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Published on June 6, 2008

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AuriQ Systems Inc. is a leading provider of Web Analytics and Transaction Monitoring Solutions. We provide real-time visibility into key performance indicators with the intelligence critical to the success of e-business. We help enterprises, datacenters and hosting companies to win by increasing revenue and reducing operation cost. AuriQ's RTmetrics and RTbandwidth products series is a very scalable and a completely non-invasive solution for Enterprise-Wide Web Analytics, On Demand Customer Behavioral Analysis, Campaign Performance Analysis, Bandwidth Chargeback and Billing Reporting, Bandwidth Capacity Planning, End-to-End Service Level Management, and Enterprise Security Monitoring. More than 200 global enterprises and datacenters currently use AuriQ's products.

AuriQ Systems Inc. is a leading provider of Web Analytics and Transaction Monitoring Solutions. • Founded in 1996 • Headquarter office in the Pasadena, CA and Tokyo. • More than 200 global enterprises, datacenters use AuriQ’s products

What We Do Web Traffic Bandwidth Analytics Analysis Monitoring Single System for all Requirements

What is Web Analytics? Individual and aggregate data of visits to your external or internal site(s) Web • Visit counts Analytics • Pageviews • Client Info (browser, domain, location) • Navigation Path Analysis (User Behavior) • Affect of Content Layout on Decision Making • Campaign Success/Failure Determination • More….

The Problem with Conventional Solutions Log Analysis Page Tagging/Web Beacons • Time Consuming • Data Security • High Operational Overhead • Ownership Issues • Difficult to Combine Distributed • Lack of Detail Data • Reliance on 3rd Party Networks Both solutions have difficulty in meeting the demands of sites that receive millions of pageviews per day.

AuriQ’s RTmetricsTM Solution Although RTmetricsTM supports All in One configuration for Medium Traffic Levels both tagging and server log data and Centralized Location collection methods, a typical enterprise installation employs a packet capturing method to take full advantage of the system. Distributed Enterprise Configuration for More Complex RTmetricsTM collects, filters, Networks with Very Large Traffic Levels analyzes, and compresses information in real-time. Unlike traditional log analysis tools, RTmetricsTM sits at the head of the network enabling functionality never before available.

AuriQ’s RTmetricsTM Solution The Graphical User Interface is a very flexible and powerful presentation layer for the system. Its Flash based graphical libraries allow the user to generate very comprehensive and intuitive reports.

Customer Case Study Issues With Other Solutions • Slow in getting timely information to make much difference once a campaign was underway • Unable to track across the different sites so cross sales were hard to quantify • Cost to build an in-house solution far in excess of current budget AuriQ’s RTmetrics Solutions • Real-time and historical analysis of campaigns for immediate impact • Can analyze customer activities across multiple sites, helping to increase synergy between individual shops and allows cross-sales across different shops • Overall costs, including maintenance much lower than other solutions

Customer Case Study Results of Using RTmetrics • Trend analysis is now possible across multiple sites, so they can view the customer behavior as they go between the multiple shopping sites and departments under the brand umbrella •Promotion costs were reduced by 1/3, they were able to increase sales 130% • Cost of new customer (sales) acquisition also was reduced to 1/4 of previous costs

More Information… US Headquarters Japan Headquarters AuriQ Systems, Inc. AuriQ Systems, K.K. 3452 E. Foothill Blvd., Suite 320 1-3-5 Akasaka 3rd floor Pasadena, CA 91107 USA Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan Tel:+1 626 564-2781 Tel:+81 3-3560-8083 Fax:+1 626 564-2687 Fax:+81-3-3560-8093 Web Site: Web Site: Email Address: Email Address:

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