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Published on April 3, 2008

Author: Savin


Slide1:  The Culture of children of Ghanaian origin Slide2:  The History of Ghana Slide3:  The current situation in Milton Keynes Slide4:  The main cultural/linguistic groups of Ghana Akan/Ashanti (Fanti/Twi) Dagbani Ewe Ga Hausa Nzema Slide5:  Twi A cow was grazing in a field of grass. This field was near a pond which was full of frogs. When the frogs saw him some of them exclaimed, "This fellow is extremely big." Just as they said this, one of the frogs remarked, "I can blow myself up as big as this cow." No sooner had he said it, than he began to blow himself up, and he went on blowing until he burst. Slide6:  Religious practices Slide7:  Social structure Slide8:  Naming systems Male Female Monday Kojo Ajua Tuesday Kobla Abla Wednesday Kwekwu Akua Thursday Yaw Yaa Friday Kofi Afua Saturday Kwami Ama Sunday Kwesi Esi/Akosua Slide9:  Rites of passage Slide10:  Foods Slide11:  Ghanaian dress Slide12:  Kente cloth Slide13:  Music and dance Slide14:  Art Slide15:  Architecture Slide16:  Schools Slide17:  Plenary How can you develop your practice for supporting Ghanaian children in your school?

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