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Information about Getting involved with Open Source at the ASF

Published on December 13, 2016

Author: hortonworks


1. 2015   Getting Involved with Open Source at the Apache Software Foundation Billie  Rinaldi   Member,  Apache  So9ware  Founda=on   Sr.  Member  of  Technical  Staff,  Hortonworks   October  15,  2015   #GHC15 2015

2. 2015   About Me §  Apache  So9ware  Founda=on   −  Member  since  2012   −  PMC  Member  of  Apache  Accumulo,  Apache  Ambari,   Apache  Incubator   −  PPMC  Member  of  Apache  Slider  and  Mentor  of   Apache  HTrace  (incuba=ng  projects)   −  Contributor  to  Apache  Hadoop,  Apache  Hive,  and   Apache  Pig   §  Hortonworks   −  Sr.  Member  of  Technical  Staff  since  2012   Apache and all Apache project names are trademarks of the Apache Software Foundation."

3. 2015   About Me §  Na=onal  Security  Agency   −  Computer  Systems  Researcher  un=l  2012   §  Background   −  Applied  Mathema=cs  

4. 2015   First attempt at open source Screenshot of:" " "

5. 2015   First attempt at open source

6. 2015   Second attempt at open source Copyright © 2011-2014 The Apache Software Foundation: screenshot of" "

7. 2015   Open Development “The  Apache  projects  are  characterized  by  a   collabora=ve,  consensus  based  development   process,  an  open  and  pragma=c  so9ware   license,  and  a  desire  to  create  high  quality   so9ware  that  leads  the  way  in  its  field.  We   consider  ourselves  not  simply  a  group  of   projects  sharing  a  server,  but  rather  a   community  of  developers  and  users.”     hWp://    

8. 2015   About Apache §  501(c)3  non-­‐profit,  all-­‐volunteer  organiza=on   §  Provides  infrastructure  for  its  projects   §  Accepts  dona=ons  of  resources  for  its  projects   §  Protects  individuals  from  legal  suits  directed   at  its  projects   §  Protects  the  brand  of  its  so9ware" "

9. 2015   About Apache §  >350  Open  Source  projects  and  ini=a=ves   §  >4500  commiWers   §  In  one  day,  Apache  infrastructure  served   2,245,423  unique  users  from  more  than  11,454   ci=es  in  206  countries   §  Popular  Apache  projects:  HWpd,  Subversion,   OpenOffice,  Tomcat,  Ant,  Maven,  Log4j,   Commons,  Hadoop  and  many  more   §  Over  300  million  web  servers  running  Apache   HWp  Server  in  September  2015   Apache and all Apache project names are trademarks of the Apache Software Foundation."

10. 2015   Why Apache? §  Open  development  is  fun  and  rewarding.   §  Apache  is  a  great  place  to  par=cipate  in  and   learn  about  building  open  source  communi=es.   §  Anyone  can  volunteer.   §  Responsibility  is  earned.  

11. 2015   Contributing §  Join  mailing  lists   §  Read  and  par=cipate  in  discussions   §  Read  documenta=on   §  Look  at  open  =ckets   §  Look  at  code   §  Report  new  issues   §  Submit  patches!   hWp://  

12. 2015   How to learn more about a project §  Website:  hWp://   §  Source  repository   −  Git:  hWps://git-­‐wip-­‐   −  GitHub  (mirror  only):  hWp://   −  Subversion:  hWp://     §  Bug  tracking  (JIRA):  hWps://   §  Con=nuous  Integra=on  (Jenkins):  hWps://   §  Mailing  lists:  LIST-­‐   −   −   −   −   −  Archives:  hWp://mail-­‐  

13. 2015   Patches 1.  Submit  a  patch  (aWach  it  to  a  JIRA  =cket,  or   submit  a  GitHub  pull  request)   2.  Receive  and  incorporate  feedback   3.  Submit  a  new  patch   4.  Repeat  un=l  patch  is  commiWed  

14. 2015   Project Roles and Responsibilities §  Contributors   §  CommiWers   −  Change  the  code  base   §  Project  Management  CommiWee  (PMC)  Members   −  Write  bylaws   −  Vote  on  releases  (including  reviewing  licensing)     −  Propose/vote  on  new  commiWers/PMC  members   §  Project  Management  CommiWee  Chair   −  Reports  project  status  to  Board   hWp://­‐it-­‐works.html#roles  

15. 2015   Voting §  +1,  ±0,  -­‐1   §  Always  takes  place  on  mailing  lists   §  Usually  preceded  by  discussion  threads   §  Typically  runs  for  72  hours  to  allow  for   volunteers  in  differing  =me  zones   §  Covers  code  modifica=ons,  releases,  and   procedural  changes     hWp://  

16. 2015   Further Roles and Responsibilities §  Members   −  Propose/vote  on  new  members  &  on  the  board   §  Officers   −  Oversee  day-­‐to-­‐day  opera=ons   §  Board  Members   −  Oversee  founda=on   −  Oversee/establish  Project  Management  CommiWees     hWp://­‐it-­‐works.html#roles  

17. 2015   Secrets of Success §  Make  friends,  aWend  conferences  /  meetups   §  Be  pa=ent  and  persistent   §  Start  with  younger  projects  (Apache  Incubator)   §  Read  documenta=on  and  help  others   §  Learn  about  managing  nega=vity  in  open  source   communi=es     −  How  to  Thoroughly  Insult  and  Offend  People     hWps://   Gina  Likins,  Red  Hat  

18. 2015   Summary §  Open  source  is  fun  and  rewarding.   §  Apache  provides  a  lot  of  resources  to  help  you   get  started.   §  Come  code  with  us!  

19. 2015   Questions? §  Contact   −,   −  @billierinaldi   −  hWps://  

20. 2015   Got Feedback?    Rate  and  review  the  session  on  our  mobile  app       Download  at  hWp://   or  search  GHC  2015  in  the  app  store  

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