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Information about Getting Started with mPulse Lite_ 14-03-2014 EMEA final

Published on March 11, 2014

Author: CloudTest



Capturing real-user measurement (RUM) information from your website can seem like a daunting task. mPulse Lite solves this by delivering a lightweight and easy-to-implement solution that can start monitoring your production websites in minutes.

In this webinar, our mPulse product experts will provide guidance and techniques on:

• Deploying mPulse Lite quickly and effectively

• Extending your mPulse Lite deployment using Page Groups to identify the most critical business components of your site

• Using the fully interactive mPulse dashboards to analyse your site for performance issues and business-critical information

1© 2012 SOASTA. All rights reserved.Webinar

2© 2012 SOASTA. All rights reserved. o Introductions o mPulse : What is it? o Questions from Previous Sections o Demo: Setting up mPulse Lite • Registering for mPulse Lite • Adding tags to your pages • Collecting and analyzing data o Bonus Section: Data Filtering o mPulse vs. mPulse Light o Where to get additional assistance

3© 2012 SOASTA. All rights reserved. o FREE forever o Not a trial or timed offer o Rapid deployment to your site o Captures detailed performance data from all your users o Lightweight and non-blocking data collection o Identify Geographic and Browser specific performance issues quickly o No obligations o Supported via CloudLink Forum mPULSE LITE Real-User Measurement at any stage FREE Single Site Modern Dashboards Production Ready Real-time Analytics All Browsers and locations Monthly limit on beacons

4© 2012 SOASTA. All rights reserved. o What does real-time mean for mPulse? o What is the performance impact of the mPulse JavaScript on my pages? o How can I dynamically name Page Groups? o What if I need a custom view of the data? o Can I capture additional metrics using mPulse Lite? o How long does SOASTA retain mPulse and mPulse Lite data? o Can I download and store mPulse Data?

5© 2012 SOASTA. All rights reserved. Real User Monitoring & Measurement

6© 2012 SOASTA. All rights reserved. Feature mPulse Lite mPulse Beacons 1 million/month Unlimited Domains (i.e. 1 Unlimited Page Groups 5 Unlimited Support CloudLink Cloudlink, eMail SLA’s No Yes Custom Timers and Metrics No Yes Geographic Granularity Country Level Region Level (State/Province etc) Raw Data Feed No Yes – Into Amazon S3 buckets Custom Dashboards No Unlimited Direct Bandwidth Measurement No Yes

7© 2012 SOASTA. All rights reserved. Please GET ACTIVE on CloudLink, our community is YOU! Web: CloudLink

8© 2012 SOASTA. All rights reserved.

9© 2012 SOASTA. All rights reserved. o Focus on Performance o 100% Data Collection o Full Retention o Real-Time o Web and Mobile o Actual Bandwidth Measurement

10© 2012 SOASTA. All rights reserved. Demographic: Location # Page Views Favorite Pages Bandwidth Browser/Device Performance: Page Load Time DNS Resolution TCP Connect Back End Time DOM Load DOM Ready Custom Timers: Behavior: Bounce Rate Session Length Pages Per session Session Time Business: Custom Metrics for: Conversion Rate Average $ Value # of Items in Cart mPulseAre users in each geography satisfied with performance? What is average bandwidth for customers in different geographies? On different devices? How much impact does that have on perf? Do iOS or Android users spend more?

11© 2012 SOASTA. All rights reserved. Real vs Synthetic vs

12© 2012 SOASTA. All rights reserved. o 2011 – Walmart presents findings from a RUM study done to show the impact of site performance on revenue o Results are staggering • 1s improvement = 2% conversion lift • 100ms improvement = 1% increase in incremental revenue Source: SF WebPerf Meetup -

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