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Information about Gigantosaurus

Published on March 17, 2009

Author: mschoenberger


Giganotosaurus “Giant southern lizard” : Giganotosaurus “Giant southern lizard” By Alex How Do You Say Its Name? : How Do You Say Its Name? Gig-an-oh-toe-sore-us Click to hear its name Where it was found : Where it was found Argentina What it looked like : What it looked like 12.5 m in Length 5 m in Height 8 tonnes in Weight It moved on 2 legs Long blade-like and serrated teeth Cool Facts : Cool Facts CARNIVOROUS: meat eater It lived 112-90 million years ago (mya) He was the biggest meat eater known so far

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Giganotosaurus; Skelettreplikat von Giganotosaurus im Australian Museum in Sydney. Zeitliches Auftreten; Oberkreide (frühes Cenomanium) 100,5 bis 96,2 Mio.
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Gigantosaurus („riesige Echse“) ist ein nur wenig bekannter sauropoder Dinosaurier aus dem heutigen England, der zu den pflanzenfressenden ...
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The most complete find of Giganotosaurus was made by Rubén Dario Carolini, an amateur fossil hunter who, on 25 July 1993, discovered a skeleton in ...
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Giganotosaurus Diese "Riesensüdechse", so die Übersetzung des Gattungsnamens, war zusammen mit Allosaurus und Tyrannosaurus einer der größten ...
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Giganotosaurus carolinii gehört zur Familie der Carnosauria und wurde 1993 in Argentinien…
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Gigantosaurus ("Humongousaur" im Original) ist eins der zehn neuen Aliens aus der Serie Ben 10…
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Der Giganotosaurus ("große Echse aus dem Süden") war ein großer Theropode, der in der Oberkreide lebte. Er gehört zur Gruppe der Tetanuren (Carnivoren ...
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Primeval: Giganotosaurus-All to blame (Sum 41) ... This feature is not available right now. Please try again later.
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Color Scheme and Regions. The Giganotosaurus's range of its natural color scheme is unknown at this time, however it's color regions are available.
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Giganotosaurus (gi·gan·o·to·saur·us) is one of the largest theropods, probably larger than T. rex but smaller than Spinosaurus, and around the same ...
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