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Published on June 6, 2008

Author: gigamonster



Do you rely on customers to call in with problems about your web applications? Have you ever wonder what happens if they don't call? Take Action Before Your Business is Impacted. Wily Customer Experience Manager (CEM) enables both business managers and IT to understand and respond to the online experience of each customer as it happens. Whether they are external customers, suppliers or employees, CEM creates actionable information that allows you to optimize the experience for all end-users and ensure that your applications are fully serving their purpose, from the customer and business perspectives. CEM measures and analyzes customer activity at the business process level, creating a unique historical repository of customer information, reports, and scorecards. These metrics are essential to establish and measure actual customer experience against Service Level Agreements (SLAs) or quality objectives set by ITIL or Six Sigma initiatives.

Manage Applications from the Customer’s Point of View Issac Roth Product Manager

End-to-End Visibility is Critical Each Transaction is Incredibly Complex Identity SAP Manager PSFT Oracle Siebel Load Network Firewall Balancer Portal Mainframe Router Database Switch Web Application Servers Server End User Web Services “Buy Transaction” Complete Databases 3rd Party Applications Copyright © 2006 CA and Wily Technology, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 2

A Holistic View of Performance Unavailable or Slow Available, Performant 05:00 06:00 07:00 08:00 09:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 13:00 14:00 15:00 16:00 % available Web Server 99% J2EE Server 99% MQ Server 99.9% Database 99.9% CICS 99.999% Siebel 99.9% End-User App 80% Copyright © 2006 CA and Wily Technology, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 3

Service Level Management Copyright © 2006 CA and Wily Technology, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 4

Current Approaches • Infrastructure components focused Customers • Simulated user testing transactions (robots) Robots • Custom in-house developed tools Networks Databases Robots Clients Employees Mainframes What is missing? Servers Applications • Customer / employee focused solution Robots Business Copyright © 2006 CA and Wily Technology, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 5

New Approach Real-Time Transaction Monitoring Time Browser Network Application Server Portal Tuxedo DB MF Copyright © 2006 CA and Wily Technology, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 6

Reactive vs. Proactive Management Solve Problems Faster Reactive Management Proactive Management “HELP!” Problem Detected Customer Customer calls Help Desk Service Desk Verifies application Ops issue, notifies Ops Detects problem Admins Collection of evidence, ? ? ? ! diagnosis, escalation Ops ! ? Collection of evidence, diagnosis, reassignment Network IT App Database Manager Owner Manager ? ? ? ? ? Development App Server Admin Transaction Server Admin Java App Developer App Support Diagnosis and review, Team assembly and final assessment review of issue, collection of evidence Ops Rollout fix. Verifies applications Ops are back to normal Rollout Fix Problem Solved Copyright © 2006 CA and Wily Technology, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 7

Aggregate Diagnostic Data Zoom Into Components SAP PSFT Siebel Load Firewall Mainfram Balancer e Router Switch Database Web Servers Web Services Databases End User Network Portal App Server Back-End Systems .2 Sec .8 Sec .4 Sec 2 Sec 6 Sec Copyright © 2006 CA and Wily Technology, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 8

Customer Example Identification • Before users notified the service desk, CEM alerted IT that the Accessory Popup from SR Detail transaction was running 30% slower after a recent upgrade Resolution • Development was already working the problem before users called to complain. The problem was verified, fixed and implemented within 4 hours of the upgrade taking place without having to rollback to the previous release. Benefit • The upgrade process had 80% fewer customer complaints recorded by the service desk than the two previous upgrades saving the company support and rollback costs. Copyright © 2006 CA and Wily Technology, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 9

Customer Example Identification • CEM identified that 77 users experienced slowness in the Calculate Price transaction when quoting customer rate plans with the Siebel Call Center application Resolution • Evidence collected by CEM helped quickly identify the source of the slowness and enabled the support staff to quickly fix the problem without affecting a broader scope of the customer base Benefit • Enabled the call center to service 83 more customers per day increasing CSR efficiency by more than 12% Copyright © 2006 CA and Wily Technology, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 10

Customer Example Identification — CEM observed many users having issues with the Open Customer Fact Sheet operation Resolution — Utilizing CEM data, the company was able to see that all the customer problems occurred when a particular web server was in the path Benefit — By rapidly isolating the issue, 5 teams did not have to be on a conference call, developers were not disturbed, and service was restored in 10 minutes instead of the normal time of 2-4 hours. Copyright © 2006 CA and Wily Technology, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 11

Requirements to Improve Performance and Availability End-user Point of View — Monitor Customer Activity At Business Process Level — Correlate Actual User Experience With Application Performance — Prioritize Incidents Based On Business Impact — Direct Resources Appropriate For Triage + Application Point of View — Predict Application Problems Before Customers Are Impacted — Triage Application Specific Problems — Isolate Root Cause Of Problems — Analyze Historical Data For Future Capacity Planning Copyright © 2006 CA and Wily Technology, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 12

Customer Experience Management Brings Value Across Organization • Higher Customer Success Rates — Track all critical end-user transactions — Instant alerting on failed or poor performing transactions • Higher Availability and Performance — Real-time monitoring of customer experience — Detect customer impact problems before they call — Instant diagnosis of application problems • Greater Productivity — Business and IT have a common view — All the tools agree — Prioritize Resources based on Business Impact Copyright © 2006 CA and Wily Technology, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 13

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