Getting Started - Principles of Microfinance Refresher Online

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Information about Getting Started - Principles of Microfinance Refresher Online

Published on February 15, 2014

Author: SMDP-UNH



This document provides instructions on how to Get Started with your Principles of Microfinance Refresher online course

      GETTING  STARTED  WITH—       Online  Learning  Pre-­‐Courses         Introduction     Welcome  to  the  SMDP  online  learning  experience  hosted  by  Blackboard’s  CourseSites.    This   document  will  guide  you  through  the  steps  necessary  to  access  your  course  online  and  get   started  with  your  online  learning.      We  are  pleased  to  announce  that  you  are  able  to  access   your  online  course  from  several  platforms:    desktops,  laptops,  tablets,  and  smartphones.     The  steps  for  accessing  your  online  course  will  vary  depending  upon  your  chosen  platform.     While  the  optimum  learning  experience  is  provided  by  using  a  desktop/laptop,  it  may  be   more  convenient  at  times  to  use  your  tablet  or  smartphone.    Please  be  aware  that  some   features/functions  may  run  more  slowly  or  may  not  be  available  from  your  tablet/   smartphone  device.    Feel  free  to  access  your  course  from  multiple  devices  using  your   unique  login  information,  allowing  work  completed  on  a  device  to  be  reflected  in  your   account  and  accessible  using  a  different  device.       Getting  Started…     You  will  access  your  online  course  through  the  Blackboard  CourseSites  learning   environment.    To  do  this,  you  can  use  a  Desktop/Laptop  or  Tablet/Smartphone*  platform:       Desktop/Laptop:         Tablet/Smartphone*:    Download  the  free  Blackboard  Mobile™Learn  app.     The  app  is  available  on  a  variety  of  devices  including  iOS®,  Android™,   BlackBerry®,  and  webOS®  smartphones.  Download  the  app  directly  to  your   device  from  your  device’s  app  store  (Apple’s  iTunes,  Google  Play,  Blackberry,   and  HP  Webos).       *Note:    When  using  the  Blackboard  Mobile™ Learn  app  on  your  tablet/smartphone,   not  all  features/functions  are  available.    For  the  optimum  learning  experience,   it  is  recommended  that  you  use  a  desktop  or  laptop  computer.      

  Desktops/Laptops       1. Create  a  Blackboard  CourseSites  Account         A. You  will  receive  an  SMDP  Invitation  email  :     B. Click  on  the  link  within  the  email:  “1.  Click  to  Enroll  in  Principles  of  Microfinance   Refresher  online  course”  to  enroll.     C. This  link  will  take  you  to  the  Blackboard  CourseSites  enrollment  page:                                           D. Select  the  1st  yellow  button  if  you  already  have  a  CourseSites  account.  If  you   don’t  have  a  CourseSites  account,  select  the  2nd  yellow  button  and  continue  with   the  following  steps.     E. Sign  up  as  a  Student     a. Use  the  same  email  address  that  you  used  when  registering  for  the   Microfinance  Management  Principles  and  Practices  course     b. Make  note  of  your  Username:___________________  Password*:___________________     *Note:  If  you  forget  your  Password,  click  on  the:    Forgot  Your  Password?    link  and  follow   the  directions  to  create  a  new  Password.    Make  note  of  your  new  Password.       2. Login  using  the  Username  and  Password  you  just  used  to  create  your  account.       SMDP:    GETTING  STARTED  WITH  ONLINE  LEARNING  PRE-­‐COURSES     2  

3. Select  the  online  course  you  are  registered  for  from  the  section  “My  Classes”                                 4. Welcome  Page:  This  is  the  default  page  that  will  be  displayed  when  you  open  the   course.  Read  and  explore  the  resources  on  this  page  to  become  familiar  with  the  course   and  module  structure,  the  learning  environment,  and  how  to  get  help  if  needed.           A. From  the  Course  Navigation  Instructions  section,  click  on  Desktop/Laptop   Navigation  Instructions  to  download  and  read  how  to  successfully  navigate   through  your  online  course  from  your  desktop  or  laptop.     5. Study  Guide  &  Instructor  Bio:    Select  from  the  Navigation  Bar  to  your  left,  located  just   below  the  main  navigation  area.         a. Study  Guide  &  Resources:  Download,  read,  and  print  this  document  to  use   as  a  reference  during  your  online  course.     b. Instructor  Bio:    Read  your  instructor’s  bio  to  get  acquainted  with  who  will   be  teaching  your  course.     4.    Get  Started!    Select  MODULE  1  from  the  Navigation  Bar  to  start  your  online  course.     SMDP:    GETTING  STARTED  WITH  ONLINE  LEARNING  PRE-­‐COURSES   3    

