dust out. I have a long neck. It’s easy get my food I don’t have to run. My long neck reaches my food. When I’m born I am 6 feet. I am the tallest animal in Africa. My population is very large. It’s great to be a giraffe. Don’t you agree? How are living things designed to interact with their habitat to ensure survival?:  How are living things designed to interact with their habitat to ensure survival? Living things are designed to interact with others by their body. Like a snake , its skin is poisonous. So they can capture the prey. A frogs skin is to protect them with out their skin they would be easy to find , and the animals would find the frog and eat the frog. A shark has sharp teeth to eat and without its teeth the shark would die because it can’t eat. It is dangerous to live in the wild.

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