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Published on September 12, 2008

Author: gillykramer


For ISA ServerReal-time HTTP/FTP monitoring, anti-virus and access control : For ISA ServerReal-time HTTP/FTP monitoring, anti-virus and access control Presentation outline : Presentation outline IT pain points The product Testimonials Kudos Conclusion IT pain points : IT pain points Uncontrolled web browsing and downloading from the internet can result in security breaches, virus infections company-wide and legal repercussions The increased use of social networking sites such as Facebook during office hours is leading to lower productivity and increased risk of data theft through social engineering Web users’ browsing habits are hard to control Banning access to the internet is not a solution : Real-time HTTP/FTP monitoring, anti-virus and access control made easy and affordable! Available in 3 versions to offer network administrators a solution for their web monitoring needs. The WebFilter Edition provides control over what sites users can browse The WebSecurity Edition protects networks from viruses, spyware, malware and phishing attacks The UnifiedProtection Edition addresses all web monitoring needs in one package (combines the WebFilter and WebSecurity editions) Address IT pain points with GFI WebMonitor : Address IT pain points with GFI WebMonitor With GFI WebMonitor you can: Control your Internet users’ browsing habits and monitor downloads through its WebGrade Database, filtering policies and more Ensure downloads are free of viruses, spyware and malware by using multiple anti-virus engines Boost employee productivity by blocking their access to millions of inappropriate sites such as adult, online gaming, personal email, P2P, Facebook, Myspace, travel websites and many others WebFilter Edition : WebFilter Edition Control Internet resource usage with its WebGrade Database – a 100% human-reviewed web-filtering database Block access to sites according to category, such as adult, online gaming, personal email, P2P, Facebook, Myspace, travel websites and many more Set up filtering policies based on user/group/IP WebSecurity Edition (1/3) : WebSecurity Edition (1/3) Scan downloaded files with multiple anti-virus engines – Norman Virus Control, BitDefender and Kaspersky (optional) Create multiple user/group/IP based download control policies in order to block particular file types Protect users from the potential risks of social engineering by blocking access to phishing websites with an auto-updatable database of phishing URLs WebSecurity Edition (2/3) : WebSecurity Edition (2/3) Why multiple virus engines? Case study: The following graph illustrates the response time of anti-virus companies to two separate threats: The outbreak of w32.Sober.C and the outbreak of w32.Sober.Y WebSecurity Edition (3/3) : WebSecurity Edition (3/3) Problems with single virus engines? No single anti virus engine is always the quickest and most effective at reacting to ALL viruses No single anti-virus engine is considered the best in combating every area of malware – viruses, malware, spyware and so on Multiple anti-virus engines will ensure: The quickest lead time from virus-to-signature – as you get updates from the 1st company to react to a virus EVERY TIME! Best of anti-virus technology – maximizing on the strengths of each anti-virus engine UnifiedProtection Edition : UnifiedProtection Edition This Edition combines the functionality of each edition and includes other common features such as: Monitor or block a connection in real-time Monitor or block applications' hidden downloads User and site bandwidth monitoring features to track download and upload traffic URL/user/IP whitelist or blacklists Time-based filtering Protection against legal liability Product snapshot : Product snapshot Product snapshot : Product snapshot Uses WebGrade database to categorize/filter website requests Why use GFI WebMonitor? : Why use GFI WebMonitor? Increase productivity by controlling your employees' web browsing habits Protect the network from dangerous downloads in real-time Reduce cyberslacking – time wasted by employees online Prevent data leakage through socially-engineered websites Benefit from multiple scanning engines to ensure that downloads are free of viruses and other malware Great value for money: Costs as little as US$ 1,400 to monitor and secure user browsing of a 50-employee organization for an entire year! Product testimonials : Product testimonials I just found the GFI WebMonitor and it is the greatest thing since sliced bread! - Bill Hinzman, Phoenix Consulting & Technology, Little Rock, USA I have been using GFI WebMonitor since your initial versions but indeed, what I want to say is that you have done a very good job in making such excellent software. I appreciate your effort, the latest version of your software deserves five stars. - Karim Khowaja, CEO, Karnet Broadband Satellite Solutions, Hyderabad, Pakistan Click here for more testimonials! Product kudos : Product kudos These are a few companies that are using GFI WebMonitor: BT Fuji Photo Film (Singapore) Western United Insurance Coca Cola Puerto Rico And many more! GFI WebMonitor has earned numerous prestigious awards which include the following: Independent product reviews : Independent product reviews Excellent value solution – Tarek Majdalani describes the product as "solid, easy to use, well documented and well supported" and gives it 4.5 stars out of 5. –, September 2007 4.5 out of 5 for GFI WebMonitor – Ryan Groom says GFI WebMonitor "lives up to being one of those tools" to control users’ browsing activities and to protect the network against viruses and malware. He concludes: "If you have ISA 2006, get GFI WebMonitor for ISA." –, September 2007 GFI product complements : GFI product complements Best incorporated with: GFI MailSecurity for Exchange/SMTP for email security by protecting you from email viruses, exploits, trojans and other threats using 5 anti-virus engines GFI MailEssentials for server based anti-spam, anti-phishing and email management for Exchange/SMTP Conclusion (1/2) : Conclusion (1/2) There is now an increasing need to control your Internet users’ browsing habits in order to boost productivity as well as monitor downloads in order to protect your network from viruses, spyware, malware and phishing attacks. GFI WebMonitor provides the solution with three Editions: The WebFilter Edition enables you to be in control of your Internet resource usage through URL filtering and website categorization The WebSecurity Edition offers better protection thanks to its anti-virus, anti-phishing and spyware detection technologies Conclusion (2/2) : Conclusion (2/2) The UnifiedProtection Edition combines both WebFilter and WebSecurity editions for complete control over your organization’s internet usage Unbeatable pricing! For more information visit More info and downloads : More info and downloads Click here to learn more about the product Check out our competitive pricing Download your FREE trial of GFI WebMonitor Corporate overview : Corporate overview Founded in 1992 Over 200 employees worldwide Offices in Malta, London, Raleigh, Hong Kong, Adelaide and Romania GFI products installed on over 200,000 networks worldwide, mostly SMBs A channel-focused company with over 10,000 partners throughout the world The visionTo become the technology of choice for IT security and productivity solutions. The missionTo provide quality, cost-effective content security, network security and messaging solutions to IT professionals around the world.

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