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Published on February 16, 2014

Author: doinamorari10


Getting Connected ACCESS Comrat

Activity #1: Guess who you are Time: 10-15 minutes Resources: Post-it Notes and pens Advantages: encourages discussion and team work 1. The assistant writes on post-it notes the names of celebrities, world leaders and other public figures (one person per post-it). 2. A group member is invited to come out to the front of the group. 3. The assistant sticks one name on the volunteers head (back) without them seeing it. 4. The student must ask the rest of the group yes/no questions to discover who they are. 5. Only a maximum of 10 questions can be asked.

Activity #2: Point it out Time: 10-15 minutes Resources: -Advantages: improves communication skills and teamwork 1. Divide students into two groups. 2. One group turns around and counts up to 40 while the other one makes 10-15 changes about themselves (exchange clothes, change hairstyle etc.) 3. The first group has to guess what has changed. 4. Groups change roles.

Activity #3: Make a poster Time: 15-20 minutes Resources: paper and markers (color paper, pens, pencils etc.) Advantages: encourages creativity and teamwork 1. Divide students into teams. 2. They have to think of a name, type and a description of a new movie. 3. Create a poster. 4. They are invited to come out to the front of the class and present the movie and the poster.

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