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Published on March 4, 2014

Author: rubygeek



Inspired by the Coding Dojo book and Uncle Bob Martin, I wrote this talk to inspire you to invest into your own career by practicing katas. This is a slide deck I intended to give at AustinRB group but due to mother nature I presented online at Google Hangouts followed by a demonstration of the string kata.

Getting Better through practice

Athletes train • Train Every Day • Keep Eye on the Prize • Be specific in training • Fuel body for peak performance • Know when to rest • Have perfect form

Musicians Train • Continuous improvement is a fundamental part of the job and of the performer. • Many musicians continue to pay for their own lessons to further develop their skills.!

Your Career is your Responsibility <start channelling UncleBob> It’s not your employers responsibility says Uncle Bob book: The Clean Coder

Not Your Company’s Responsibility To ! • • • buy books send you to conferences subscriptions ( CodeSchool, PluralSite, TreeHouse ) ! ! Take Responsibility for your own career! </end channelling UncleBob>

Ways to Practice • reading a book • watch videos at confreaks / youtube • going to and/or speaking to user group • mentor someone

Practice with Katas • Kata is a simple programing problem • Goal is to train your fingers and brain ! • Pick one to work on every day for a week, ok maybe at least 3 days :) • Uncle Bob does one in morning and at night

Variations • Practice with new languages • editors (VI, Emacs, Textmate, Sublime, Atom, Light Table) • practice keyboard shortcuts ( • test libraries (rspec, minitest/spec, test unit) • styles (Functional, TDD, London Style, etc)

Functional • recursion, lists, reduce, map • Tom Stuart video •

Traditional TDD

Write all the tests • rapid fire, just write out every test you could think of as it statements • keep them in pending state • pass them one by one • fiveruns gem is a great way to look at test output, spec —documentation is also great

Write it out on paper • stepping away from the keyboard • list every possible way • sketch it or psuedo code • then code it!

London-Style TDD • Developed in London by early adopters of of Extreme Programming • Mock Everything • Test relationships • Naysayers say using mocks is crutch for bad design • Good video from Gary Bernhardt

Nola’s interpretation • I’ve seen mocks use badly. • Very Badly. • Great to “skip” certain parts of the problem, as a temporary measure. • Great to “skip” making expensive API calls • Just depends what part your tests are focused on #facepalm

shocking white slide of code next!!

Example of London Style class Calc! end! describe Calc do before do @c = end ! ! it "should be a class" do @c.should be_an_instance_of(Calc) end it "should accept a string" do @c.should_receive(:add).with("1").and_return(1) expect(@c.add("1")).to be 1 end it "should accept a string with 2 numbers" do @c.should_receive(:add).with("1,2,3").and_return(6) expect(@c.add("1,2,3")).to be 6 end end

Example class Calc! def add(input)! return 0 if input.empty?! numbers = input.split(/[,n]/)!!(&:to_i)! sum = 0! numbers.each do |num|! sum += num! end! sum! end! end! !

Example describe Calc do before do @c = end ! ! it "should be a class" do @c.should be_an_instance_of(Calc) end it "should accept a string" do @c.should_receive(:add).with("1").and_return(1) expect(@c.add("1")).to be 1 end it "should accept a string with 2 numbers" do @c.should_receive(:add).with("1,2,3").and_return(6) expect(@c.add("1,2,3")).to be 6 end end

The Coding Dojo Book ! • • group “Dojo” and how to lead a group Has 23 katas with variations is inspired by this book I am attempting to index all the Katas I know about there!

Katas as a Group • Styles for groups: • working in pairs • look-at-me-coding • whole-group

Randori - a Group Format • Code is project with one computer • Everyone codes • Taking turns • Whiteboards to explain problem • if you have keyboard: • you decide what to type • or you ask for ideas

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