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Published on February 27, 2008

Author: Jancis


Greener Garbage Trucks LNG Infrastructure :  Greener Garbage Trucks LNG Infrastructure James N. Harger Senior Vice President, Marketing & Sales April 2004 West Coast NGV Market Today :  West Coast NGV Market Today 20,000+ NGVs >30% Heavy-Duty Trucks & Buses 1,000+ Natural Gas (CNG & LNG) Refuse Trucks Several NG Refuse OEM Offerings Autocar Peterbilt Mack Sterling Slide3:  OEM Availability-Refuse Autocar WXLL Peterbuilt 320 Sterling Condor Autocar Expeditor Incremental Costs :  Incremental Costs Truck Cost vs. Diesel CNG, $50,000 to $60,000 LNG, $30,000 to $40,000 Fuel CNG < Diesel by 20-40% (including station) LNG > Diesel by 10-30% (excluding station) Weight (60 DGE) CNG > 1,000 pounds LNG > 400 pounds LNG Infrastructure:  LNG Infrastructure $600,000 will provide a LNG station capable of fueling 50 trucks Fast fill $750,000 will provide a CNG station capable of fueling up to 75 trucks Time fill Limited fast fill Station Maintenance (DGE):  Station Maintenance (DGE) LNG Small O&M, typically $.03-.04 cents/gallon CNG Larger cost, especially for low volumes Large fleets see $.08-.10 cents/gallon LNG Infrastructure:  LNG Infrastructure Fuel is dispensed at 40+ gallons per minute Transparent to diesel Fuelers required to wear gloves & face shield Very low power requirements vs. CNG LNG is stored at –260 F Use insulated tanks – limited shelf life LNG is not Odorized Methane detectors at fueling station and bus required Longer Station Permitting Process Local Fire Marshals generally less familiar with LNG than CNG CNG vs. LNG:  CNG vs. LNG $/gallon - CNG advantage CNG, even when fully burden with equipment and O&M LNG delivered cost is 1.5 to 2 that of CNG from LDC LNG is subject to local sales tax (8%), CNG from pipeline is not Stations - LNG advantage Lower equipment/installation cost, as much as 50%! Operation, much lower power and labor requirements Third-party Fuel Providers:  Third-party Fuel Providers CE designs, builds and operates NG stations Only unbiased NG provider 150+ stations in operation CE will turnkey stations with no customer capital CE can fix NG commodity for 1-3 years Assist with Grants & Administration $40 million awarded

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