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Published on May 5, 2008

Author: auramae


Getting and Keeping The Clients You Want : Getting and Keeping The Clients You Want Aura Mae ABCH: Board of Directors Owner: Azarra Salon – Tacoma, WA Author of Get Some Hairapy – a hairdresser’s prescription for happiness Getting and Keeping the Clients You Want : Getting and Keeping the Clients You Want Define your business personality Define your target market Create your Brand Market appropriately Live your Brand Reap the rewards! Define your business personality : Define your business personality What is the space like? What is the staff like? What is your community like? What experience do customers have in the salon? Do you have weak links? Differentiation : Differentiation Clients assume competency at a certain price point. What sets you apart? What do your clients appreciate about you and your salon? Detail the intangibles. Don’t sell commodities, sell benefits! Price is what you pay. Value is what you get. -Warren Buffett : Price is what you pay. Value is what you get. -Warren Buffett What are your prices? How did you decide on them? What do your competitors charge? Price is set by what you can get. What you can get is mostly a product of your own salesmanship. Define your target market : Define your target market Understand your customers. Build on their perceptions, preferences, dreams, values and lifestyles. “ The salon owners who had success in ‘06 didn’t try to be all things to all people. Instead they focused sharply on the people in their chairs.” Modern Salon – May 2007 Define your target market : Define your target market Students Young families Working women Business men Wealthy, stay-at-home moms Chic retired women Local small business owners Care-givers Create your Brand : Create your Brand Design your logo Create toolkit (business cards, menus, newsletters, advertisements, etc) Be sure every staff member is on board Weed out any non-believers Create policies (this is how we answer the phone, greet clients, make appointments, etc.) Branding is a journey, not a destination. Effective Brand Identity : Effective Brand Identity Bold, memorable and appropriate Communicates the company’s persona Immediately recognizable Has enduring value Works well across media and scale Works in B&W and color. Bennie Pollard Brand Advice : Bennie Pollard Brand Advice Brand everything from the floor mats to the smocks with a timeless, classy logo. The more times clients see your brand while in the salon, the more they will remember it when they are outside. Consistency creates a sense of security. Designers create an emotional brand. Info on in-depth Classes: (866)227-4448 Logo advice from vistaprint : Logo advice from vistaprint Express your business personality Make it POP off the page - bold and memorable Test with existing customers Keep it simple Make it flexible – needs to be clear when large or small, color or B&W Use it! Logo Foundations : Logo Foundations Shape – gives weight and balance Color – creates emotion, triggers memory & gives sensation Content – business name & tagline Slide 14: Smoke & Mirrors Hair Color Salon The Grey Erasers Tagline : Tagline Slogan, clarifier, mantra, company statement or guiding principle that describes, synopsizes or helps create an interest. The best of them evoke an emotional response. Taglines must : Taglines must Be short Differentiate you from your competitors Be unique Capture Brand essence and positioning Be easy to say and remember They are usually displayed in small font. Advertising Needs to : Advertising Needs to Create or intensify desire by presenting benefits. Convince that benefits are unique or superior making your business the only rational choice. Impart a feeling of urgency. Compel to action ASAP! Market appropriately : Market appropriately Advertise ONLY where your target market will see it. Use your logo in everything you print. Give business cards to clients who have friends in your target market. Engage clients in talk about your Brand. ASK FOR NEW BUSINESS! Do Business With Us Because We’re Pretty Much The Same As Our Competition, But We’re Really Good At It! : Do Business With Us Because We’re Pretty Much The Same As Our Competition, But We’re Really Good At It! Cuts for Men, Women and Children Hair Color & Highlights Perms & Straighteners Waxing Make-Up Hair Styling Your Favorite Salon 555-555-5555 123 Main St. Anytown, USA 55555 You haven’t been here yet? Boy are you missing out! : You haven’t been here yet? Boy are you missing out! Creative Color Specialists Expert Problem Solvers Really Fun People Open Til 9PM on Thursdays Smoke & Mirrors Hair Color Salon The Grey Erasers 555-555-5555 1234 Main Street Anytown, USA 55555 Live your Brand : Live your Brand Jump in with both feet! Look at the salon with client eyes every day. Reinforce Brand at every staff meeting. Take the pulse of the staff and clients to see if you are on track. Make changes as necessary. Like children, Brands need to be fed and nurtured in order to grow. Reap the Rewards : Reap the Rewards Look at your appointment book and smile when you have great clients scheduled. Count your money. Count your blessings! Thank staff and clients for their help. Continue to be true to your Brand. The best way to predict the future is to create it! : The best way to predict the future is to create it! Slide 32: If you want to make more, make yourself worth more. Concentrate on quality & service first. Always give people more than you expect to get in return. Be a problem solver. Be someone people enjoy spending time with! Be willing to take risks. Affordable online printers : Affordable online printers Recommended Reading : Recommended Reading All Business is Show Business – Scott McKain Becoming a Category of One – Joe Calloway What Customers Really Want – Scott McKain How to Sell For Prices Higher than Your Competitors – Dr. Larry Steinmetz Action! Nothing Happens Until Something Moves – Robert Ringer The Experience Economy – Joseph Pine & James Gilmore Get Clients Now- CJ Hayden

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