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Published on May 21, 2014

Author: InvenioAdvisors



The basics of getting started with LinkedIn.

Getting LinkedIn – Basics, Getting Started, and Tips May 2014

Tap - More About Don – Bio & Background Thoughts  Shows you are relevant "Prove Your Worth. Because many people assume older professionals aren’t conversant with the Internet, you can shake up those misconceptions by proving yourself an adept online communicator. Of course, you should have a robust LinkedIn profile. But you’ll turn even more heads if you show a real familiarity with other tools, such as Twitter or Instagram, or if you’re an avid blogger.“ Tips For Seasoned Professionals: How To Reinvent Yourself For A Second Career 2

Tap - More About Don – Bio & Background Why A LinkedIn Profile?  Manage your professional brand  Organize professional relationships  Gather and display recommendations  Become an expert  Attract recruiters: recruiters use LinkedIn Why You Should Have a LinkedIn Profile 3

Tap - More About Don – Bio & Background Mistakes On LinkedIn  Not using a picture  Putting up the wrong picture  Skipping the status  Using the default connection request  Neglecting the privacy settings  Skipping the summary  Eliminating past jobs or volunteer work  Lurking 8 Mistakes You Should Never Make On LinkedIn 4

Tap - More About Don – Bio & Background Resource Magazine - FlipBoard Check out Getting LinkedIn by Don Tomoff 5

Tap - More About Don – Bio & Background LINKEDIN TIPS

Tap - More About Don – Bio & Background Introductory Videos - 1. Introduction / What is LinkedIn? 2. Creating a Profile 3. User Interface and Navigation Tour 4. Adding Connections 5. Interacting with Connections Source: YouTube Channel

Tap - More About Don – Bio & Background Beginner’s Guide Mashable - The Beginner’s Guide to LinkedIn Source: 8

Tap - More About Don – Bio & Background Benefits of LinkedIn 20 Benefits To Using LinkedIn Even If You Don’t Sell To Other Businesses Source: 9

Tap - More About Don – Bio & Background Profile Tips Professional LinkedIn Profile Tips: A Checklist of Must-Have Items 5/21/2014 Don Tomoff | Invenio Advisors LLC 10 Source: The LinkedIn Recruiter homepage, where recruiters hunt for future employees. Photo: Alex Washburn/Wired

Tap - More About Don – Bio & Background LinkedIn Questions Answers to 17 LinkedIn Questions You Were Too Ashamed to Ask Source: 11

Tap - More About Don – Bio & Background LinkedIn User Trends 2014 LinkedIn User Trends (And 10 Top Surprises) Source: Photo: LinkedIn Blog 12

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