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Published on April 15, 2013

Author: khoyt



Join Kevin Hoyt and Mihai Corlan, Adobe Evangelists, as they help you move beyond static HTML to embrace the world of interactive content with JavaScript. Bring your laptop for a hands-on, gentle introduction to JavaScript. Intended for designers, you will:

- Learn the basics of this elegant and powerful programming language
- Explore language constructs such as evaluating values, loops, and code reuse
- Learn to take control of the browser to dynamically create content, validate forms, and manage mouse - and touch -based interactions

Introduction to JavaScriptHands-onGetting Started with JavaScriptKevin Hoyt and Mihai Corlan | Adobe

About UsKevin Hoyt@krhoytAdobe EvangelistMihai Corlan@mcorlanAdobe Evangelist

What is JavaScript1. Prototype-based2. Scripting language3. Dynamic4. Weakly typed5. First-class functions6. Multi-paradigm@krhoyt @mcorlan

Adding JavaScript to a Page - Inline<script type="text/javascript">document.writeln( "It works!" );</script>@krhoyt @mcorlan

Adding JavaScript to a Page - External<scriptsrc="myscript.js"type="text/javascript"></script>document.writeln( "It works!" );In your HTML file:In the "myscript.js" file:@krhoyt @mcorlan

Variablesvar _myName = "Mihai";var hisName = "Kevin";Variables are defined using the special keyword "var"followed by a valid name. Valid names can be anycombination of letters, "$" and "_".@krhoyt @mcorlan

Variable Typesvar myVar; // undefinedvar myVar = null; // nullvar myVar = 3.14; // Numbervar myVar = "MAX"; // Stringvar myVar = true; // Booleanvar myVar = { // Objectfirst: "Mihai",last: "Corlan"};@krhoyt @mcorlan

Arraysvar simpleArray = [1, 2, 3, 4];var complexArray = new Array();complexArray.push( 1 );complexArray.push( "Kevin" );An array is an ordered list of variables. Values insidethe array can be of any type. You can even mix thetypes for each value.@krhoyt @mcorlan

Custom Data TypesAn object is a collection of properties assigned to asingle variable.var myVar = {index: 0,name: "Mihai Corlan",isAdobe: true};@krhoyt @mcorlan

Control Structures - if ... elsevar color = "red";if( color === "red" ) // === vs. =={ = "red";} else if( color === "blue" ) { = "blue";} else { = "#CCFFFF";}@krhoyt @mcorlan

Control Structures - switch ... casevar color = "red";switch( color ) {case "red":document.writeln( "It is red." );break;case "blue":document.writeln( "It is blue." );break;default:document.writeln( "Huh?" );break;}@krhoyt @mcorlan

Control Structures - forvar div;var numbers = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6];for( var n = 0; n < numbers.length; n++ ){div = document.createElement( "div" );div.innerHTML = numbers[n]; = numbers[n] + "em";document.body.appendChild( div );}@krhoyt @mcorlan

Control Structures - whilevar current = 0;var limit = 5;while( current < limit ){document.writeln( current );current = current + 1;}@krhoyt @mcorlan

Control Structures - do ... whilevar current = 0;var limit = 5;do {document.writeln( current );current = current + 1;} while( current < limit );@krhoyt @mcorlan

Functionsfunction sayHello(){document.writeln( "Hello World!" );}sayHello();A function is a block of code that will be executedwhen it is called. Functions allow you to reuse codethat needs to be executed more than once, or in morethan one place.@krhoyt @mcorlan

Functions - Arguments and Return Valuesfunction addNumbers( value1, value2 ){return value1 + value2;}var sum = addNumbers( 2, 2 );document.writeln( sum );@krhoyt @mcorlan

Variable Scopevar value = 0;function tellMe() {var value = 1;document.writeln( value );}tellMe(); // Will be 1document.writeln( value ); // Will be 0JavaScript has one "global" scope. Each functionalso has its own scope. If you omit "var" then valuesdefault to the global scope.@krhoyt @mcorlan

Handling Eventsdocument.images[0].addEventListener("click",function() { alert( "I was clicked!" ); });document.addEventListener("mousemove",doMouseMove);Events are signals generated when specific actionsoccur. JavaScript is aware of these signals and canrun scripts in reaction to them.@krhoyt @mcorlan

Handling Events@krhoyt @mcorlanfocus When a form element is selectedblur When a form element is deselectedchange User updates a form element valueclick Mouse is clicked on an elementmousedown The mouse is pressedmousemove Mouse is moved while pressedmouseup The mouse is releasedtouchstart A touch is startedtouchmove A registred touch point has movedtouchend A touch has endedAnd many more!

SelectorsType: IMG, DIV, INPUTAttribute: INPUT[type="text"]Class: .green, INPUT.greenID: #username, #passwordPsuedo: DIV > p:first-child@krhoyt @mcorlan

Selectorsvar cat = null;var cats = null;cat = document.querySelector( #cat );cats = document.querySelectorAll( .cat );for( var c = 0; c < cats.length; c++ ){...}@krhoyt @mcorlan

Debugging@krhoyt @mcorlan+

Debuggingfor( var m = 0; m < 10; m++ ){// Log value to developer toolingconsole.log( Number is: + m );}// Stops execution// Shows some valuealert( Done at: + m );@krhoyt @mcorlan

What is JavaScript1. Prototype-based2. Scripting language3. Dynamic4. Weakly typed5. First-class functions6. Multi-paradigm@krhoyt @mcorlan

Introduction to JavaScriptHands-onGetting Started with JavaScriptKevin Hoyt and Mihai Corlan | Adobe

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