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Published on March 7, 2014

Author: Lucky98022



This presentation will give you the brief intro to the wireless technology Gi_Fi.

The Next Generation Wireless Technology

Contents v Introduction To Gi-Fi v Evolution Of Gi-Fi v Man Behind Gi-Fi v Why Gi-Fi??? v Features & Advantages v Gi-Fi vs Wi-Fi vs Bluetooth v Disadvantages Of Bluetooth & Wi-Fi v Applications v Conclusion

Introduction v v v Gi-Fi stands for Gigabit Wireless. Gi-Fi is a wireless transmission system which is ten times faster than other Technology. It will allow wireless transfer of audio and video data upto 5 gigabits per second.

Evolution Of Gi-Fi

Evolution Of GiFi Melbourne University researchers have achieved up to 5Gbps data transfer rates on a wireless chip. The NICTA (National ICT Australia Limited) Gi-Fi research team has succeeded in taking complex 60GHz transmission technology and shrinking it to the point where it can be built on a single silicon chip.

Man Behind Gi-Fi

Why Gi-Fi???

Features & Advantages 1) High Speed Data Transfer Speed of Gi-Fi is 5 Gbps; which is 10 times the data transfer of the existing technologies.

2) Power Consumption It has less than 2mili watts of power consumption that in compare to the current technologies is very less. 3) Cost of Chip is low The chip in Gi-Fi would likely cost less to build. Then a small design would allow cell phones and other small devices to add the technology without significantly drive up the price.

4) Provides High Security Gi-Fi technology is based on IEEE 802.15.3C and this standard provides more security during transmission.

5) Flexibility (No More Complex Connections) One of the problems with wire connections and cables is complexity for connecting, but in the Gigabit wireless technology simplicity is one of the features. No wiring at all.

6) Small in size The size of the Gi-Fi chip is 5×5 millimetre and can be placed in different devices such as mobile phones.

Gi-Fi vs Wi-Fi vs Bluetooth Characteristics Gi-Fi Wi-Fi Bluetooth Data Transfer Rate 5 Gbps 11 Mbps 800 Kbps Range 10 Meters 100 Meters 10 Meters Specification Authority NICTA IEEE, WECA Bluetooth SIG Development Start date 2004 1990 1998 Power Consumption < 2 MW 10 MW 5 MW Primary Devices Mobile phones, Home Devices, Electronics Industrial automation Devices Notebook Computers, Desktop Computers, Servers Mobile phones, Consumer, Electronic Office Industrial automation Devices

Disadvantages Of Bluetooth & Wi-Fi

Applications Ø In Wireless PAN Network

Ø Inter Vehicle Communication System

Ø Household Applications

Ø Video Information Transfer

Conclusion Gi-Fi has given and it is conspicuous that more research should be done in the field of this new wireless technology and its applications. The comparison is performed between Gi-Fi and existing wireless technologies in this paper shows that these features along with some other benefits that make it suitable to replace the existing wireless technologies.


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