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Published on January 21, 2016

Author: amyjokim


1. Getting2Alpha ​8-week Masterclass Supercharge your product design and drive lasting engagement with Game Thinking Join our early­bird list to be first in line for updates & discounts

2. Part I: Collect insights from the right superfans Alpha Canvas​: Clarify your strategy & plan your experiment Every great game, product or service begins with a hunch - someone’s burning desire to bring something new into the world. To turn dreams into reality, you need to develop and test your ideas with the right people. In Module 1, you’ll discover how to use the ​Alpha Canvas ​to scope your ideas and setup smarter, faster product experiments with Game Thinking tools and techniques. Superfan Screener​: Identify early passionate customers The best designers know how to find and leverage superfans -- those early, passionate customers who NEED what you’re creating, and can help bring your ideas to life. To attract thousands of loyal customers, you first need to find and delight 25 early passionate ones. In Module 2, you’ll learn to use the Superfan Screener to find exactly the right people to listen to & learn from as you design and build your MVP. Speed Interviews: ​Surface relevant habits & needs Once you’ve run your Superfan Screener, you can accelerate your learning by asking potential customers a few well-chosen questions. ​Speed Interviews ​are a powerful technique for surfacing relevant behavioral patterns more quickly than long-form conversations. In Module 3, you’ll learn how to find exactly the right Alpha Testers - and surface customer insights to inform your MVP. Job Stories​: Distill customer insights into design-ready form Getting research results to directly impact product design is a ongoing challenge for many startups - but it doesn’t have to be. Job Stories - which evolved out of the Jobs-to-be-Done movement - can help you quickly distill important customer insights into design-ready form. In Module 4, you’ll learn how to leapfrog traditional personas, and harness this powerful, action-oriented design technique.  

3. Part II: Design, test & iterate your Core Loop Player’s Journey​: Your end-to-end customer narrative It’s tough to turn an expansive product vision into a stripped-down, high-learning MVP. The secret ingredient to doing this is to think about skill-building - our shared drive towards learning, mastery and competance, In Module 5, you’ll use the Player’s Journey framework to sketch out your customer’s end-to-end experience as a skill-building 4-stage narrative. Core Loop:​Your engaging, repeatable, skill-building loop Successful games begin as prototypes of working systems - and successful game designers invite insiders and super-fans to help bring their early systems to life. In Module 5, you’ll design and prototype your Core Loop - that repeatable, pleasurale activity that drives your system - and lays the foundation for lasting engagement. MVP Testplan:​High-learning test with the right customers It’s showtime - are you ready to test your core product experience with the right Superfans? In Module 7, you’ll use our MVP Testplan to run a high-learning playtest that’s tailored to your product development needs. Depending on your stage, this might be a 1-hour Skype interview, a 2-week diary study, a 3-day Wizard-of-Oz service mockup, or a high-learning playtest featuring your competitor’s prodiuct. Alpha​​Brief:​: Validate your product strategy & design Now that you’ve run your product experiment, it’s time to draw conclusions and decide what to do next. In Module 8, you’ll use our Alpha Brief to summarize your data, validate your hypotheses, and update your designs to reflect what you learned. This document gives you a streamlined framework for tracking your progress and continuing to iterate your way towards successs. And that - more than anything else - is what Game Thinking is all about. Join our early­bird list to be first in line for updates & discounts 

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