GIMP Keyboard Shortcuts That Save Your Valuable Time

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Information about GIMP Keyboard Shortcuts That Save Your Valuable Time

Published on June 28, 2016

Author: Clippingpathzone


1. GIMP Keyboard Shortcuts BY ClippingPathZone.Com

2.  Hi, GMP users. In this presentation I’ll gonna show the shortcut tricks of GIMP photo manipulation. You can see most important hotkeys for the GIMP under Linux (most of them work on Windows as well). All keys can be individually assigned: File / Preferences / Interface / Hotkeys.

3. Help F1 Context Help Shift+F1

4. Rect Select R Ellipse Select E Free Select F Fuzzy Select U Select By Color Shift+O Scissors I Paths B Color Picker O Move M Crop and Resize Shift+C Rotate Shift+R Scale Shift+T ToolBox

5. ToolBox Shear Shift+S Perspective Shift+P Flip Shift+F Text T Bucket Fill Shift+B Blend L Pencil N Paintbrush P Eraser Shift+E Airbrush A

6. ToolBox Ink K Clone C Convolve V Smudge S Dodge/Burn Shift+D Swap Colors X Default Colors D

7. File New image Ctrl+N Open image Ctrl+O Open image as new layer Ctrl+Alt+O Duplicate image Ctrl+D Open recent image 01 Ctrl+1 Open recent image 02 Ctrl+2 Open recent image 03 Ctrl+3 Open recent image 04 Ctrl+4

8. Open recent image 05 Ctrl+5 Open recent image 06 Ctrl+6 Open recent image 07 Ctrl+7 Open recent image 08 Ctrl+8 Open recent image 09 Ctrl+9 Open recent image 10 Ctrl+0 Save image Ctrl+S Save under a new name Shift+Ctrl+S Quit Ctrl+Q

9. Dialogs Layers Ctrl+L Brushes Shift+Ctrl+B Patterns Shift+Ctrl+P Gradients Ctrl+G Tool-Options Shift+Ctrl+T Palettes Ctrl+P Info window Shift+Ctrl+I Navigation window Shift+Ctrl+N Close the window Alt+F4 Jump to next widget Tab Jump to previous widget Shift+Tab

10. Set the new value Enter Activate current button or list Space In a multi-tab dialog, switch tabs Ctrl+Alt+PgUp Open Location Shift+L Up-Folder Alt+ up Down-Folder Alt+ down Home-Folder Alt+Home Close Dialog Esc

11. Main Menu F10 Drop-down Menu Shift+F10 Toggle fullscreen F11 Toggle quickmask Shift+Q Close document window Ctrl+W Zoom in + or Ctrl+Mousewheel

12. Zoom out - or Ctrl+Mousewheel Zoom 1:1 1 Shrink wrap Ctrl+E Fit image in window Shift+Ctrl+E Toggle rulers Shift+Ctrl+R Toggle guides Shift+Ctrl+T

13. ClippingPathZone.Com Presented By

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