Tablets/Smartphones     1. Create  a  Blackboard  CourseSites  Account  using  your  Desktop/Laptop  by  following   Step  1  of  the  Desktop/Laptop  instructions.     2. Download  the  free  Blackboard  Mobile™Learn  app.    The  app  is  available  on  a  variety   of  devices  including  iOS®,  Android™,  BlackBerry®,  and  webOS®  smartphones.   Download  the  app  directly  to  your  device  from  your  device’s  app  store  (Apple’s  iTunes,   Google  Play,  Blackberry,  and  HP  Webos).    This  Blackboard  app  will  display  slightly   differently  on  the  tablet  compared  with  the  smartphone  due  to  the  size  of  the  display   but  they  operate  very  similarly  so  are  included  together.                   *Note:    When  using  the  Blackboard  Mobile™ Learn  app  on  your  tablet/smartphone,   not  all  features/  functions  may  be  available.    For  the  optimum  learning   experience,  it  is  recommended  that  you  use  a  desktop  or  laptop  computer.         3. Log  into  your  Blackboard  CourseSites  Account  from  your  Tablet/Smartphone                 A. Tap  on  your  Blackboard  Mobile™Learn  app  to  open  Blackboard.    It  will  ask   you  to  enter  the  name  of  your  school.    Enter  Coursesites  where  it  says  “Search   for  your  school”  –  Select  “CourseSites  by  Blackboard”  from  the  display  list:                     B.    Enter  the  Username  and  Password  you  used  to  create  your  account   SMDP:    GETTING  STARTED  WITH  ONLINE  LEARNING  PRE-­‐COURSES     4  

    4. Select  the  online  course  you  are  registered  for:             A  Financial  Refresher         Principles  of  Microfinance  Refresher         Tip:    If  you  need  help,  you  can     click  on  the  ?Help  link  here             5. Welcome  Page:  Read  and  explore  the  resources  on  this   page  to  become  familiar  with  the  course  and  module   structure,  the  learning  environment,  and  how  to  get  help  if   needed.       A. From  the  Course  Navigation  Instructions  section,  click   on  Tablet/Smartphone  Navigation  Instructions  to   download  and  read  how  to  successfully  navigate   through  your  online  course  from  your  tablet  or   smartphone.       B. Study  Guide  &  Instructor  Bio:    Select  Study  Guide  &   Instructor  Bio  from  the  Navigation  List,  located  just   below  DISCUSSIONS.         a. Study  Guide  &  Resources:  Click  on  the  PDF  Study   Guide  and  Resources  file  located  at  the  bottom  of  your  screen.    This  will   download  and  open  the  document.    Read  and  print  the  Study  Guide  &   Resources  document  as  it  provides  a  wealth  of  useful  information  you  can  refer   to  during  this  course.       b. Instructor  Bio:    Read  your  instructor’s  bio  to  get  acquainted  with  who  will  be   teaching  your  course.             SMDP:    GETTING  STARTED  WITH  ONLINE  LEARNING  PRE-­‐COURSES   5  

6.    Get  Started!    Select  MODULE  1  from  the  Navigation  List  to  start  your  course.                                                           Need  Help?     If  you  experience  any  difficulties  with  creating  a  Blackboard  CourseSites  account  or   accessing  your  online  course,  feel  free  to  contact  me  for  assistance:     Robin  Husslage,  Deputy  Program  Manager,  Master  of  Arts  in  Community   Development  Policy  and  Practice  program     Email:     Phone:    603-­‐862-­‐2821   SMDP:    GETTING  STARTED  WITH  ONLINE  LEARNING  PRE-­‐COURSES     6  

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